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Trent Davis

For example, one of the earliest and still most significant philosophical texts,. Plato's dialogue The Republic, opens with Socrates, Plato's real-life teacher, discussing. 1. Richard E. Creel, Thinking Philosophical ly: An Introduction to Critical Reflection and. Rational Dialogue (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2001), 30.


Aspects of Western Philosophy

(2) Blackburn, Simon. (1999). Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy. Oxford: OUP. (3) Christopher Falzon. (2002). Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy. London: Routledge. (4) Creel, Richard E. (2001). Thinking Philosophically: An Introduction to Critical Reflection and Rational Dialogue.


categories of critical thinking in information management. a study of

Biesta, Gert J.J.; Stams, Geert Jan J.M.. “Critical Thinking and the Question of. Critique: Some Lessons from Deconstruction”. Studies in Philosophy & Education . 20.1 (2001): 57-74. Creel, Richard E.: Thinking philosophically. An Introduction to Critical Reflection and. Rational Dialogue. Malden, Mass., Blackwell 2001.


What Philosophy Offers to the Teaching of Thinking

through the application of reasoning and rules of logic are central to critical thinking. Critical judgment. Philosophical thinking is critical thinking, which .... critical self-reflection. Asking and answering questions is one way that dialogue is stimulated, directed, and critically evaluated Of course, not all questions call for crit.


Finlay, L., (2008) Reflecting on reflective practice. PBPL paper 52

Jan 10, 2008 ... professionals engaging in solitary introspection to that of engaging in critical dialogue with others. .... phenomenological philosophy to argue that it is not possible to distance oneself from the lived situation to ... practice is seen as a synthesis of reflection, self-awareness and critical thinking (Eby,. 2000) (see ...



nature of human knowledge, probing the rational basis of moral and political thought, confrontation with ... philosophical reflection on a specific discipline or area such as law, religion, or psychology. It is especially ... (Introduction to Logic), PHI 2103 (Critical Thinking), or their equivalents may be used to fulfill major ...



31. Critical social theory. 35. Chapter summary. 39. PART II. The Process of Critical Reflection. 41. 4 The critical reflection model and process. 43. Introduction. 43 ... and think about it. And in some ways this felt 'natural'. It offered us a fresh way of engaging students at all levels. It was also a process that, in many ways,.


Re-inventing” Freire for the 21st Century

Keywords: Banking education, Critical thinking, Conscientization, dialogue, Participation,. Transformation. Introduction. Paulo Freire was one of the major educationalists of the last century. He is born in Brazil in 1921 and died in 1997. ... educational and philosophical thinkings. Getahun Yacob Abraham: ”Re- inventing” ...


11-1 Canuto

To cite this article: Canuto, A.T. (2015). Reflections on. Theory and Pedagogy of Challenges in Facilitating. Children's Dialogues in the Community of Inquiry. ... Introduction. The value of developing philosophical thinking among young children and its pedagogical possibilities has been discussed in the Philippines in the ...


Philosophy, a school of freedom: teaching philosophy and learning

world problems: dialogue, analysis and questioning of contemporary society; ii) Teaching philosophy in the world: fostering critical reflection and independent thinking; and iii) Promotion of philosophical thought and research. Within this Strategy, teaching thus figures as the keystone for fruitful action by. UNESCO in the ...


Critical and Reflective Practice in Education Volume 1 Issue 1 2009

picturebooks are philosophically inviting, with their complexity and ambiguity in content and form. Critical reflection on significant episodes in the enquiry ... Introduction. What can be learned about dialogue from philosophising with children? What might this teach us about dialogue in other settings, including the university?


The Philosophy for Children, an Ideal Tool to Stimulate the Thinking

Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of the University of Pitesti,Romania. Keywords: philosophy, philosophy for children, teaching for thinking, ethics,. 1. Introduction. In our previous study, presented at Edu-World 2010, we approached the role to be played by philosophy in the.


The Socratic Method as an Approach to Learning and Its Benefits

order thinking skills, and helps students to monitor their own learning. ... Introduction. This thesis is an effort to connect philosophy to education. This thesis focuses on the Socratic. Learning Method, a teaching and learning ... Since the Socratic dialogues are among the earliest documented instances of learning through.


What is Philosophy for Children, What is Philosophy with Children

programme were based on a notion of critical thinking that was strongly influenced by the pragmatic ... dialogue with children that was grounded in the adult appreciation of a child's inherent sense of wonder. Matthews ... educational reform, and that the introduction of philosophy into the content of schooling represented the.



CRITICAL THINKING PEDAGOGY. A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Doctor of Philosophy in. Philosophy at. The University of ... comparison, and evaluation of religion(s), and into interreligious dialogue, helps ..... concerned a legitimate conception of rational choice should reflect this.


The Troubled History of Philosophy and Deliberative Democracy

Aug 31, 2010 ... philosophy, higher education, dialogue, deliberation, deliberative democracy ... constitutes legitimate forms of rational dialogue and persuasion has been modeled and developed by philosophers. Philosophy therefore plays an important role .... dialogue and critical reflection that is necessary to democracy.


What Does It Mean for “Japanese Philosophy” To Be “Japanese”? A

This article aims to provide a critical introduction to, and a preliminary reflection on, a philosophical conversation ... Before we begin our explorations into this brief Nishida-Miki dialogue, I would like to mention some .... objective/non- subjective shape to the trans-rational sentiment of Japanese thinking, it is important for us.


Critical Thinking and Chinese International Students: An East-West

completed her doctorate in Canada where she now teaches, engage in a dialogue on. Western concepts of critical ... and did not ignore, this issue. In the Canadian education context in which critical thinking is valued philosophically and pedagogically, your reflection on teaching critical thinking to international students from.


Philosophy: Theory and Practice

such disciplines as epistemology, history of philosophy, philosophy of science, ethics, social and political ..... ing – namely, the fact that philosophical thinking is by definition critical towards extant life forms. Thinking has a ..... of different cultures the role of critical reflection and rational dialogue is of exceptional importance.


spirituality, theology and the critical mind 1. introduction

This reflection of Solomon is an indication of the second part of the problem discussed in the introduction above, namely how rationality and the critical mind in itself can obtain and display a negative cha- racter. It is therefore not analytic thinking, the rational dialogue that is decisive; it is rather its function and the framework ...