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Kingdom. [email protected] 18 April 2008. File: EuroSector5a. Draft chapter for Unifying the European Experience: An Economic History of ..... relationship between the growth rate and the starting level of productivity. Since. Britain had the highest level of agricultural labour productivity in Europe in 1870,  ...


The Role of Trade and Empire in European Economic development

The Role of Trade and Empire in European Economic development to ca 1870. Gerard M Koot, 2013 ... representative nature of their political institutions, especially since the two most successful economies in early modern Europe were Britain and the Dutch Republic, both of which rejected political absolutism in the ...


The Economic History of Britain since 1870

1870-1913” The Economic Journal. Migration. 1. Baines (2004) “Population and regional development,” in Floud and Johnson, The. Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain: Volume II: Economic Maturity, 1860-1939. 2. Williamson (1995) "The evolution of global labor markets since 1830: background evidence.


Human Development as Positive Freedom: A World View Since 1870

1 In this paper, 'The West' coincides largely – but not completely – with the membership of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ..... www.warwick.ac.uk/go/cage · www.chathamhouse.org page 9. Human Development as Positive Freedom: A World View Since 1870 first health transition involved ...


Technology, Innovation and Economic Growth in Britain Since 1870

Economic Growth in Britain Since 1870. [Prepared for the Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, 2014]. Tom Nicholas*. Harvard Business School. Abstract .... age” of European economic growth, citations to patents by British inventors still slightly lagged average citations to patents by German inventors, but note ...


Feinstein, CH

Feinstein, C.H. (ed.) The economic development of the United Kingdom since 1870. Economic development of modern Europe since 1870 no.9. Elgar, c1997. Feinstein, C.H., and Howe, C. (eds.). Chinese technology transfer in the 1990s: current experience, historical problems and international perspectives. Elgar, 1997. 9 ...


economic growth and structural change: britain in international

May 30, 2007 ... Tables 1 and 2, in about 1870, Britain had a labour productivity lead in services over both the .... world of the “counting house” to the world of the “modern office” depended on technologies to improve ...... Economic Growth in Europe since 1945, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,. 131-172.



Jul 14, 2010 ... via the Research Training Network “Unifying the European Experience: Historical . Lessons of Pan-European ... link between this account of medieval and early modern economic growth and the more familiar accounts of. British economic growth since 1870, based on the annual data of Feinstein (1972).


The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe: Volume 2

rethinks Europe's economic history since 1700 as unified and pan-European, with the material organized ... The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe Volume 2. 1870 to the Present. EDITED by. Stephen Broadberry and. Kevin H. O'Rourke ... 2 Aggregate growth, 1870–1914: growing at the production frontier. 30.


Understanding growth in Europe, 1700–1870: theory and evidence

Incomes of ordinary citizens in developed countries today dwarf those enjoyed even by the wealthy elite during most of mankind's history. As John Maynard. Keynes, with slight incredulity, observed in 1930 that the economic problem of mankind (in Europe and North America at least) has been solved (Keynes,. 1930) .


CURRICULUM VITAE Max-Stephan Schulze

British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship. 1990/1 ... Western Europe since 1945: Economic and Social Change, as editor (Longman: London, 1999). ... 39, 9/2008, pp. 1597-1614. 'Origins of Catch-up Failure: Comparative Productivity Growth in the Habsburg Empire,. 1870-1910', European Review of ...


British Economic and Social History since c. 1870

Jul 31, 2017 ... R.Floud, J.Humphries and P.Johnson, eds, The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain: Volume 2, Growth and Decline, 1870 to the Present (4th edn 2014) [CEHMB]. M. Daunton (ed.) .... W.D. Rubinstein, Men of Property: The Very Wealthy in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. (1981).


The Facts of Economic Growth

1. Growth at the Frontier. 5. 1.1 Modern Economic Growth. 5. 1.2 Growth Over the Very Long Run. 7. 2. Sources of Frontier Growth. 9. 2.1 Growth Accounting. 9 .... Starting at around $3,000 in 1870, per capita GDP rose to more than ..... Table 3 contains the growth accounting decomposition for the United States since. 1948 ...


Agriculture and economic development in Europe since 1870

Danish agriculture made unique contributions to economic growth during 1870- 1914. ... Agriculture's contribution to economic growth in Denmark 1870-1939 ..... European countries. When calculated this way the Danish land/labour ratio in 1910 is placed at. 73 per cent of the British ratio. The main point made by these ...



Unifying the European Experience: An Economic History of Modern Europe, Cambridge: Cambridge. University ... globalization, which, as Chapter 1.4 showed, had been developing since the end of the. Napoleonic .... Europe or not, and England, France, and Germany fell, on average, from some 5% in 1870 to only 1% in.


Agriculture and economic development in Spain, 1870-1973

questioned the central role of agriculture in the modern economic growth of Western. European countries. .... mechanisation, which would become important in Europe only after 1870 and especially after World War I .... Denmark, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, shows that labour productivity in Spanish ...


Industrialization as an Historical Process

This essay offers an historical overview of European industrialization from the perspective of long-run economic growth. Its chronological ... The special place of Europe in the story of modern economic ... refuted. 7. Though by 1870 most West European countries were growing faster and starting to catch up to Britain, their ...


Trends in international trade

other features of the modern world economy, began largely with the industrial ... shaping global economic development since the early ..... After 1870, there was a massive outflow of European capital for overseas investments. By 1913, Britain, France and Germany had investments abroad totalling over. US$ 33 billion; after  ...


Energy: The Long View

a brief discussion of the rationale for the paper and of some of the methodological issues involved (section 2);. • a snapshot picture of the pre- modern energy economy, particularly in Europe, where the industrial revolution started (section 3);. • a discussion of global trends in energy since the industrial revolution (section. 4);.


Bibliography of Secondary Sources

Alderman, G., Modern British Jewry (Oxford, 1992). .... Bean, C. and Crafts, N., ' British economic growth since 1945: relative economic decline . ..... Welsh railways, 1870–1914', Journal of Transport History, 3rd series, 1 (1980), pp. 9–23 . Cain, P. J. and Hopkins, A. G., British Imperialism, vol. 1, Innovation and Expansion.