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STUDY GUIDE. ELECTRICAL SAFETY. HAZARDS AWARENESS. THIS GUIDE SHOULD BE USED BY INSTRUCTORS TO SUPPLEMENT THE NON- ..... EO 1.01 Explain how electrical current adversely affects the human body. Electrical Shock. Electric shock occurs when the body becomes part of an electrical circuit.


Course 715 Study Guide

Jul 26, 2017 ... This study guide is designed to be reviewed off‐line as a tool for preparation to successfully complete OSHAcademy Course 715. Read each module, answer the quiz questions, and submit the quiz questions online through the course webpage. You can print .... Module 2: The Dangers of Electrical Shock .


Chapter 21 Electric Current and Circuits

3. Electric circuits always have a source of energy, a a load (which uses energy) and a complete closed circuit. A battery or a generator is the energy source. You may speak of positive or negative charge flowing. In solids it is electrons which move.

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LIVE PERFORMANCE ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATE STUDY GUIDE. PAGE 7. OHMS LAW: E = IR (the voltage across a resistor is proportional to the current through the resistor). EXAMPLE 1. What voltage is applied to a 10.4 ohm resistor that is drawing 20 amps? (Answer: 208 Volts). EXAMPLE 2. What voltage is applied to ...


The Basics of Electricity and Vehicle Lighting

The Basics of. Electricity and. Vehicle Lighting. Series of Self-Study Guides from Grote Industries. $200.00 USD ... wrong answer to a question, be certain to turn ..... The solution was to convert the DC to another form of electricity that reverses flow rapidly at precise intervals and is referred to as Alternating Current. AC as it is.


Electrical Systems: Theory and Operation

Electrical Systems Exam Study Guide .... answers. The exam questions may be accompanied by descriptive scenarios, illustrations, charts, graphs and other visual elements. Once you begin the exam, you must complete the exam in a single session. ... As you read through them, take the opportunity to evaluate your current.


Electrical Safety. Safety and Health for Electrical Trades. Student

ling hazards. Important definitions and notes are shown in the mar- gins. Practices that will help keep you safe and free of injury are emphasized. To give you an idea of the hazards caused by electricity, case studies about real-life deaths will be described. How Is an Electrical Shock received? An electrical shock is received ...



Test #4 - Permissibility of Electrical Equipment. Answer Sheet. 102. Test #5 - Mine Law - 30 CFR, Part 75 (Underground). 104. Test #5 - Mine Law - 30 CFR, Part 75 .... EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE. Test #1 – DC Theory and Application Outline. A. Definitions. 1. Semiconductors. 2. Electric Current. 3. Direct Current. 4.

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Energy Industry Fundamentals Study Guide

The first part of this study guide uses concept maps to help you organize the content of the Energy. Industry Fundamentals Course. Concept mapping is based on the idea that learners do their best .... Answer Key for Module 1 Review Questions . .... of electric shock, fire, and falls. The second graphic covers the topic of PPE ...


Model Rocketry Study Guide

Current: The movement of electricity or rate of electrical flow; meas- ured in amperes. Delay Element: A slow-burning chemical loaded into a model rocket engine during manufacture to .... the multiple-choice column of answers or write in the proper answer. ... following Section II of the Model Rocketry Study Guide. Each.


Study Guide for Exam Questions

8 Study Guide for Exam Questions. Chapter 3. Section 3.1. T3B02. What term describes the number of times per second that an alternating current reverses direction? A. Pulse rate. B. Speed. C. Wavelength. D. Frequency. T5A01. Electrical current is measured in which of the following units? A. Volts. B. Watts. C . Ohms.

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Mechanic Study Guide: Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems. Automobile & Light Truck Repair. Listed below are a number of items and subjects which make up the mechanic certification test identified ... SAMPLE QUESTION: The maximum allowable voltage drop across the ground circuit of the starter system is: A. .2 volt. B. .7 volt. C. 1/2 volt. D. 1 volt. ANSWER: A.


EMF Electric and Magnetic Fields Associated with the Use of Electric

Jun 1, 2002 ... of electric power [power-frequency EMF, 50 or 60 hertz (Hz)] might adversely affect our health. Numerous research studies and scientific reviews have been conducted to address this question. Unfortunately, initial studies of the health effects of EMF did not provide straightforward answers. The study of the ...


Electrical License Examination Guide

Department of Labor and Industry License Examination Information Guide. Department of Labor and Industry. Electrical Licensing. License Examination Guide ..... In a series circuit, the voltage dropped across a 30 Ω resistor is 75 volts . What is the current of the circuit? If E = I x R, then I = E÷ R. I = 75 ÷ 30. Answer: I = 2.5 ...


Study Guide - Chapter 31

Study Guide for Chapter 31. Outline. 1. Faraday's Law of ... velocity are all perpendicular. Problems: Answers: 22. 21, 22, 23. m s. " Î. 3. Lenz's Law. A changing magnetic field induces current, but any current produces magnetic field: Changing. Induced Current ... Induced emf and Electric Fields. In reality, a moving magnetic ...


Chapter 9: Aircraft Electrical System

A taxi light has a resistance of 4.9 Ω and a total current of. 2.85 amps. Calculate the system voltage. E = I × R. E = 2.85 × 4.9Ω. E = 14 volts. Whenever troubleshooting aircraft electrical circuits, it is always valuable to consider Ohm's Law. A good understanding of the relationship between resistance and current flow can help ...



Illinois Licensure Testing System Study Guide–Science: Chemistry. 28. If an electric current is passed through molten sodium chloride using two electrodes, which substance will be produced at the cathode? A. sodium metal. B. sodium ions. C. chlorine molecules. D. chloride ions. 29. Use the information below to answer.


OSHA Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Use a “Status Check” survey to assess the facility's electrical safety program and where necessary develop .... Answer the following throughout the session --. 5. What action does your .... reflects the most current practices and technologies in the industry," said Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health Edwin G.



Welding. Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Study Guide, DV03PUB1. - 1 - ... Electric arc welding, in general, will use a consumable electrode to create the arc and then as melting occurs, the rod itself ... the work is squeezed between two copper electrodes which have an electric current flowing between them. In seam  ...


Study Guide

Study Guide. Computer Engineering Written PhD Qualifying Exam. Effective: Fall 2014. 1 Introduction. This document defines the subject matter and presents a study ... I. Introduction to Linear Circuit Analysis. 1. Electric Charge and Current. Ula10: 1-3. 2. Voltage and Power. Ula10: 1-4. 3. Circuit Elements. Ula10: 1-5. II.