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Nexus 2012

Dec 21, 2012 ... cosmic alignment, as the result of so far unseen changes in the Matrix of our solar system. ... atmospheres of the planets in our solar system, there is a drastic change and that there is evidence that ..... Anyway, it will soon become obvious that the climate is out of control, and more and more “surprises” will ...



(i.e. a scale of 1:12,756,000) and see how the Counter-Earth will look in a photograph in comparison to ...... This mighty blow struck precisely one of the “ acupuncture points” of the earth.27 The planet, as if in a cry of pain ..... of the large asteroid that led to the great Flood, radical changes in climate and the shape of the land.


Connecting global priorities: biodiversity and human health: a state

2.Global Health. 3.Public Health. 4.Socioeconomic Factors. 5.Communicable Disease Control. 6.Climate. Change. 7.Humans. I.World Health Organization. II. ..... Preface by the Chair of the Rockefeller-Lancet Commission on. Planetary Health. The last 50 years have seen unprecedented improvements in human health, ...


The Space Between Stories

ratcheting tension, the reality bubbles, fact divides, rising nationalism, cynicism and anger, unrelenting news, whiffs of violence, and, of course, the ... As climate change heats the planet and the ecological crisis degrades the biosphere, as government and corporate control and corruption increases, as the needle moves into ...


America Emerging

disaster and the social disaster of rising inequality, what better time and place ..... We are consuming 1.5 planets' worth of resources annu- ..... change. He gave each delegation half an hour to develop a proposal for addressing the pressing climate challenges in order to mitigate and perhaps halt the crisis by the year. 2100.

Scharmer FINAL mock-up.pdf


The final section of four articles all deal with Jewish perspectives on the con- ference theme. Paulette ...... climate change and food production (for example Davis 2009, DeWitt 2009). However, the discussion has ...... east of the Pyramid of the Sun and is particularly remarkable for the pres- ence of the mural of Tlalocan, ...


Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer Leading from the emerging future

Jan 18, 2011 ... creating results that nobody wants. What's being born is less clear but in no way less significant. It's something that we can feel in many places across Planet Earth. This future is not just about firefighting and tinkering with the surface of structural change. It's not just about replacing one mindset that no lon-.


The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Creator of El

to pyramids, mere clay pots compared to the Sphinx . . .” .... that allows us to understand koans and the beneficial change that occurs when we truly resolve a koan. ...... 'Eliminate the superfluous!' 'Concrete manifestation!' What do you think about that? The stars shine without worrying about the darkness of the planets.


Breakthrough Business Leaders, Market Revolutions

5.4 Access. 5.5 Finance. 5.6 Economics. 5.7 Culture. 6 Breakthrough Next Steps. Moving beyond incrementalism to system change. Acknowledgements. Notes and References. Contents. 2 .... that can exist within planetary boundaries. At. Tellus Mater, a family ...... and suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, use ...


Earth's Forbidden Secrets

warning of dire times to come, Global War, Massive Earth changes, Armageddon, the fulfillment of dark prophecies and ... an advanced civilization that existed on this planet in ancient times, the traces of which can be found every ...... It all started for me when I was a young child and I saw a picture of the Great Pyramid. I was.

Earths Forbidden Secrets Part One.pdf


and other greenhouse gasses linked to the recent warming of the planet. Those most ... It delivered them to the United Nations programme to help poor nations deal with climate change. A year later, the government is still negotiating with donors. „It is sad that, up until now .... Inflation has risen in most countries, everything is ...


Simulating health behavior

May 27, 2013 ... counter-intuitive. Just think of the unexpected turns our global economic system has taken. ▫ Trying to identify a single cause of a complex system problem is ...... As the earth warms and climate patterns change, as we deplete the ...... pills were filled with cornstarch, and the “acupuncture needles” were.


An Anthology

change, energy conservation and similar issues threatening the existence of life on planet earth, among students, teachers .... Rapid environmental changes typically cause mass extinctions. One estimate is ...... supported to cope with the rising threat of floods from glacial lake collapse and to respond to changing weather ...

Anthology_SEBS_Phase III.pdf


find my suspicions completely confirmed – I had found an ancient acupressure map indicating points in ...... pattern of Magnetic Resonance transduced by the Giza pyramid complex from the natural planetary field of ultra low ... The drastic climate change that occurred during the end of the Precessional Age of Leo was likely.


4 Future scenarios for New Zealand

Jan 20, 2003 ... awareness of human-influenced climate change and of need for ... other ways of thinking about sustainability and the capacity for change. In 2004, we wrote four scenarios about the possible future of New Zealand over the next 20 to 50 years as ..... resource control in the 2020s, with benefits held in the.


The great siege 941.506 Shear, Claudia Blown sideways through

Nov 22, 2002 ... Climate change in the Mediterranean. 363.73874091822 ...... Siege of Chester and the battle of Rowton Heath,. 1645 ...... 823.92[F]. Small rocks rising. 813.6[F]. Small satellites for astrophysical research. The. Copernican principle and homogeneity of the universe : refereed papers from the E1.6 and E1.5-.


Building Blocks for Ethical Market Economies in the 21st Century

Otto C. Scharmer, Seven Acupuncture Points for Shifting Capitalism to Create a Regenerative Ecosystem. Economy .... Changes in weather patterns not expected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (IPCC) until ... Estimate of quantitative evolution of control variables for seven planetary boundaries from.


ABACUS The abacus has taken several physical forms: a board

Still, in combi- nation with the parallel scheme of the two maleficent planets ...... " gate control" theory. This theory holds that stimulation of the large so-called A- delta fibers in the sensory nerves (as produced, presumably, by acupuncture needles) closes a hy- ...... perhaps in concert with climate change, beyond a threshold.


The Only Planet of Choice

Planet of Choice. Essential Briefings from Deep Space. PHYLLIS V. SCHLEMMER. Transceiver. Second Edition. Edited by MARY BENNETT. Foreword by Sir John ...... or their helper civilisations, that have a great desire to control Earth, to keep ...... changes are caused by environmental degradation, or whether part of it at.


proceedings of the twenty-eighth annual symposium on sea turtle

For the first time, we worked in many ways to reduce our footprint through the LIVBLUE ...... acupuncture points are suggested for drowned/comatose turtles; cardioactive points PC6 and PC9 and points used .... understanding population level responses to environmental change in these species with environmental sex.