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Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology

The discovery of the photoelectric effect by Heinrich Hertz in 1887 set the foundation for over 125 years of hot carrier science ... In metallic nanostructures, ... tion metals). For plasmon energies above the interband transition threshold, the dominant portion of the hot carriers will be hot holes formed at the upper edge of the ...

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Metal–Semiconductor Hybrid Nano-Heterostructures for

Despite the plethora of examples of different-shaped metal–semiconductor nanostructures that have been .... scientific community due to their unique properties primarily because these materials show size-dependent ..... due to plasmonic effects of metallic portion, but it is strongly dependent on the distance. Semiconductor ...


Plasmonic Induced Potential in Metal-Semiconductor Composits

potential profiles of the composite metal-semiconductor sample after excitation at plasmonic resonance ... impact of plasmonic generated thermal energy on the the electrostatic potential profile of its surrounding ..... Brongersma, M. L., Halas, N. J. & Nordlander, P. Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology. Nat.


Photonic switching devices based on semiconductor nanostructures

remained until the emergence of semiconductor QW technology in the 1980's and the discovery of optical bistability [43-45]. Significantly improved optical nonlinearity was demonstrated by utilizing the quantum confined Stark effect ( QCSE) in semiconductors [46], which resulted in a series of successful demonstrations.


Plasmonics in heavily-‐doped semiconductor nanocrystals

Heavily-‐doped semiconductor nanocrystals characterized by a tunable plasmonic band have ... experimental study of the ultrafast dynamical features exhibited by plasmonic nanostructures. So far, several noble metal structures have been investigated, .... [47-‐49] show the dependence on the phase of the kinetics in.


Photonic nanostructures for solar energy conversion

May 20, 2016 ... show great potential in manipulating light, based on photonic band structure concepts, in which near-bandgap resonant scattering and slow photon effects can enhance the interaction of light with a semiconductor. Plasmonic metal nanostructures with surface plasmon resonances can act as antennas to.


Recent progress in piezo-phototronics with extended materials

Apr 5, 2017 ... Semiconductor Science and Technology. TOPICAL ... 3 School of Material Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332- 0245, .... semiconductor–metal (M-S-M) structure with enhanced on/ off ratio and sensitivity as a photoswitch by utilizing this effect [33]. However, the most ...


Metal-insulator-semiconductor heterostructures for plasmonic hot

M. L. Brongersma, N. J. Halas, and P. Nordlander, “Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology,” Nat. Nanotechnol. 10(1), 25–34 (2015). 3. A. O. Govorov, H. Zhang, and Y. K. Gun'ko, “Theory of photoinjection of hot plasmonic carriers from metal nanostructures into semiconductors and surface molecules,” J . Phys.


Plasmon-Enhanced Surface Photovoltage of ZnO/Ag Nanogratings

Nov 16, 2015 ... very useful for studying the plasmonic effects in nanoscale metal/semiconductor hybrid structures. ZnO ... 4Program in Nano Science and Technology, Graduate School of Convergence. Science and ... Figure 2a–f show topography and work- function (WS) maps of the ZnO/Ag nanograting. All of the.


Plasmonic Effects in Metal-Semiconductor Nanostructures. By

Plasmonic Effects in Metal-Semiconductor Nano- structures. By Alexey A. Toropov and Tatiana V. Shubina. Oxford University Press, 2015. Pp. 384. Price GBP 75.00. ISBN 9780199699315. Michel Vergnat*. Université de Lorraine, Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Institut Jean Lamour UMR CNRS 7198, BP 70239, ...


Ultrafast Energy Transfer Between Molecular Assemblies and

tum particles optically coupled to nano-materials7 such as metal nanoparticles8 ( NP) and one- or two-dimensional periodic plasmonic arrays9. It has been shown, both theoretical- ly10 and experimentally11, that proper utilization of the optical properties of the metal nanostructures may lead to single atom/molecule optical ...


Surface plasmon assisted hot electron collection in wafer-scale

Aug 16, 2016 ... Abstract: Plasmon assisted photoelectric hot electron collection in a metal- semiconductor junction can allow for ... M. L. Brongersma, N. J. Halas, and P. Nordlander, “Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology,” Nat. ... nanostructures into semiconductors and surface molecules,” J. Phys. Chem.



Working with the semiconductors community. Just some of our eminent board members who work with us to ensure the quality of our publications: •Eddy Simeon. IMEC, Leuven, Belgium. Associate editor, Semiconductor Science and Technology™. •Luigi Colombo. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dallas, TX, USA. Editorial ...


Plasmonic effect on the photoluminescence of InAs quantum dot

Fryauf, David, "Plasmonic effect on the photoluminescence of InAs quantum dot nanostructures" (2011). Electrical ... semiconductor lattice material can form nanostructures such as quantum dots, which can be tuned to control ... EPS- 0701890, the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority, and the University of. Arkansas ...


Mediated Solar Energy Conversion via Photocatalysis in Noble

Apr 9, 2016 ... metal and semiconductor drives electrons and holes induced in or near this area to move in opposite directions. [ 7a ] Noble metals can harness light of long .... Schematic illustrations of a) SPPs and b) LSPRs. c) Plasmon resonances for various nanostructures. a,b) Reproduced with permission. [ 9a ].


Plasmon-induced hot-electron generation at nanoparticle/metal

tion of hot electrons in plasmonic nanostructures through electromagnetic decay of surface plasmons. Here ... of this effect is impractical for photovoltaic devices. .... Metal. Semiconductor e– e– e– e– e– h+ h+. Figure 1 | Surface-plasmon decay, hot-electron generation and injection. a, Localized surface plasmons can decay ...


Plasmonic hot carrier dynamics in solid-state and chemical systems

ite metal–semiconductor photocatalysts as well as all-in- one catalytic noble ... chanical [21, 50], as well as in small nanostructures due to carrier confinement, tunneling, and uncertainty principle effects. The quantum effects on carriers are adequately de- ...... Plasmon-induced hot carrier science and technology. Nat. Nano ...


Effect of anisotropic electron momentum distribution of surface

Mar 8, 2017 ... Y. K. Lee, C. H. Jung, J. Park, H. Seo, G. A. Somorjai, and J. Y. Park, “Surface plasmon-driven hot electron flow probed with metal-semiconductor nanodiodes,” Nano Lett. 11(10), 4251–4255 (2011). 26. C. Berglund and W. Spicer, “ Photoemission studies of copper and silver: experiment,” Phys. Rev. 136(4A) ...


Effect of the Surface-Plasmon-Exciton coupling and charge transfer

Effect of the Surface-Plasmon-Exciton coupling and charge transfer process on the photoluminescence of metal-semiconductor nanostructures. Jun Yin,a Chuang ... b Department of Physics/Pen-Tung Sah Institute of Micro-Nano Science and Technology, Xiamen University, Xiamen, 361005, China. Fax: 86- 592-2187196 ...


Self-assembled ErSb nanostructures of tunable shape and orientation

Department of Physics and the Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology, University of. California, Santa Barbara ... The plasmonic properties of the semimetal/semiconductor composites are characterized and ... The effect of the size, shape and orientation of the nanostructures is characterized by polarization- sensitive ...