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This WORKBOOK is intended to be used with the book entitled,THE. STRANGER ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS. THE STRANGER includes approximately 1200 Bible verses quoted with accompanying commentary. Though it's your study guide, it reads like a storybook, not a textbook. If you don't have this book, see the back ...


Jesus Appears on the Road to Emmaus

Jesus Appears on the Road to Emmaus. Luke 24:13-35. Full Picture. One in a Zillion. Do you have a jigsaw puzzle at home? Ask your mom or dad to get one piece of a puzzle. Now examine that piece. Without looking at the picture on the box, try to imagine what the completed puzzle looks like. This won't be hard if you  ...

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Living with the Risen Jesus by Dean Scotty McLennan

May 4, 2014 ... simply by having an open table in our lives, as the two disciples on the road to Emmaus had for the stranger they met. We can experience the risen Jesus liturgically as well, if only for a fleeting moment, as we gather as a community around the table here in church for Holy. Communion, eating and drinking ...


The Road to Emmaus

1 Read Luke 24:13 – 49, the story of the Road to Emmaus. You will be asked to .... Then one of them, whose name was Cleopas, answered him, 'Are you the only stranger in. Jerusalem who does ... As Jesus walked with the disciples on the road to Emmaus and interpreted the scriptures which foretold his suffering, death  ...


Road To Emmaus Big Book

The men and their friends had thought that Jesus was God's promised Son. Now some of Jesus' friends had said that Jesus had risen from the dead! 3. Page 4. While they were talking, a stranger began to walk with them. “Why are you so sad ?” he asked. “All these things are written in the Bible.” 4. Page 5. The stranger told ...

Road To Emmaus Big Book.pdf

Entertaining Angels: Hospitality in Luke and Acts

strangers like these two disciples did on the road to Emmaus, they too might “ entertain angels without knowing it” and experience the resur- rected Jesus in the process. In Acts 9:43-10:48 Luke weaves together three hospitality encounters: Peter accepts the hospitality of Simon the tanner in Joppa (9:43 and 10:6),.



The story of the walk to Emmaus invites us to imagine ourselves in the place of the unnamed disciple, who together with Cleopas, was surprised to learn about Accompaniment from a seeming stranger. In this first session we explore “ mutuality,” .... road was named Cleopas. He is often associated with the wife of one of the.


The Road to Emmaus

ples—is represented by the road.4 The road to Emmaus becomes our road. Little is known about these two disciples, except that they were not of the Twelve and .... on the road to. Emmaus. As these two walked, someone they did not recognize drew near. This "stranger" said to them, "What manner of communications are.


Recognizing Jesus

without our recogmzing it, like the stranger who joined two disciples on the road to. Emmaus. How do we recognize him? I mean, how do we recognize him as Jesus? How do we know he is the same Jesus we read about in the Gospels. I think there are at least three signs of Jesus' presence. They are ways in which Jesus ...

Recognizing Jesus.pdf

Road to Emmaus Were our hearts not burning within us? (Lk 24:32

disciples on their way to Emmaus; the longest single post-resurrection narrative in the ... whose name was Cleopas, answered him, 'Are you the only stranger in. Jerusalem ... Jesus appears mysteriously to the depressed and disillusioned disciples on the road to Emmaus on the afternoon of his Resurrection. This road is ...


The Road to Emmaus poem

THE ROAD TO EMMAUS. Our eyes falling down to the ground,. Our hearts dry as the dust we trample. A stranger joins our journey to despair. Teasing out the details of what our hope had been,. He listens on and on until our grief can say no more,. Only then can his words water our withered spirits. Gently chiding, strongly ...


Final Words Leader Guide

What is the significance of the stranger breaking bread with the disciples on the road to Emmaus? 3. Discuss ways in which this study has deepened your un- derstanding of Jesus' last days on earth. Wrapping Up. Taking It Home. Pass out copies of the participant handout to group mem- bers, then briefly review the “ Taking ...


Jim Forest , The Road to Emmaus

great surprise and gladness. The road they take to Emmaus is probably very familiar to them, but the most unexpected thing happens on it. The two friends are very kind and hospitable to the stranger they meet on the road, and only after prayer they recognize the stranger, in fact, to be the risen. Christ. The pilgrims start their ...

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Easter Faith and Empire: Recovering the Prophetic Tradition on the

Tradition on the Emmaus Road. CHED MYERS. And Abraham said to the rich ... down the road of imperial unilaterahsm, and are seeing clearly that this means a world held hostage to wars and rumors of .... In any case, the Stranger's response makes it clear that he has walked in on a heated debate, for 2+17 reads literally:  ...


JRS UK At Home Prayer Pack

the road is missing. And it is the road we dream of, the road where we can share the burden of our disappointments, the defeat of hopes that once defined us, and be touched again by the wisdom of the compassionate stranger. “The story of. Emmaus appears a particularly modern one, of people journeying inside their story ...

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Claiming the Past with Gratitude; Living the Present with Enthusiasm

ciples on the road to Emmaus after they had encountered Our. Lord at the Breaking of the Bread, were the only way they could de- scribe how they felt when Jesus, as a stranger on the road, explained the meaning of the Scriptures to them. They are words which tell how these followers of Jesus came to have Faith and fell ...


As strangers and pilgrims. Hermeneutical hospitality as

Tipo de documento. "http://biblioteca.clacso.edu.ar/Ecuador/rgn/ 20160609064653/As-Strangers-and-pilgrims-Jara.pdf". URL ... As Strangers and Pilgrims: Hermeneutical Hospitality as Missiological Paradigm for Ecumenical Dialogue. RELIGACION 1, 2016 ..... road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), Christ re- veals himself in the ...


(4 May) 2014, in

May 4, 2014 ... Emmaus.' Her lodgers are ordinary working people called Tom and Ed, and they' d taken up with a travelling preacher who was accused of being a terrorist and was put to death. A few days after the execution, Tom and Ed invite a stranger to join them at home for dinner. It's a man they'd met on the road ...


1 ASTONISHING HOPE An Easter Sermon by Dean Scotty

Apr 8, 2007 ... neighbor to the beaten and robbed man by the side of the road, whom the pious priest and Levite had passed by.xxviii Two of Jesus' disciples welcomed a stranger on the road to Emmaus after. Jesus' death; they walked with him the whole day and insisted that he have dinner with them that night, only then ...



needing recourse to courses or booklets. • help them acquire an overview of the whole Bible so they can picture themselves and the church as part of the kingdom God is building, with a past and a future. The Philip Project does that and teaches interpretation of the Bible. Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, by John Cross, ...