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ACR Practice Parameter for the Performance of a Barium Small

radiologic services to the patient, study the socioeconomic aspects of the practice of radiology, and encourage continuing education for radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical .... B. Pertinent history and symptoms serving as indications for a barium small bowel examination include, but are not limited to: 1. Abdominal  ...


Radiologic management of small bowel obstruction: A practical

The value of diagnostic imaging in the assessment of small bowel obstruction lies in its ability to answer questions to improve the clinical management of patients. These questions include: Is the small bowel obstructed? What are the level, cause, and severity of obstruction? Is strangulation likely to be present?



0.12. 0.12. Lungs. 0.12. 0.12. Colon. 0.12. 0.12. Red Bone Marrow. 0.08. 0.20. Gonads. ICRP Draft. (proposed in 2005). ICRP 60. (1991). Tissue Type. NEW www.icrp.org. OUTLINE. Part I. 2. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE. PATIENT RADIATION DOSE. Radiography. Fluoroscopy. Mammography. Computed Tomography ...


The Diagnosis of Cancer - Radiology

Arteriography, venography and lym- phangiography have little use in everyday clinical practice. Rectum. X-ray examination has a modest place after digital and visual examination of, the rectal area. Colon x-ray studies may be indicated to ex- clude lesions elsewhere in the large bowel. The place of general radiologic bone  ...


American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria®

without undergoing radiologic examinations, but diverticulitis can be simulated by other acute abdominal disorders [2]. ... The imaging examination most widely used for diagnosing diverticulitis is computed ... on the colon and will not show extraluminal abnormalities such as abscesses and pericolonic inflammation [7].


American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria®

Abdominal radiography has been the traditional starting point for the imaging evaluation of suspected small- bowel obstruction (SBO) [1]. However, studies testing the use of abdominal radiographs have yielded disparate results [2-5]. Although some investigators have reported an 80%–90% success rate in diagnosing SBO ...


History, Evolution, and Current Status of Radiologic Imaging Tests

n Explain how technologic changes over time have influenced imaging diagnosis n Specify how past innovations have led to the current practice of radiology ... Radiographic depiction of colonic detail was further improved when better colloidal sus- pensions of barium sulfate to examine the colon were developed in the late.



this problem by having the films hand carried to a diagnostic radiologist before the patient is ... Gas, of course, is self-explanatory and includes air in the lungs and upper airway, gas in the intestines, and gas such ... Blue arrowheads show mineral density in the bones of the skeleton and the metal of the EKG leads. The red ...


American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria®

*Relative. Radiation Level. Variant 2: Bilious vomiting in infant 1 week to 3 months old. Radiologic Procedure. Rating. Comments. RRL*. X-ray upper GI series. 9. ☢☢☢. X-ray abdomen. 5 .... When the clinical and laboratory assessment provides a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan, radiologic imaging is not required.



nature and extent of disease with diagnostic quality study using the minimum radiation dose necessary. INDICATIONS AND ... ACR Practice Guidelines for the performance of Barium Meal Examination in Adults- on line ... A small bowel follow-through, also called small bowel series, is a radiologic examination of the small.


Small Bowel Obstruction

An ACR Committee on Appropriateness Criteria and its expert panels have developed criteria for determining appropriate imaging examinations for diagnosis and treatment of specified medical condition(s). These criteria are intended to guide radiologists, radiation oncologists and referring physicians in making decisions ...


Content Specifications for Radiography Examination

The purpose of The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) Radiography ... The results of the most recent practice analysis have been applied .... to exam a. patient condition. (e.g., perforated bowel) b. patient age and weight c. laboratory values. (e.g., BUN, creatinine, GFR). 6. complications/ reactions.


Guidance on the use of CT colonography for suspected colorectal

The number of CT colonography examinations is increasing in the UK for suspected colon cancer, having ... and Abdominal Radiology (BSGAR) and The Royal College of Radiologists have produced this document to ... as a suitable radiological investigation for patients with symptoms suspicious for colorectal cancer.


Chapter 23: Justification and Optimisation in Clinical Practice

humans to Ionising Radiation. Justification of medical exposures may be stated as follows: All medical imaging exposures must show a sufficient net benefit when balanced against possible detriment that the examination might cause. Diagnostic Radiology Physics: a Handbook for Teachers and Students – chapter 23, 5 ...



Individual loops of bowel may fill and empty rapidly, and, however short the intervals between examinations, these loops may not be shown effectively. Gross delay in the onward pas- sage of barium may frustrate the efforts of the radiologist to show the exact site and probable nature of an obstructing lesion, or several ...


Patient Exposures and Radiation Risks In Swedish Diagnostic

Oct 4, 1977 ... nostic radiology in Sweden has previously been estimated by CARLSSON (1964 ). From the Inspection .... examinations of the small intestine and colon where secondary radiation from rather large distance ..... It was found that with the small number of observations made in a practical situation, another.


Diagnostic Imaging

Both new radiological procedures have already secured their specific role in everyday radiological practice. During the previous decade, radiologists made fundamental contributions to the study and diagnosis of colon diseases with the introduction of single and double con- trast barium examinations of the colon. Due to ...

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Standard Operating Procedures for PET/CT: A Practical Approach

treatment of health problems through the development and application of nuclear techniques, within a framework of quality assurance. Publications in the IAEA Human Health Series provide information in the areas of: radiation medicine, including diagnostic radiology, diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, and  ...


Redundant colon as a cause of constipation

colon. The concept of redundant colon was introduced into the literature by Kantor (1931). He found this anomaly in 343 (18.5 %) of 1,850 patients examined radiologically. The abdominal symptoms, which were more common in thepatients with redundant colon than in his series in general, were constipation and distress ...


Radiological assessment of constipation

assessment of constipation can be stan- dardised. (Arch Dis Child ... radiological and manometric diagnostic methods have been ... suitable for clinical practice and research. This method has the additional advantage that it can be used retrospectively. University Hospital of. Wales, Department of. Radiology. A J Blethyn.