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Information Security Threat Vectors

What is a “Threat Vector”? A Threat Vector is a path or a tool that a. Threat Actor uses to attack the target. Threat targets are anything of value to the Threat Actor. It can be a PC, PDA,. Ipad, Your online bank account… or you. (stealing your identity) ...

Past Pres 2011-03 Threat Vectors.pdf

Enterprise Mobile: The New Threat Vector

vectors—spear phishing and watering hole attacks—remains an unsolved issue and ongoing exposure for most enterprises. CISOs are well aware of the ubiquity of mobile devices in the workplace. Their enterprise may even have a “mobile first” strategy in place. And while there's always concern about securing any new  ...


Mobile Threat Vectors 101

pose a threat. Vulnerabilities within apps can also be exploited to collect data. Device-based threats. iOS and Android, like their PC counterparts, contain vulnerabilities in their operating systems that can be exploited locally or remotely. If exploitation of an OS vulnerability leads to root or kernel-level privilege escalation, an ...



Web portals as a threat vector. •Initial vectors of compromise in targeted attacks. ( map pentest and APT scenarios). • Misconfigurations and their consequences. ( unpredicted data leaks). •Exfiltration as a customer communication. (hypothetical, but maybe already in the wild). •BPC or Business logic compromises. 22 ...


Intrusion Detection and Threat Vectors

In 2005 the focus started changing. – A shift from notoriety motives to financial motives. – A shift from global attacks to targeted attacks. – A shift from denial of service to stealth components. • We started hearing new words: 5. / 07 May 2008 / EDS. Intrusion Detection and Threat Vectors. Rootkit. Pharming ...


Secure Your #1 Threat Vector

The biggest security vulnerability within any organization is its employees, and they are more often targeted through email than any other threat vector. Deploy the protection you need with enterprise-class email security that doesn't slow you down. VIPRE Email Security for Exchange is an advanced, powerful, policy-.


DRAFT Special Publication 800-154, Guide to Data-Centric System

Mar 14, 2016 ... 215 the problem that threat modeling is trying to solve. The term “threat modeling” is defined in Section 3. 216. 2.1 The Attack Side. 217. This section defines the basic concepts related to the attack side of threat modeling, grouped by core. 218 terms: vulnerability, exploit and attack, attack vector, and threat.


Creating a Threat Profile for Your Organization

actions. VERIS uses 7 categories of threat actions: Malware, Hacking, Social, Misuse,. Physical, Error, and Environmental. VERIS provides additional attributes , including. Variety and Vector (path of attack) for all categories, Vulnerabilities for hacking and malware, Target for social attacks, and Location for physical attacks.


A global brief on vector-borne diseases

from public health units. Within the past two decades, many important vector- borne diseases have re-emerged or spread to new parts of the world. Traditionally regarded as a problem for countries in tropical settings, vector-borne diseases pose an increasingly wider threat to global public health, both in terms of the number ...


Towards Secure and Dependable Software-‐Defined Networks

Not specific to SDNs, but it is s ll cri cal to assure fast recovery and diagnosis when faults happen. Possible solufions: immutable and secure logging, secure and reliable snapshots. Threat vectors map. Page 14. Data Plane. Control. & Management. 7. SDN device. SDN device. SDN device. Admin. Sta on. 6. 5. 4. 3. SDN.


Maritime Security at Risk: Trends, Future Threat Vectors, and

Maritime Security at Risk: Trends, Future Threat Vectors, and Capability Requirements. Conference Paper · July 2014 with 205 Reads. DOI: 10.13140/2.1 .1201.4405. Conference: Into the Blue: IdeasLab on Maritime Security, At Cardiff, University of Cardiff. Cite this publication. Heiko Borchert at Borchert Consulting ...


Defending Against the Wrong Enemy: 2017 SANS Insider Threat

It is easy, while evaluating attack vectors, researching competitors and gauging the threat from organized crime or foreign adversaries, to conclude that external attacks should be the primary focus of defense. This conclusion would be wrong. The critical element is not the source of a threat, but its potential for damage.


Understanding Mobile Phone Threat Vectors

Mobile Phone Threat Vectors. 4th ETSI Mobile Security Workshop. Sophia Antipolis, France. Securing Our Cyberspace. Copyright © 2008 CyberSecurity Malaysia. Sophia Antipolis, France. Mohamad Nizam Kassim, GAWN GPEN. CyberSecurity Malaysia [email protected] Creating Trust & .


Cyber Threat Metrics

example, might associate a given attack vector with THREAT LEVEL 2 through THREAT LEVEL 8 while another vector might be associated with THREAT LEVEL 1 through THREAT LEVEL 3. When performing this sort of assessment, the analyst extends the basic threat model contained in the generic threat matrix. Further ...


2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 20

MOBILE & IOT. WEB THREATS SOCIAL MEDIA & SCAMS TARGETED ATTACKS. DATA BREACHES & PRIVACY E-CRIME & MALWARE APPENDIX. Another big threat vector is the infotainment unit, which controls the USB port, CD player, and other popular devices. Researchers at University of Washington and University.


Cybersecurity: Threats, Challenges, Opportunities

Cybersecurity – Threats Challenges Opportunities. 8. THREAT VECTORS BY INDUSTRY. The vectors by which industries are compromised. Source: Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report. The increasing prevalence and severity of malicious cyber- enabled activities… constitute an unusual and extraordinary ...


Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report

Aug 15, 2014 ... kits had once again declined, with Angler and Goon/In nity still showing up most frequently. The overall average decline in the number of exploit kits detected between May and. November 2014 is 88 percent. Threats and Vulnerabilities: Java Declines as an Attack Vector. In recent years, Java has played an ...



With prolonged physical access, researchers demonstrated in specific cases access via: – Ports: OBD-II, CD/DVD Players, USB, etc. – Certain Vehicle data bus types (e.g. Controller Area Network – CAN) that interconnect vehicle electronic and controls systems. – Wireless: Key FOBs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Threat Vectors into ...


Cyber Security Threat Predictions, 2017

is becoming a popular threat vector. (CISCO). Trend: Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence. o For the purpose of strengthening baseline profile. (Cyber Hygiene) (. , M-trends, 2017, pg.37). Observation: Most companies use more than five security vendors and more than five security products in their environment.


The Evolution of Cyber Attacks and Next Generation Threat Protection

Signature-less detection engine. ▻ Multi-vector coverage of attacks. ▻ Multi- stage protection architecture. ▻ Dynamic Threat intelligence for global sharing. ▻ Dynamic Threat Intelligence for enterprise internal sharing with API's for validation/interdiction/remediation. 5 Design Principles of Next-Generation Threat .