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Book Review: The Right to Work. Legal and Philosophical

Eberhard Eichenhofer has just retired from his Chair in Civil and Social Law at the. Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and now lives in Berlin. He teaches and conducts research in European, international and national social security law. Virginia Mantouvalou (ed.), The Right to Work. Legal and Philosophical Perspectives,.


The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives

BOOK REVIEW. The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives edited by. Virginia Mantouvalou [Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2015, xiv + 351 pp, hardback, ISBN 97818 4946 5106]. 'Everyone has the right to work'. These words from the Universal Declaration of. Human Rights open the Foreword written by the late Sir  ...


Discussion Work, its moral meaning or import

Wiggins opened the proceedings with the philosophical reflections that follow. The proceedings themselves will be published later in the year as The Right to. Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Virginia Mantouvalou,. London: Hart Publishing, 2014. Work, its moral meaning or import. DAVID WIGGINS. 1.


Are Labour Rights Human Rights?

Novitz (eds) Human Rights at Work: Perspectives on Law and Regulation, Hart Publishing, 2010, pp 587-588. 15 P Alston, 'Labour Rights as Human Rights: The Not So Happy State of Art', in Alston (ed), Labour Rights as Human Rights, OUP, 2005, p 3. See also P Macklem, 'The Right to Bargain Collectively in International .


Philosophical and spiritual perspectives on Decent Work pdf

Visit our website: www.ilo.org/publns. Typeset by Magheross Graphics, France & Ireland www.magheross.com. Printed in. Peccoud, D. (ed.) Philosophical and spiritual perspectives on Decent Work. Geneva, International Labour Office, 2004 . Promotion of employment, work, workers' rights, value system, religion, ethics,.


Freedom from poverty as a human right: economic perspectives; The

Jul 26, 2008 ... as a Human Right, composed of four volumes, each addressing the issue within a particular scope. A philosophical approach was developed in Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor, edited by Thomas Pogge; a legal approach was taken in Freedom from Poverty as a ...


Labour, Love and Futility: Philosophical Perspectives on Labour Law

Work: Continuity and Change in the Common Law World (A. Bogg & T. Novitz eds, OUP 2014). 11. V. Mantouvalou, The Right to Non-Exploitative Work, in The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical. Perspectives (V. Mantouvalou ed., Hart 2015). 12. V. Mantouvalou, Are Labour Rights Human Rights?, 3 Eur. Lab. L.J. 151 ...


A Right/Duty Perspective on the Legal and Philosophical

Oct 4, 2006 ... First, the legal rules on the duty to rescue are best explained and understood by examining the rights and duties of the victim and potential rescuer. ... This approach to analyzing the duty to rescue through abstract, even philosophical, .... between active misconduct working positive injury to others and.


ensuring coherence in fundamental labor rights case law

4 C. O'Cinneide, “The Right to Work in International Human Rights Law,” in The Right to Work. Legal and. Philosophical Perspectives, ed. V. Mantouvalou ( Oxford: Hart Publishing: 2015), 99. But enforcement at the domestic level is uncertain. For example, in a judgment of 13 March 2009, the French Conseil d' Etat decided.


Economic Theory, Freedom and Human Rights: The Work of

Economic Theory, Freedom and Human Rights: The Work of Amartya Sen. Briefing Paper. November 2001. This Briefing Paper reviews the ways in which the Nobel Prize winning economist Professor Amartya Sen has focussed international attention on the significance of fundamental human freedoms and human rights for ...


Philosophical Perspectives on Its Scope and Justification

Journal of International Law by an authorized editor of Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository. ... James W. Nickel, The Human Right to a Safe Environment: Philosophical Perspectives on Its Scope and Justification, 18 Yale J . Int'l L. .... tradeoffs necessary for providing for human needs while trying to work out.


Human Rights in Labor and Employment Relations: International

James A. Gross and Lance Compa. Chapter 2—Takin' It to the Man: Human Rights at the. American Workplace. 13. James A. Gross. Chapter 3—A New Frontier for Industrial Relations: Workplace Health and Safety as a Human Right. 43. Jeff Hilgert. Chapter 4—Child Labor in Human Rights Law and Policy Perspective. 73.


Labour Rights Institute - UCL - London's Global University

The UCL Labour Rights Institute's principal aim is to promote teaching and research at UCL in labour law subjects ... Labour market regulation and issues of labour migration also fall within the Institute's core areas of interest and work, and the Institute has a distinct vocation for comparative and European/supranational ...


The Rights of Irregular Migrants

Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the Workshop in Law, Philosophy , and Political Theory at the. University of California ... questions about legal rights, this is a moral and philosophical inquiry, not a legal one.2 I will refer ..... From this perspective, granting work-related legal rights to irregular mi- grants is wrong ...


Children's Rights and a Capabilities Approach: The Question of

Law and Legal Theory Working Papers by an authorized administrator of Chicago Unbound. For more information, please contact [email protected] .edu. Recommended Citation. Martha Nussbaum & Rosalind Dixon, "Children's Rights and a Capabilities Approach: The Question of Special Priority," University of.


HLA Hart's rule of law: the limits of philosophy in historical perspective

Lacey, Nicola (2007) H.L.A. Hart's rule of law: the limits of philosophy in historical perspective. Quaderni fiorentini, 36. pp. ... that, as his biographer (Lacey, 2004), I am an admirer of Hart's work. On the other hand, I am ..... reservation of the right, and responsibility, to question authority, and to disobey it if necessary. In Hart's ...


The Right to Dignity Rex D. Glensy

The Right to Dignity. 67. Nevertheless, given the increasing frequency with which courts and legal commentators in the United States are invoking or criticizing a .... Ameliorate the Work Family Conflict is a Dereliction of the Government''s Basic ..... Religious?, in Legal Rights: Historical Philosophical Perspectives 205, 209.


Introduction to Human Rights and Duties

Perspective of Rights and Duties. PART A. Rights. 1. Etymology of Right. 12. 2. Meaning of Right. 12. 3. Analysis of Right. 12. 4. Natural Rights. 13. 5. Legal Rights. 14 .... To work out the curriculum details of the Human Rights Education at University ..... The philosophy of human rights is similar with that of the above values.

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Frequently Asked Questions On A Human Rights-based Approach

opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, ... to bring human rights to the front and centre of all its work, a shared ... The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) wishes to express particular thanks to .


On Social Rights from an Analytical and Philosophical Perspective

of autonomy. Some standard criticisms of social rights are also evaluated. Keywords:social rights, Hohfeldian incidents, autonomy, paternalism, subsidiarity principle. 1. The ambiguity of the concept of social rights. In legal-philosophical discourse the term “social rights” is used to describe a set of rights such as, e.g., the right ...