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Putting Evidence Into Practice:

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Putting Evidence Into Practice (PEP®) resources provide easily accessible evidence-based resources on 20 cancer- related topics. Using a team-based approach, the ONS PEP .... priority symptom management project categorization. The high- est level of evidence, level I, includes ...


Putting Evidence Into Practice:

cology Nursing Society coordinated a team for the Putting Evidence Into Practice (PEP) project to develop (and update) a PEP resource summarizing ... is the most feared symptom of patients diagnosed with cancer (APS). Successful pain management can relieve pain and improve mobility, healing, and quality of life. Pain is ...


Symptom Management Pocket Guides: ORAL CARE

Jul 1, 2012 ... CCO's Symptom Management Pocket Guide: Oral Care. Page. Assessment … ... complications include the type of cancer, type of cancer treatments, cumulative doses of chemotherapy or radiation treatment ..... C. Putting Evidence into Practice: Evidence-based interventions for the management of oral ...


Putting Evidence Into Practice®:

practice through the ONS Putting Evidence into Prac- tice® (PEP) initiative. As a result, oncology nurses now have expanded resources that detail the best prac- tices based on current evidence to manage or control several common symptoms encountered by patients with cancer. Evidence typically is generated by research  ...



Oncology Nurse Navigation: Delivering Patient-Centered Care Across the Continuum. 6. Oncology Policies and Procedures (CD-ROM). 7. Putting Evidence Into Practice: A Pocket Guide to Cancer Symptom Management. 8. This Should Not Be Happening: Young Adults With Cancer. ““Being recognized as the number-one.

2014_Annual Report_FINAL.pdf

2017 ONCC Test Candidate Handbook

(2014). PEP Pocket. Guide-cancer symptom-management. Putting evidence into practice: Improving oncology patient outcomes. Pittsburgh, PA: Oncology Nursing . Society. Lester, J.L., & Schmitt, P. (Eds.). (2011). Cancer rehabilitation and survivorship: Transdisciplinary approaches to personalized care. Pittsburgh, PA:.


Implementation of evidence into practice for cancer-related fatigue

Oct 31, 2017 ... the PARIHS framework to guide the implementation process. Our goal was to explore an ... gradually applied the related evidence into the routine care of cancer patients' symptom. CRF EBN practice ... management, described the process of integrating the evidence into nursing practice, and eval- uated the ...


Cancer Nutrition Services: A Practical Guide for Cancer Programs

“Nutrition Symptom Management,” and webinars on “Oncology Nutrition: What's the ..... Association's Pocket Guide to Nutrition. Assessment. ... Putting Evidence into Practice: Improving Oncology Patient. Outcomes. Pittsburgh, PA: Oncology Nursing. Society, pages 25-36; 2009. 9 Levin R. The 7th vital sign: implementing.


Sleep Disturbances in Acutely Ill Patients with Cancer

Sleep, a vital component of human life, provides necessary restorative, protective , and energy-conserving functions. Sleep disturbances and fatigue are the most common symptoms in adults with cancer.1 New-onset sleep disturbance or deterioration of sleep quality and quantity is a pervasive and disabling problem linked ...


Lymphedema: A challenge for caregivers, a burden to patients

breast cancer patients.1 Patients with other cancers, such as ... nurses play a pivotal role in the recognition and management of lymphedema and in patient education. Clinical symptoms include patient reports of swelling, pain, heat, or numbness, .... Oncology Nursing Society Lymphedema Putting Evidence into Prac-.


Module Five - Cancer supportive care principles

Identify evidence based resources to make relevant referrals. Suggested citation: Cancer Australia. (2016) EdCaN module: Cancer supportive care principles, version 3. Retrieved ... Interventions may include self-management support, information, psychological support, symptom ...... Putting Evidence Into Practice ( PEP).

Entry to Specialty Module Five Supportive Care.pdf

Medical Rehab Provider Resources

Following are some resources that may be helpful to your organization in implementing or conforming to the CARF standards. Resources are organized by topic and may be relevant to multiple standards. CARF does not endorse or expect the use of any specific products, companies, or resources. Resources listed are not ...


Increasing Population-based Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings

Increasing Population-based Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings: An Action Guide to Facilitate Evidence-based Strategies. Page iii ... before it turns into cancer or detect early stage, treatable cancers.2 Every ... and state insurance exchanges to establish active outreach and screening management systems to promote ...


Highest Quality Care

the highest out-of-pocket costs for care, which impede patient access. ... for developing disease, care to manage a specific chronic .... Yet it still takes 15-20 years for research findings and new treatments to be fully incorporated into clinical practice.14. The structure of the health care system – how care is organized and paid.


Patientcentered, evidencebased, and costconscious cancer care

Institute of Medicine Report into Clinical Practice. Larissa Nekhlyudov ... Keywords: cancer, patient-centered care, communication, decision-making, quality of health care, evidence-based health care. Introduction. In 2013 ... Many patients also do not have access to palliative care to manage their symptoms and side effects ...


Quick Guide For Clinicians Based on TIP 45—Detoxification and

The Guide is divided into nine sections (see. Contents) to help readers quickly locate relevant material. For more information on the topics in this Quick Guide, readers are referred to TIP 45. NOTE: This Quick Guide cannot substitute for clini cal guidance in the management of detoxification. It is meant only as an abbreviated ...


Download all recommendations (pdf)

Feb 2, 2017 ... Performing stress cardiac imaging or advanced non-invasive imaging in patients without symptoms on a serial or scheduled pattern (e.g., every one to two years or at a heart procedure anniversary) rarely results in any meaningful change in patient management. This practice may, in fact, lead to ...


Reflexology – a scientific literary review compilation Audience

PMS: Premenstrual syndrome. PSQI: Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index. PTSD: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Accepted CAM definition: alternative medicine under the term complementary therapies and defined as therapeutic practices that are not currently considered a fundamental element of conventional medical practice.

AQTN Reflexology-full-Litterature-Review.pdf

Controlling Healthcare Costs While Promoting the Best Possible

designed to help guide public policymakers as they grapple with this Herculean task. ... cost-effectiveness evidence for competing clinical management strate- gies. ..... cancer. These health care improvements, and their associated indirect savings in reducing potential lost economic output, more than offset their direct costs.


Bladder and bowel problems

AgeUKIG15. Bladder and bowel problems. Common problems and how to manage them. Health & wellbeing ... This information guide has been prepared by Age UK and contains general advice only, it should not be relied on as a basis for ..... pick up signs of cancer before you experience any symptoms. Spotting cancer ...