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Sample Math Questions: Multiple-Choice – Official SAT Study Guide

exponents. You must be able to relate fractional exponents to radicals as well as demonstrate an understanding of negative exponents. Explanation: Choice B is correct. There are multiple ways to approach this problem, but all require an understanding of the properties of exponents. You may rewrite the equation as 1 _. √.


Zero and Negative Exponents 9.4

Zero and Negative Exponents. 375. Simplify the expression. 36. 103 ⋅106. 37. 102 ⋅10. 38. 108. —. 104. 39. MULTIPLE CHOICE Which data display best shows the variability of a data set? ○A bar graph. ○B circle graph. ○C scatter plot. ○D box-and-whisker plot. Simplify. Write the expression using only positive  ...


Exponents and Multiplying Monomials 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE

Exponents and Multiplying Monomials 1. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Multiply. 1) (-4y)(-9y9). 1). A) -13y9. B) 36y10. C) 4y - 9y9. D) -36y10. 2) (-5p2r)(5p2qr5)(- 3q5r2). 2). A) - 75p3q7r8. B) 75p4q6r8. C) - 75p4q6r8. D) 75p3q7r8. Solve the ...


Hence ( ) ( ) ) ( 2 ( ) ( ) )

Multiple Choice Test. Chapter 01.05 Floating Point Representation. COMPLETE SOLUTION SET. 1. A hypothetical computer stores real numbers in floating point ... The number is 10100111. Sign number bit 1. = Sign of number is negative. Sign exponent bit 0. = Sign of exponent is positive. Bits in exponent 10. = ( ). 0. 1. 2.


ROUND 7 TOSS-UP 1) BIOLOGY Multiple Choice In Barbara

ANSWER: Z) COEFFICIENTS OF THERMAL EXPANSION. TOSS-UP. 18) MATH Short Answer Remove all negative exponents and simplify the following expression for all non-zero values of x: 5. 2. 5 ). 32(. −. − x. ANSWER: 2. 4. 1 x. BONUS. 18) MATH Multiple Choice Which of the following is a prime polynomial over the ...


Grade 8 Mathematics Annotated 2013 State Test Questions

assessments. The annotated questions will include both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. With each multiple-choice question released, a rationale will be available to demonstrate why the question measures ..... This item assesses division including positive and negative exponents. Compare with the ...



1) CHEMISTRY Multiple Choice The conversion of solid CaSO4 into solid CaO and SO2 gas is an example of ... 2) BIOLOGY Multiple Choice Which of the following BEST describes how Pasteur attenuated the rabies virus to ... 4) MATH Short Answer Simplify the following without the use of negative exponents: 26. 5. 3. 10.


Calculus Placement Exam Brandeis University Instructions. This is a

If you didn't study calculus in high school, take Part A of the exam only. If you have studied calculus, take Part A and then do as much of Parts B and C as you can. PART A. 1. Simplify (−2x3)4. (a) −8x12. (b) −16x7. (c) −16x12. (d) 16x7. (e) 16x12. 2. Simplify x−5y2z x−3yz . Note: It's OK to have a negative exponent in your ...


Standard and Performance Indicator Map with Answer Key

6.N14 Locate rational numbers on a number line. (including positive and negative). 4. Multiple Choice. 1. Number Sense and Operations. 6.N23 Represent repeated multiplication in exponential form. 5. Multiple Choice. 1. Algebra. 6.A06 Evaluate formulas for given input values. (circumference, area, volume, distance,.


Integrated Algebra Multiple Choice Regents Exam Questions

Integrated Algebra Multiple Choice Regents Exam Questions www.jmap. .... Which fractional part of the rock will remain at noon on day 7 .... Integrated Algebra Multiple Choice Regents Exam Questions www.jmap.org. 10. 48 Which type of function is represented by the graph shown below? 1) absolute value. 2) exponential.


Version 2 BOOKLET 2 Mathematics Subtest

MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTION. ANALYSES. 1. A researcher estimated that ... Recall that negative exponents represent fractions/decimals. Eight billion is an 8 followed by nine zeros, ... Correct Response A: Irrational numbers are numbers that cannot be written in fraction form, where both numerator and denominator are ...


Math 055 Practice Test A

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Evaluate. 1) X+y,forx=13 andy:83. 12. A) 6 B) 7 C) 9 D) 8. Objective: {1.1) Evaluate Algebraic Expression in Two Variables. Translate to an algebraic expression. 2) 3 less than 5 times a number. A)5x~3 B) 3x-5 C)2x.


Lesson 21: Exponents and Scientific Notation D. Legault, Minnesota

In Activity 2, they will multiply and divide exponents. In Activity 3, they will practice ... This computer-based test includes questions that may be multiple-choice, fill-in -the-blank, choose from a drop-down menu, or ... 4) Example of Negative Exponent: When the exponent is negative, it means it is the denominator in a fraction.


Multiple Choice

Free Response. Problem. Possible Points Points Earned. 1. 8. 5. 9. 2. 7. 6. 9. 3. a. 6. 7. (Scantron). 1. 3. b. 6. Free Response. 67. 3. c. 6. Multiple Choice. 33. 4. a. ..... Version A – Page 11 of 14. 4. (15 pts.) Find the indicated derivatives. Express final answers in simplified form without negative exponents. a. (5 pts.) Find ( ). h x .


ExamView Test Generator User Guide

16. THE TEST BUILDER. 17. Question Types. 17. True/False. 17. Modified True/ False. 17. Multiple Choice. 18. Multiple Response. 19. Bimodal. 20. Yes/No. 22. Numeric .... Fraction Functions. 122. Special Functions. 123. KEYWORDS. 129. THE GRAPH TOOL. 145. Cartesian Graphs. 145. Inserting a Cartesian Graph. 146.


Student Quick Start Guide

The remote supports multiple choice as well as numeric and alphanumeric answers. i>clicker2 is simple to use, ... to 15 characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, negative/minus sign, positive/plus sign, blank space, scientific ... to eight figures ( numbers 0-9, negative/minus sign, scientific/exponent notation) and a decimal point.


MATH119: College Algebra- Exam 1

Sep 15, 2016 ... No scrap paper allowed. If more room is needed to show work for a problem, use the back of the page. • Simplify all answers. Fractional answers should be reduced but not written as mixed numbers. Answers may be left with negative exponents. • Always use correct notation! Test Environment Conditions:.



The Elementary Algebra section of ACCUPLACER contains 12 multiple choice Algebra ... negative rationals, absolute values, and ordering. ... please utilize the resources listed at the end of this guide. Understanding a number line. Adding and subtracting negative numbers. Using exponents. Finding a square root.


The Math Section on the New SAT

The new SAT will include expanded math topics, such as exponential growth, absolute value, ... multiple-choice questions. 2. Student-produced responses. 200–800. Starting on page 3, you will find a five-page Math Review written specifically to help you prepare .... Properties of exponents (including fractional and.


Exam Name___________________________________

2) Given a nonzero fraction, how do you write its reciprocal? 2). MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 3) In a fraction, the number that is written below the fraction bar is called the ? ... Find the value of the exponential expression. 19)2. 7. 2. A)49 . 4. B)4. 49.