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The Metrics of Material and Metal Ecology

By. M.A. Reuter,. The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. U.M.J. Boin,. Oberusel, Germany. A, van Schaik,. Den Haag, The Netherlands. E. Verhoef,. Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands. K. Heiskanen,. Helsinki University of Technology, Hut, Finland. Yongxiang Yang,. Delft, The Netherlands. G. Georgalli, . Den Haag ...


Towards a More Sustainable Use of Scarce Metals

will have to be developed. Towards a More Sustainable Use of Scarce Metals. A Review of Intervention Options along the Metals Life Cycle. Patrick A. Wäger ...... Stocks, flows and prospects of mineral resources. In: Linkages of sustainability. Edited by T. Graedel, E. van der Voet. Volume 4. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


Combining environmental management and metal recovery?

Oct 9, 2013 ... Re-processing of mining waste : Combining environmental management and metal ... in raw materials raises growing concerns regarding the mineral resources and especially metals availability. ... identifying interesting old mining wastes deposits at the national level and assessing the metal recovery.


Opportunities and limits of recycling: A dynamic- model-based analysis

Closure of material cycles and minimization of waste creation can achieve prudent use of resources and help secure supplies of critical materials. Metallurgy, which .... and associated process technology in a realistic economic environment. For example, Figure 3 shows the relative. * Matte is the molten metal sulfide phase ...


The Feedback Control Cycle of Mineral Supply, Increase of Raw

Nov 27, 2015 ... effects are in technology development around primary resources and the increased use of secondary resources; on the demand side with thriftier use of raw materials. Keywords: sustainable development; trilemma of security of supply ; geosphere; technosphere; fulfilment of functions; feedback control cycle ...



the processing of lead and zinc bearing feed materials twenty one (21) Ausmelt furnaces are now in operation, under ... Ausmelt's TSL Technology is the BAT in the non-ferrous metal production and has found wide application ..... and Metal Ecology,. Harmonizing the resource, technology and environmental cycles”, Elsevier.



Cities should respect nature, consider the urban ecological environment as an asset, integrate ..... Encourages innovative technology development in ... that 10million computers contain 135,000 metric tons of recoverable materials, such as base metals, silicon, glass, plastic, and precious metals. Recoverable materials.

Chapter 5 - Waste_management.pdf

Mining & Metals in a Sustainable World 2050

(responsible mineral development), transparency and human rights, health and well-being. Looking at the mining life cycle and value chain, critical areas of transition were also identified along which change is necessary and achievable ( the resource base, strategy and the operating model, technology and innovation,  ...


Water Quality Assessments - A Guide to Use of Biota, Sediments

4.10. Conclusions and future developments. 4.11. References. Chapter 5 - THE USE OF BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL. 5.1. Introduction. 5.2. Factors affecting biological systems in the aquatic environment. 5.3. Uses and benefits of biological methods. 5.4. Ecological methods. 5.5. Microbiological methods. 5.6. Physiological and ...


Consumption and Use of Non-Renewable Mineral and Energy Raw

in magnitude come non-metallic raw materials and metals; but there are also minute quantities—grams ... widely accepted definition of sustainable development as defined in the United Nations (UN) Report ... Humankind has always depended on the use of energy and mineral resources for its technological and cultural ...


energiewende in deutschland sustainable use of scarce metals

of Scarce Metals. A Review of Intervention Options along the Metals Life Cycle. Patrick A. Wäger, Daniel J. Lang, Dominic Wittmer,. Raimund Bleischwitz .... Examples for the use of scarce metals in emerging technologies of selected domains (Angerer et al. 2009 ...... The metrics of material and metal ecology: Harmonizing.

Bleischwitz_Waeger etal.-criticalmetals-GAIA-12.pdf

High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan

Sep 17, 2015 ... Different Requirements for Registration and Permitting of Large-Volume Water Withdrawals in Michigan under WWAP ... Life Cycle Assessment. MCL ..... Environment and Ecology. There are numerous potential ecological consequences of all shale gas and oil development. Building the necessary roads,.


Assessment of resource efficiency indicators and targets

Jun 19, 2012 ... BIO Intelligence Service, Institute for Social Ecology and Sustainable Europe Research Institute .... Figure 16: Water Exploitation Index (EEA, 2011) .... Raw Material. Consumption. Territorial part of. Life-Cycle Resource. Indicator. (of Environmentally- weighted Material. Consumption)*. Life-Cycle Resource.


Resource flows: the Material basis of Industrial Economies

computers. Virtually all of the natural resources that support this activity ultimately return to the environment, often in an altered form. This flow of materials from nature to the economy and back—the materials cycle—is fundamental to industrial economies. The sheer scale of the process is remarkable and surprising, even in ...


ReCiPe 2008

Jan 6, 2009 ... One such example is the development of midpoint-oriented and endpoint- oriented methods for life cycle impact ... extractions of natural resources into impact category indicators at the midpoint level (such as acidification, cli- ... wide range of environmental issues, from acidification to climate change.


Article Reference

photochemical ozone formation (savings of 0.3 ± 2.4 kg ethene equivalents/t). The variability in the results of life cycle [...] WEISS, Martin, et al. A Review of the Environmental Impacts of Biobased Materials. Journal of. Industrial Ecology, 2012, vol. 16, p. S169-S181. DOI : 10.1111/j.1530-9290.2012.00468.x. Available at:.


Materials Guidance

Materials Stewardship and Sustainable Development ... Resources. 32. UNCTAD /UNEP – Mineral Resources Forum. 32. Eco-efficiency. 32. Risk Assessment. 33. Life Cycle Assessment. 33. Product Stewardship ... Maximizing Value Guidance on implementing materials stewardship in the minerals and metals value chain.


Raw Materials Scoreboard

The Raw Materials Scoreboard is part of the monitoring and evaluation strategy for the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. .... of a mineral deposit and the development of a mine — can ...... and G. Georgalli,. 2005, 'The Metrics of Material and Metal Ecology — Harmonising the Resource, Technology.


The Global Flow of Aluminum From 2006 Through 2025

its natural and living resources, natural hazards, and the environment— ..... Diagram showing the global flow (life cycle) of aluminum in 2006 . ..... into aluminum metal. The main wastes from bauxite mining are tailings produced by grinding and washing the bauxite. The processing of bauxite to alumina involves initial ...


GAO-16-699, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: Strengthened Federal

Sep 7, 2016 ... Resources, U.S. Senate. September 2016. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES. Strengthened Federal Approach Needed to Help. Identify and Mitigate Supply Risks for Critical Raw. Materials. Why GAO Did This Study. Certain metals, minerals, and other. “critical” raw materials play an important role in the ...