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Jul 8, 2010 ... perspective (London: Frank Cass, 2003); Leonard F. Guttridge, Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection (Annapolis,. Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1992); Lawrence James, Mutiny in the British and Commonwealth Forces, 1797-1956. (London: Buchan & Enright, 1987); Richard Woodman, A Brief History of ...


Rough Waters: Life at Sea in the 19th Century

Oct 1, 1995 ... have a specialty or two. Maritime historians almost always have to have another specialty that “intersects” with seafaring life. Traditionally, maritime historians have been economic historians, or specialist on marine technology or warfare. With the rise of social history, the doors have been flung wide open.


The Mutiny on the Russian Battleship Potemkin in the British Press

revolutionary movement in Russia: Richard Hough, The Potemkin Mutiny ; John Bushnell, Mutiny amid Repression ; Abraham Ascher, The Revolution of 1905; Leonard F. Guttridge, Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection; Gerald D Surh, 1905 in St. Petersburg: Labor, Society, and Revolution;. Christopher M. Bell & Bruce A.


History 4805E: Warfare THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. NAVY

Prepared by the Dept. of the Navy, Bureau of Naval Personnel (1959). ◊ Peter Fretwell and Taylor Baldwin Killand, “Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi. Hilton” (2009). ◊ Leonard F. Guttridge, excerpt from Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection (1992). ◊ LCDR Benjamin Armstrong, USN, “Leadership and Command” (2012).


ProQuest Dissertations

Captain Payne, who commanded the Le Impetueux during the Spithead Mutiny wrote to. Spencer, the First Sea Lord of the Admiralty, that 'The character of the present mutiny is. 64, Leonard F. Guttridge, Mutiiy: A History of Naval Insurrection (Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, 1992), 7-8, and Lavery, Nelson's Navy.


Grievances and the Genesis of Rebellion

tions, a history of prior activism, and low opportunity costs .... atic quantitative data as well as rich historical evidence .... tHe RoyAl NAvy. Mutiny is an insurrection against the consti- tuted order of a ship. The RN defined mutiny as any form of individual or collective defi- ance of command or any communication or planning to ...


A history of the Irish rebellion of 1916

A HISTORY. OF THE. IRISH REBELLION. OF 1 9 1. BY. WARRE B. WELLS. AND. N. MARLOWE. «.T?fTrr kll. NEW YORK. FREDERICK A. STOKES COMPANY. PUBLISHERS. 1917 .... from earlier insurrections in the modern history of Ireland. The first ..... when the French navy nearly equalled the com- bined British and ...


Army Lawyer_Feb.indd

Jun 2, 2011 ... “The Largest Murder Trial in the History of the United States”: The Houston Riots Courts-Martial of 1917. Fred L. Borch III . .... Soldiers who had participated in the mutiny and riot.7. In the days that followed the ... During the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection, Hull served as a Judge ...


the British Government and Slave Shipboard Insurrections

History. Summer 2009. “A Master's Care and Dilligence Should Never be. Over”: the British Government and Slave. Shipboard Insurrections. James Buckwalter. Follow this and .... mutinies in the eighteenth-century, defines mutiny as any “ collective effort, planned or spontaneous, to curtail the captain's power and, in.


The Army in the Pacific: A Century of Engagement

Army Soldiers sailed to the Philippines on Navy ships, through joint amphibious operations in the central Pacific, ..... In 1913, veterans of the War with Spain and the Philippine Insurrection formed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. .... American counterparts received, which led to a brief mutiny in. 1924 at Fort William McKinley.


Salvage Stories, Preserving Narratives, and Museum Ships

Jan 20, 2014 ... Gunn, S. (2006) History and Cultural Theory, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Guttridge, L.F. (1992) Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection, Annapolis, MD: Naval. Institute Press. Hadley, M.L. (1995) Count Not the Dead: The Popular Image of the German Submarine,. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University ...


The Posse Comitatus Act and Related Matters: The Use of the

Aug 16, 2012 ... Navy and Marines by virtue of administrative action and commands of other laws. ... This report provides an historical analysis of the use of the Armed Forces to execute domestic law ..... SECURITY L. & POL'Y 39 (2009)(both articles recounting history behind the short-lived amendment to the Insurrection.


Mutiny and Piracy in Northern Europe Merchant Shipping Jann M. Witt

Forms of insurrection on board British and German merchant ships in the late 17th and 18th ... of captains and officers on board naval and merchant ships in the early modern period was not an exceptional event. ... Against the background of the common stereotypical interpretations of mutiny, the attempt is made in this  ...


Mutiny and Maritime Radicalism in the Age of Revolution: An

21-22 May 2012 at the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands in The Hague. The first conference was ... half of the seventeenth century they imposed naval articles of war to create the same strictly. Winterfonds. ... 1970); David Cortright, Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance During the Vietnam War (Chicago,. 1975).

Introduction, revised version (June 10)-1.pdf


V. Forecastle and Quarterdeck: Protest, Discipline and Mutiny in the Royal Navy, 1793-1814. Jonathan Neale. A Thesis Submitted for the. Ph.D. Degree of the. University of Warwick. Centre for Social History. January 1990 ...


The Role of Ferazees and Wahabi in the Revolt of 1857 in Bengal

The revolt of 1857 is a complex phenomenon in the history of resistance against the colonial government. ... who wrote an account of mutiny in course of his journey from Gangetic plain to upper. India. V.D. Savarkar was the ... revolt of 1857, though the possible role of Wahabis in espousing the concept of independence has ...



Horseback: The Role of the Military in Politics)》。洪松輝,莫大華譯,洪陸訓教譯. 台北:政戰學校軍事社會科學研究中心。 Guttridge, Leonard F. (1992) Mutiny: A History of Naval Insurrection. Annapolis,. Md: U.S. Naval Institute. Janowitz, Morris (1998) 《專業軍人(Professional Soldier)》。洪陸訓、洪松輝、莫大. 華譯。台北 :黎明文化 ...



Aug 8, 2013 ... The Coromantee Wars: An Archipelago of Insurrection (under contract to Harvard University Press). ... “Eating the Dead: Consumption and Regeneration in the History of Sugar,” Food and Foodways: History ..... “Mutiny Upon the Land: The African Diaspora, the Royal Navy, and the Jamaican Insurrection.



Experts were provided with a background paper7 prepared by the ICRC presenting the issue at stake ..... riot or insurrection.” Although the other human rights instruments do not set out what is considered to be the legitimate purpose of the use of force, their practice comply with the legitimate aims explicitly provided by the ...


V.D. Savarkar and the Indian War of Independence: Contrasting

May 3, 2010 ... military insurrection. Relying on “mutiny” interpretations of Charles Ball, John Kaye,. George Bruce Malleson and George Otto Trevelyan, among others, Savarkar alluded to the difficulties ... 17 Savarkar relied on the following mutiny historical accounts: Charles Ball, The History of the Indian. Mutiny, 2 vols.