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Type 316N. 6% molybdenum alloy. Type 321. Nitronic 50. Nitronic 60. Table 1 GRADE 8 FASTENER MATERIALS. Source: Stainless Steel Industry Data ...... Adding a lubricant can affect the torque-tension relation- ships, as shown in Figure 4. A lubricated fastener requires less torque to achieve the same degree of tension ...


review of the wear and galling characteristics of stainless steels

mated evaluations–despite their relatively high hardness. Table VII shows Type S17400 in both the solution annealed and precipitation hardened condition. ...... B96. Nitronic® 50*(1). 120 827. 60. 414. 50. B98. Nitronic® 60*(1). 103 710. 60. 414. 64. B95. Carpenter Stainless. 18-18 Plus® (2). 120 827. 69. 476. 65. B95.


Insert Systems

Hi-Torque Inserts: • Similar to Screw-Lock except higher prevailing torque com- pensates for reduced friction in highly lubricated applications. • Ideal for higher ... conductivity. Nitronic 60™ screws or plating. Tensile: 200,000 – 250,000 PSI. Temperature range: up to 800ºF. Material Spec: AS7245. Hardness: RHc 43-50.

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Austenitic stainless steels are widely used for corrosion resistant bolting. One of the major problems in use is that disassembly is difficult because nuts and bolts seize. This phenomenon is known as galling and it is most prevalent with intermittently operated, slowly sliding surfaces. It is caused by cold welding of the high ...

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Recoil Catalog

Optimum results can be achieved with Recoil taps and gauges to suit hand- tapping through to volume production requirements. Using the “Go - NoGo” ..... Dry film Lubricant. Silver. Cadmium. Nitronic 60 (T). 425°C (800°F). 315°C (600°F ). Anti-galling. Dry film lubricant. Phosphor Bronze 300°C (572°F). 235°C (455°F).


SJT, SJ, SJP Sales Presentation

Nitronic 50 (or EN equiv.) 12% Chrome. 12% Chrome. Shafts ... Bearing bushings lubricated by the pumped liquid as standard. Oil or clean water ... defined in the documentation. ▫ The pump shaft is tailor-made to the service needs and sized individually for each installation; sized for max. torque. SJT Large Vertical Pump ...


K-LOK Figure 360/362 and 370/372

NITRONIC 50®. ASTM A276-XM19. K-Monel® 500. QQ-N-286 UNS N005500 Class A age-hardened. Inconel® 718. 2. Body. Carbon steel. ASTM A216-WCB. Stainless steel. ASTM A351-CF8M ..... PTFE AND RTFE BI-DIRECTIONAL SEATING AND UN-SEATING TORQUE VALUES. Valve size. (NPS). Shaft mounting.


Jenkins® Butterfly Valves

All torque values shown on chart are for non-lubricating media (like water) & on- off service. ... For lubricating services use 85% of the published data. For sizing of ..... 50 PSI. Undercut. Diff. Press. 75 PSI. Series 200. Butterfly Valves. Valve Seating Torques (In-Lbs). Technical Data: 36 through 48 Inches. 8 10 7 9 3 7 6 5 2 1.


V - VLC - Long shaft vertical sump pump - VS4 - API pump

Designed to accept all types of hydraulics : semi-open, open or torque flow impeller ... grease lubricated roller bearing (


Galling of Stainless Steel Fasteners

INTRODUCTION. Stainless steel is a popular fastener material due to its inherent resistance to corrosion and generally higher tensile strength than commercial low carbon steel. However, during installation users may encounter galling resulting in excessive wear, or in the worst case, seizing of the mating components ...


mechanical overhaul procedures for hydroelectric units

tightening the shaft coupling, bolts but on large units there may be a number of other applications. Large pneumatic ..... a bronze, a stainless steel or Nitronic 60 stainless steel weld overlay would be recommended. ..... lubricant specified on the torque table is used, in most cases, a torque wrench is adequate for tightening ...



NON-LUBRICATED PLUG VALVES. FluoroSeal®, Non-Lubricated, Sleeved Plug Valves incorporate state-of-the- art PTFE fluorocarbon seat design. With little required maintenance and trouble-free operation, a high integrity bubble-tight seal is provided both in- line and to atmosphere. The engineered design features  ...


Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

and Maintenance Manual. 16. Nameplate on the bearing frame. Figure 6: Nameplate on the bearing frame. Table 1: Explanation of the nameplate on the bearing frame. Nameplate field. Explanation. BRG. O. B.. Outboard bearing designation. BRG. I. B.. Inboard bearing designation. S/N. Serial number of the pump. LUBE.



Medium- and high-pressure fittings, valves, and components are designed to meet requirements of demanding .... torque. Back ferrule. Dynamic wedge allows remakeable pull-ups by torque. Front and back ferrules. Arbor. Male nut. Preassembled cartridge. Female body ... ➀ Molybdenum disulfide-based lubricant.


3600 IOM

Lubricate the bearings with pure or purge-oil mist (optional) . ...... e) Replace the three thrust bearing end cover screws and torque to the values shown in ..... 250° F (121°C). 6x8-11. 6x8-11D. 220°F (104°C). 50. Model 3600, API 610 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th Editions (ISO 13709) Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual ...


Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

Table of Contents. Model 3410 Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual. 2. Lubricate the bearings with grease . ..... Bolt Torque Values - 3410 IOM . ...... 50 . Make the final alignment of the pump and driver. WARNING: • Failure to disconnect and lock out driver power may result in serious physical injury or death.



ASTM SPEC. TYPE. TEMP. VELAN CODE. °F (°C). A 352 LCC. LCC. -50°F (-46° C). 31. A 351 CF3M. 316L. -425°F (-254°C). 14. A 351 CF8C. 347. -425°F (-254° C). 31. MATERIAL .... Stem: To reduce galling, stems are made from advanced Nitronic 50. (grade XM-19 A479) ... Lubrication: Molykote 33 or Plex 2. ○ Packing : ...


Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

Requesting other information. Special versions can be supplied with supplementary instruction leaflets. See the sales contract for any modifications or special version characteristics. For instructions, situations, or events that are not considered in this manual or in the sales documents, please contact the nearest ITT ...



250. X. -18. 180. 0. 350. TRIM CHART. MATERIAL. CLASS. MINIMUM MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS. BODY, BONNET, END AND OUTLET. CONNECTIONS. PRESSURE-CONTROLLING ... The valve should be fully opened or fully closed during lubrication of the body or seats. ..... Torque the service flange hex nuts with a ...


Nordstrom Steel Plug Valves

Cover Valves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59. Nordstrom Valves . . . . . . . . . . . 59. Table of Contents. Nordstrom Valves Steel Lubricated Plug Valves FCD NVENBR1004-02 ...... 50. 65. 12. 23. 29. All valve sizes use Sealant Stick B. Lengths of Figure 1925 valves, sizes 2 and larger, are interchangeable with ASME Class 150 Steel Gate  ...

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