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Handbook of Hydraulic Resistance.

This handbook contains data on the friction coefficients of straight pipes and channels and the coefficients of fluid resistance of fittings. throttles, obstructions, elements of hydraulic or gas-air lines, and several devices used in industrial systems for gas purification, heat exct ange, and ventilation. The handbook is divided into ...


Pipe Friction Loss Table

90. Table 3 - Friction Losses Through Pipe Fittings in Terms of Equivalent Lengths of Standard Pipe. Size of Pipe. (Small Dia.) Standard. Elbow. Medium. Radius. Elbow. Long Radius. Elbow. 45° Elbow. Tee. Return. Bend. Gate Valve. Open. Globe Valve. Open. Angle Valve. Open. Length of Straight Pipe Giving Equivalent ...


friction loss-fitting

The friction loss for fittings depends on a K factor which can be found in many sources such as the Cameron Hydraulic data book or the Hydraulic Institute Engineering data book, the charts which I reproduce here in Figures 1 and 2. The fittings friction ∆HFF can be calculated based on the following formula where K is a.

friction loss-fitting.pdf

Positive Displacement Pumps - Engineering Manual

Pipe friction tables have been established by the Hydraulic Institute and many other sources which can be used to compute the friction loss in a system for given flow rates, viscosities and pipe sizes. Tables of equivalent lengths for fittings and valves are also available. See page 131 in this manual. Dilatent and Thixotropic  ...

MM 604_Eng_Manual_02-2015.pdf

MDOT Stormwater Drainage Manual - APPENDIX 10-B

Hydraulic Institute (see Figure 10-B-1, Recommended Pump Pit Dimensions, and .... 10-B-9. MDOT Drainage Manual. Stage-Storage Tabulation. 48-Inch Pipe at 0.40 percent, 21-foot Diameter Wet Well. Elevation, (feet). Pipe, (cf). Wet Well, (cf) . Total, (cf) .... loss due to friction in water passing through the pump valves, fittings.


Chapter 7 Farm Distribution Systems

distribution of the water supply and for efficient use on the farm. Knowing how much water is applied is essential for proper irrigation water management. Flow ..... 0.25. 0.24 Pipe Friction Manual. Return screwed. 0.80 0.70. Hydraulic Institute . Tees: Flanged line flow. 0.16 0.14. 0.13. 0.12. 0.11. 0.10. 0.09 Same as above.


Excel TM in Centrifugal Pump Selection

[17]. R. Kern, “How to design piping and pump suction conditions”, Chemical Engineering, April 28, 1975. [18]. Flow of Fluids through Valves, Fittings and Pipes, Crane Co., Technical papers. [19]. Engineering Handbook, Hydraulic Institute, 1975,. [20]. Pipe Friction Manual, Hydraulic Institute, 1975,. [21]. E. W. McAllister, (ed.) ...


Indian Standard

Pipe Friction Manual 1954 Hydraulic Institute, New York. 0.6 This standard is one of a series of Indian Standards covering fluid flow in closed conduits. Other standards in the series are: IS: 2951 (Part II )-1965 Recommendation for estimation of flow of liquids in closed conduits, Part II Head loss in valves and fittings.



From Engineering Data Handbook, Hydraulic institute, 1979. Alternative formulations express fitting losses in terms of equivalent lengths of straight pipe ( Tables 4 and 5, Figure 4). Calculating Pressure Losses. The most common engineering design flow loss calculation selects a pipe size for the desired total flow rate and ...


HEC-22, 3rd edition Urban Drainage Design Manual

Aug 22, 2013 ... FHWA-NHI-10-009. September 2009. (Revised August 2013). Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 22, Third Edition. URBAN DRAINAGE. DESIGN MANUAL ... National Highway Institute. 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E. ... inlet design, median and roadside ditch flow, structure design, and storm drain piping.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions Model CV 3171

Do not operate below minimum rated flow, or with suction/discharge ... This manual provides instructions for the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of the ..... PIPING. General. Guidelines for piping are given in the “Hydraulic. Institute Standards” available from: Hydraulic. Institute, 9 Sylvan Way, Parsippany , NJ, 07054-.


Application and Reference Data

BOWL TOTAL HEAD = PUMP TOTAL HEAD + COLUMN FRICTION LOSS + DISCHARGE ELBOW LOSS. BOWL EFFICIENCY (OR ... determined from the information published in the Fairbanks Morse Hydraulic Handbook or in the Hydraulic Institute. Engineering Data ... (400 Ft, 0.280" wall) . Length of suction pipe, if any.



Stop logs. Trash racks. Discharge pipes. Housing. Field Tests of Drainage Pumping Plants. Procedure for field tests. Surveys and gages. Total head on pump. Discharge ... axial flow pumps. Note: Figures 7-2, 7-3, 7-8, 7-9, 7-10, 7-11, 7-14, 7-15 and 7-16 reprinted from HYDRAULIC INSTITUTE STANDARDS, 12th Edition.


engineering design manual for submersible lift stations

Piping head losses shall be calculated in accordance with the Hydraulic Institute. Standards in connection with head losses through lift station piping and valves. Appendix D includes a sample system curve calculation. 2. The Hazen-Williams “ C” factors used in calculation of friction head losses should be based on the pipe  ...


Pump Station Design Guidelines – Second Edition

will become more apparent when developing a system curve is discussed later in this manual. FRICTION LOSSES. The second part of losses in the pumping system ... C = Hazen Williams friction coefficient. R = hydraulic radius (feet). S = headloss (feet/foot). HAZEN WILLIAM DESIGN COEFFICIENTS (C). PIPE MATERIAL.


Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual

(Reference Hydraulic Institute for NPSH and pipe friction values needed to evaluate suction piping). Properly designed and installed suction piping is a necessity for trouble-free pump operation. Suction piping should be flushed. BEFORE connection to the pump. 1. Use of elbows close to the pump suction flange should.


Theoretical study of nasal deposition

Hydraulic Institute. 1961. Pipe Friction Manual. Hydraulic Institute, N.Y.. Jones, J. G., S. W. Clarke and D. R. Oliver. 1969. "Two-phase Gas-Liquid Flow in Airways." Br. J. Anasthesia, 41,192--193. Landahl, H. D. 1950. "On the Removal of Air-borne Droplets by the Human Respiratory Tract: II. The Nasal Passages." Bull. Math.


API RP 14E.pdf

(2) Pipe Friction Manual. Fire Pumps and Water,Tanks. Manual Fire Control Equipment. i. Hydraulics Institute. aprocattng Pumps. 1.5 Governmental Rules and Regulations. Regu- latory agencies have established certain rules and regulations which may influence the nature and man- ner in which platform piping is installed ...

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Chapter 6 - Design of PE Piping Systems

Section 2 deals with the hydraulic design of PE piping. It covers flow considerations for both pressure and non-pressure pipe. Section 3 focuses on burial design and flexible pipeline design ... used in previous editions of the PPI Handbook and in older standards. FT = Service Temperature Design Factor (See Appendix to ...


A Computer Simulation of Stirling Cycle Machines

Experimental p8 diagrams of a Stirling cycle cooling machine (After Walker Wa62 .1). The ideal Stirling cycle '. The pseudo—Stirling cyéle. The ported regenerative cnnstant vslume cycie. Contra} vulume V . Fanning friction factsr diagram (After Pipe. Friction Manual, 3rd Editinn, Hydraulic. Institute, 1961) v. (x) , my;. 92. 95.