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The True Message of the Quran, the Torah and the Gospel -- www

revealing His messages and sending His Prophets. Thus a Christian believes only in the prophets and religious teachers of Israel and looks upon all other claimants to prophethood as impostors. “Say: O people of the Book come to an equitable word between us and you that we shall serve none but Allah....” Quran Ch. 3:63.


EMT 3020/6020 HS Intertwined Texts: Bible and Quran in Dialogue

Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel, and Quran [foreword by Amir. Hussain]. Lanham, Md.; Boulder; New York; Toronto; Plymouth, UK. : Rowman &. Littlefield Publishers, 2012. The Quran in Translation. For the meaning of the Quran, students are welcome to use any of the translations of the following scholars: Abdullah Yusuf ...


The Scriptures: Bible, New Testament, and Quran

The Bible, New Testament, and Quran, though looked on as emanating from the same ... Muhammad's words circulating outside Scripture and with great consequence. (see II/3). In Jewish and Christian circles, however, there were assuredly circu- ... Torah (Law) is the five books (Pentateuch) of Moses—Genesis , Exodus,.


The Bible, The Qur'an and Science

of Muslim piety and by aspects of Islam which remain unknown to the vast majority of non- ... 3. The Old Testament. 9. I. Genral Outlines. II. The Books of the Old Testament. 13. III. The Old Testament and Science Findings. 23. IV. Position Of Christian Authors With Regard To Scientific Error In ... 'Torah'[1] and the ' Gospels.


Is the New Testament God's word?

what the Holy Quran says or do they support the Christians belief? In our first book of this series, ... “The Torah had fail short (To be the word of God), and the Gospels are better in this regard; and they (The ... of God's word of the New Testament, the oldest belong to three hundred and fifty years C.E.. However, the original ...


Moses / Jesus / Muhammad are descendents of Abraham

3. World Population. Growth based on Last 50 Years*. (in millions). Years. Item. Change* 2002 2010 2015. Christian. 1.00% 2100 2274 2390. Muslim ... 2. Prophets: Muslims believe and accept all the Prophets mentioned in the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran. 3. Miraculous Birth of Jesus: Besides Christianity, Islam is.


Comparison Table

Bible as theWord of God (2. Timothy 3:16). The Quran or Koran. (Arabic: ' recitation'), revealed to theprophet. Mohammed over a period of about 20 years. The. Quran is the final revelation given by Allah to mankind. The Hebrew Tanakh, similar to the Christian Old. Testament, comprised of the. Torah (Hebrew: 'Law'),. Nevi'im ...


Monotheistic Religions

addition, a small minority of Muslims are Druze, a branch of Islam found mostly in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Holy Books. Each of the three monotheistic faiths has a holy book that sets the foundations of their beliefs and practices. The Torah , Bible, and. Qur'an are believed to be the sacred texts of their respective faiths.


Claim of Jesus Son of Mary with reference to The Holy Quran and The

The Christian world accepts his birth on 25th December in the winter season. The Holy Quran rejects this claim and many references in the Bible, support the ..... ( Lk 3: 23-38). Of the four Gospels in the New Testament, only Matthew and Luke have given the genealogy of Jesus. Marks and John are silent on this issue. The.


Is Today's Bible Corrupted?

DO CHRISTIANS WORSHIP THREE GODS? THIS IS BLASPHEMY! ... Both the Old and New Testament specifically command that God's Word is not .... Quran 5: 46. From these two verses we discover that the Quran acknowledges that. Allah proclaimed the Torah and the Gospel to be “guidance and light” for his people, and ...

Is Bible Corrupted.pdf

Covenant and Covenants in the Qur'an

In addition the fields of Christian Studies, Judaic Studies, Old Testament Studies, 3 and New Testament Studies all ... excellent essay 'The Primordial Covenant and Human History in the Qurʾān' will hopefully mark a turning point in this ...... the Torah and the Gospels and do not act in accord with them.'78 That the scriptures.


The Three Dimensions of Scriptures

The iconic dimension of scriptures finds expression in the physical form, ritual manipulation, and artistic representation of scriptures. Scriptures often take special forms that distinguish them physically from other books: e.g. hand-written and “clothed” torah scrolls, jewel-encrusted gospel books, leather-bound bibles, bark ...



May 25, 2007 ... in the article, the seven Quranic passages which include the word ... 3. Q. 3:3. '… he has sent down to thee the Book and the truth, confirming what was before it, and he sent down the Torah and the Gospel aforetime as guidance for the ...... Inspection of the relevant passages in the Syriac Old Testament.

Donner FurqanProof.pdf


Three Testaments: Torah, Gospel, and Quran. Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield,. 2012. Cassidy, Edward Idris. Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis Redintegratio, Nostra Aetate. Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist, 2005. Chittister, Joan, Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti, and Arthur Waskow. The Tent of Abraham: Stories of ...


The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran

servants of God. Actually I have studied the present Torah (or Hebrew Bible), the Gospel, the Psalms and the Quran: to realize that the first three books have been somewhat manipulated by the hands of men, so that they altered some of their statements and distorted the truth. Therefore, from now on we cannot rely on them.



CONTENTS. PREFACE. 1.The History of the Qjir'anic Text xv. 1. INTRODUCTION . 3. 2. EARLY HISTORY OF ISLAM: A BRIEF LOOK. 15. 1. Pre-Islamic Arabia. 15 ..... 3. Are the Gospels Inspired? 281. 4. Transmission of the New Testament. 282 i. The Creation of Different Text Types. 283 ii. Dates of Recensions. 284. 5.


The Moderate Religion

accept them. With these three principles we can distinguish the truth from the falsehood contained in these holy books (Torah and Gospels). Know that the true Muslims believe in all of Allah's divine revelations in their original forms (Torah, Psalms, Scriptures of Abraham, Gospels, Quran, etc…) and that all the original divine ...


Is the old testament gods word

TORAH. The Holy Quranic verses show clearly the Muslims' opinion of the. Torah revealed by Allah (S.W.) to Prophet Moses peace be upon him. The Holy Quran ... the Gospel (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind” (Holy. Quran, Surah 3 . Al-Imran – 3). Allah (S.W.) commands Muslims to believe in all of the previous.


OVERVIEW The religion of Islam was revealed to Mu- hammad ibn

(the Torah), then to Jesus (the Gospels), and finally to. Muhammad (the Koran). The revelations Muhammad received led him to be- lieve that, over time, Jews and Christians had distorted. God's original messages to Moses and, later, to Jesus. Thus, Muslims see the Torah and the Gospels as a com- bination of the original ...


When Did the Gospels Become Scripture?

that his Gospel would stand in the NT alongside three other, Synoptic Gospels, and that it would be ... Introduction (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1985); James A. Sanders, Torah and Canon (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1972). ... Metzger's The Canon of the New Testament: Its Origin, Development, and Significance (Oxford: Clarendon ...