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Deepwater mass-transport deposits

The internal architecture and stratigraphic relationships of deepwater mass transport deposits {MTDs} are ... settings: I} the Permian Cutoff Formation and overlying Brushy Canyon Formation in the. Delaware Basin of west Texas, .... CHAPTER 2 SUBMARINE MASS-TRANSPORT DEPOSITS OF THE PERMIAN. CUTOFF ...


Classifying and Characterizing Sand-Prone Submarine Mass

Jul 16, 2010 ... The depositional setting and sandy nature of most sand-prone mass-transport deposits have been recognized only after ... How are sand-prone mass-transport deposits different from other, more 'typical' deepwater sands (e.g., turbidites)? ... Deepwater Facies: Houston Geological Society Bulletin, v. 52/5, p.


Modeling and interpreting the seismic-reflection expression of

Sep 6, 2009 ... a b s t r a c t. Subsurface mass-transport deposits (MTDs) commonly have a chaotic seismic-reflection response. ... created from an outcrop of deep-water lithofacies where sandstone deposition was influenced by mass- transport deposit .... Stratigraphic setting and outcrop geology. The Cretaceous ...

Armitage and Stright (2009) - Seismic modelling of MTDs and turbidites.pdf

interplay of mass-transport and turbidite-system deposits in different

Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings. SEPM Special ... depending on local and external controls such as active-margin or passive-margin tectonic setting and climatic and/or sea-level change. Erosion and breaching of local ... tectonically active or passive-margin settings and climate and/or sea-level changes.


Mass transport deposits and processes in the north slope of the

Combined with the regional geological setting and previous studies, we discussed the trigger mechanisms of the triple MTDs. Key words: South China Sea, mass transport deposits, submarine slides, gravity flow, deepwater channel system. Citation: Qin Zhiliang, Wu Shiguo, Wang Dawei, Li Wei, Gong Shaojun, Mi Lijun, ...

Mass transport deposits and processes in the north slope of the Xisha Trough%2C northern South China Sea .pdf

D B a U M L P p D B a U F M a L M T P p H F M

ABSTRACT: Extensive deep-water mass-transport deposits are observed in both slope and basin-floor settings. A detailed understanding of mass-transport deposits, in terms of emplacement processes, depositional products, and their stratigraphic and geographic distribution, is vital because they can constitute a significant ...

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mass transport processes and deposits, and their role in continental

Mass-transport complexes (MTC's) form a large stratigraphic component of many ancient and modern deep-water margins around the world. In some settings, up to 70% of the entire slope and deep-water stratigraphic column is composed of MTC's and associated deposits (Maslin et al., 2004). The prevalence of these mass ...


Attribute Expression of Mass Transport Deposits in an Intraslope Basin

Attribute Expression of Mass Transport Deposits in an Intraslope Basin- A Case Study. Supratik ... Mass transport deposits (MTDs) are common features that help us reconstruct the depositional environment in deepwater basins. Unlike turbidite sands that form in ... in setting up the sequence stratigraphic framework in a.


algerian margin sedimentation patterns (algiers area, southwestern

Mass- transport deposits (MTDs) sampled by coring consist of a variety of soft and hard mud-clast conglomerate and turbidite deposits. ... KEY WORDS: Algerian margin, backscatter, Boumerdès earthquake, diapirs, echo facies, mass- transport deposits, submarine canyons, ... Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings.


3D Seismic Interpretation of Mass Transport Deposits: Implications

Abstract Mass-transport deposits (MTDs) are widely recognized from many ... Keywords Mass Transport Deposit • 3D seismic • geohazard • seismic geo- ..... Mass-transport Deposits in Deepwater. Settings. SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) Special Publication, in press. Haflidason H, Sejrup HP, Berstad IM, Nygård A ...


the influence of mass-transport-deposit surface topography on the

exceptional opportunity to document well-exposed depositional relationships between fine-grained mass-transport deposits ... deep-water slope environments, from relatively high-resolution ancient outcrops to lower-resolution seismic- reflection-based studies. ... reservoir evaluation in such depositionally complex settings.


Boulders of the Vastitas Borealis Formation: Potential origin and

Szuman, M., and Thompson, P., 2011, Mass-transport deposits: Combining outcrop studies and seismic forward modeling to understand lithofacies distributions, deformation, and their seismic stratigraphic expression, in Shipp, R.C., Weimer, P., and Posamentier, H.W., eds., Mass. Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings: ...


Origin and anatomy of two different types of mass-transport

mass transport comple es: a D seismic case stud from the northern South China Sea margin. White Rose .... more widespread, mass-wasting processes and their deposits, MTCs, have been the. 40 focus of research (e.g. ... shelves and/or upper slope into deep-water settings (Canals et al., 2004; Haflidason. 47 et al., 2005 ...


hinlopen–yermak landslide, arctic ocean—geomorphology

constriction, occurrence of semitransparent acoustic units on seismic profiles indicates that mass-transport deposits are likely the ... KEYWORDS: Hinlopen– Yermak landslide, geomorphology, landslide dynamics, tsunami modeling, mass- transport deposits, formerly ... Mass-Transport Deposits in Deepwater Settings.


Book Releases

Mass-Transport Deposits and Slides. Chapter 10. Deepwater-Reservoir Elements: Hybrid-Type Deepwater Reservoirs. Chapter 11. Pitfalls in the Interpretation of. Deepwater Deposits. Chapter 12. Biostratigraphy and Condensed. Sections in Deepwater Settings. Chapter 13. Reservoir Quality of Deepwater. Deposits.



most sediment was derived from muddy channel-levee deposits on the continental slope, but some sediment (particularly near the base of flows) resembles local deep-water levee sediments. Mass-transport events are inferred to have initiated in slope and upper-fan levee sediments. This sediment was underconsolidated ...


Stratigraphic and tectonic control of deep-water scarp accumulation

Oct 28, 2017 ... subsided to lower bathyal up to abyssal depth along with downslope accumulation of mass-flow deposits. Tectonic inversion of the ... Keywords: carbonate breccias, Súľov Fm., late Thanetian–Lutetian, mass-transport deposits, deep-water basin, subduction ... Regional geological setting. The geological ...


Seismic Geomorphology, Lithology, and Evolution of the Late

Geological Setting. 2. 1.3. Depositional Elements. 6. 1.3.1 The Blue Unit. 6. 1.3.2 Origin of the Blue Unit. 14. 1.3.3 The Ursa Channel-Levee System. 15. 1.3.4 The Southwest Pass Canyon Channel-Levee. System. 19. 1.3.5 Evolution of Channel -Levee Systems. 22. 1.3.6 Mass Transport Deposits. 25. 1.3.7 Origin and ...


Geometry, architecture and the erosive nature of mass-transport

Muddy mass-transport deposits (MTDs) and complexes (MTCs) form a significant component of the stratigraphic record in modern and ancient deep-water basins worldwide. This study evaluates the sedimentary characteristics and architecture of such deposits from ancient deep-marine submarine fans and related deposits  ...

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Overview of Deepwater-Reservoir Elements

sediment-delivery systems; (4) describe the hierarchy of deepwater deposits and how these dif- ... beds and crevasses (Chapter 7), extensive slides, debris flows and mass-transport deposits. (Chapter 9). ... occur in many depositional settings, ranging from continental to deepwater, and reflect varia- tions in the energy of the  ...