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ICRC Protection policy

The ICRC's multidisciplinary operational response capacity, in which protection and ... national humanitarian law (IHL) make the institution unlike any other. Protection has always occupied a unique place within the ICRC. It is at the core of the or- .... fort, ” “ protection approach ” or “ protection action, ” are used as synonyms.


Humanitarian Protection

9. 5.1 Protection risk analysis as a framework for decision making on protection programming. 9. 5.2 Developing appropriate responses. 13. 5.2.1 Approaches. 13 ... as violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and to establish ..... Likewise, there are an increasing number of relevant regional normative.


Water, international peace, and security

Publication, Bonn, 2005, available at: http://www.ehs.unu.edu/file/get/4031 (last visited 7 September. 2010). 29 Jo Stigen and Ole Kristian Fauchald, ' Environmental security', in Cecilia M. Bailliet (ed.), Security: A. Multidisciplinary Normative Approach, International Humanitarian Law series, Martinus Nijhoff. Publishers, Vol.


Promoting compliance of private security and military companies

to violations of international humanitarian law and human rights, together with the incentives that these companies have to comply with those norms. Empirical evidence is also presented to expand on this theoretical framework. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the author draws on law, international relations theory , ...


introduction to symposium on critical perspectives on human shields

that combatants are using human shields as an instrument of protection, coercion , or deterrence have multiplied in the past ... Although international humanitarian law (IHL) does not explicitly distinguish among different kinds of human shields ... MULTIDISCIPLINARY NORMATIVE APPROACH 91 (Cecilia Bailliet ed., 2009).


Literature Review: Humanitarian Policy

With respect to disciplinary approaches, the policy literature tends to defy easy categorization; if anything, it is best characterized as .... situation for women in war and conflict, humanitarian space, international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles. ...... Security: A Multidisciplinary Normative Approach. Brill Academic.

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Security Council and climate change

Security: A Multidisciplinary Normative Approach. .... of international law, particularly the Law of the Sea, as regards the resolution of territo- ..... The link between climate change and human security, outlined above, also has repercussions for the protection of human rights. The direct and indirect effects of climate change can ...



CULTURE. Leanne McKay. PRACTICAL GUIDE. Exploring Effective Responses to Justice and Security Challenges. TOWARD A. RULE OF LAW. CULTURE. Leanne McKay .... Reflections on Moving beyond a Rule of Law Orthodoxy Approach ................51. International Rule .... Overview of International Humanitarian Law .


Protecting People Crossing Borders in the Context of Climate

Feb 8, 2012 ... 4.2.3 Migration Across Borders: The Limitations of Human Rights Law . .... 1) before identifying the normative gaps in the present international protection regime together with institutional and .... Displacement' in J. McAdam, Climate Change and Displacement, Multidisciplinary Perspectives, (Oxford/Portland.


Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Research - A

Dec 12, 2003 ... HumanitarianNet. Thematic Network on Humanitarian. Development Studies. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Research. / F. Ferrándiz ... On the Relationship between Human Rights Law Protection and Interna- .... pological approach to violence have been its holistic study of the human.


Normative, legal and policy challenges for the international drug

Jul 1, 2010 ... United Nations. Human rights. Drug policy. International law. Security. Development. a b s t r a c t. This commentary addresses some of the challenges posed by the broader normative, legal and policy framework of the United Nations for the international drug control system. The 'purposes and principles'.


Sexual Violence in Conflict: What Use is the Law?

Jan 23, 2015 ... This is a summary of an event held by the International Security Department and the International Law .... violence in conflict requires a holistic, multidisciplinary approach; the needs of victims are not always ... domestic level and incorporating ICL and IHL at the national level (the Normative Pillar); and.


Protection of Civilians

self-protection. Providing this multidisciplinary analysis are experts drawn from academia and practice, including ethicists, international lawyers, diplomats, UN officials, and ... Council, incorporating greater focus on international human rights law and the use of force. ... organizational approaches to the protection of civilians.


Legitimation of the Economic Community of West African States

human rights protection, sustenance of democracy, and the rule of law. The study discusses the elements of legitimacy across disciplines mainly, international law, international relations and political science. Legitimacy is eventually split along two divides, the normative and descriptive/sociological aspects. The study traces  ...


McAdam - Climate Change Displacement

May 10, 2011 ... International Law: Complementary Protection. Standards ...... Changes and Migration Flows: Normative Frameworks and Policy Responses' (PhD thesis, Institut d'Etudes. Politiques .... 22 UNHCR, 'Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Human Displacement: A UNHCR Perspective'. rev. edn,. 14. August.


IASC Policy on Protection in Humanitarian Action

A strategic, comprehensive and collective approach to protection in humanitarian response can enhance the overall ability of humanitarian actors to analyze, prioritize and respond effectively to violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law (hereinafter collectively referred to as “ violations”), ...


the Implementation of rules protecting the provision of health care in

domestic normative frameworks for the protection of the provision of health care was organized jointly by ... been at the heart of the development of international humanitarian law since the initial Geneva Convention was adopted .... and of training programmes for them, on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach including.


International Conference Customary International Humanitarian Law

International humanitarian law (IHL) and public international law in general have two main sources: treaty law and customary international law. Treaty law is well developed and covers many aspects of warfare affording protection to a range of persons during wartime and limiting permissible means and methods of warfare.


Remarks at Chatham House on Contemporary Armed Conflicts

remarks at Chatham House on Contemporary Armed Conflicts: Humanitarian. Action and the Laws of War. Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, 14 November 2017. As delivered. Thank you for having me – especially Lord Owen; Prince Hassan bin Talal; Baroness. D'Souza, and Lord ...


« Women, Peace and Security »

This commitment will be based on a partnership and multi-disciplinary approach using civil society expertise. Specific objectives: a. To include issues relating to respect for the rights of women and gender equality in existing peacekeeping7 and security training. In addition to existing training in international humanitarian law ...