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Medical Synonym Extraction with Concept Space Models

Jun 1, 2015 ... processing system rely on the synonym extraction. Exam- ples include query expansion, text summarization [Barzilay and Elhadad, 1999], question answering [Ferrucci, 2012], and paraphrase detection. Although the value of synonym extrac - tion is undisputed, manual construction of such resources is.


Using cooccurrence statistics and the web to discover synonyms in a

Since manual synonym detection is a challenging task for terminologists, we investigate whether the AltaVista-based Mutual Information (AVMI) method can be applied to the task of finding pairs of synonyms in the lexicon of a specialized sub-language. In particular, we experiment with synonyms in the field of nautical.


V.c. INDEX OF NAMES AND SYNONYMS Example: The references

Mar 15, 2003 ... NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods. A-32. V.c. INDEX OF NAMES AND SYNONYMS. Example: The references to method title and number are listed in the following manner: ACETIC ACID, 1603. (Method Title). Ethanoic acid, see ACETIC ACID, 1603. (Synonym). Glacial acetic acid, see ACETIC ACID, ...


Using cooccurrence statistics and the web to discover synonyms in a

the AltaVista search engine performs very effectively in a synonym detection task. Since manual synonym detection is a challenging task for terminologists, we investigate whether the AltaVista-based Mutual Information (AVMI) method can be applied to the task of finding pairs of synonyms in the lexicon of a specialized  ...


HP OpenVMS Command Definition, Librarian, and Message Utilities

HP OpenVMS Command. Definition, Librarian, and. Message Utilities Manual. Order Number: AA–QSBDE–TE. January 2005. This manual describes how to use the Command Definition Utility to modify OpenVMS DCL, how to use the Librarian utility to create and maintain OpenVMS libraries, and how to use the Message ...


MDI Synonyms, Acronyms, and CAS Registry Numbers

Nov 1, 2001 ... for naming MDI and MDI derivatives for purposes of the Toxic Substances Control Act Chemical Inventory. For information on obtaining that manual, click here. CAS Registry Numbers & Preferred Names. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) System. MDI Acronyms. MDI Synonyms ...


Reclassification of Pseudomonas aurantiaca as a synonym of

Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology by Palleroni, who included the first two species in rRNA group I and P. aurantiaca in group V (Palleroni, 1984). Later, the species P. aureofaciens was proposed as a later heterotypic synonym of. 3Present address: Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Faculty of ...


Efficient synonym search by semantic linking of multiple data sets

override manually at any time. Notwithstanding the fact that we focus our examples and concrete implementation on the biomedical databases in the publicly available DISQOVER, we would like to stress that the method is much more generally applicable. Keywords: semantic web, text search, synonyms, data integration.


Package 'flora'

Dec 4, 2017 ... get its author(s), synonym(s), family, distribution, and lower taxa. • process lists of names and automatically solve synonyms and typing errors flora now holds all the data it needs. All functions can be used whilst offline. get.synonyms. List all synonyms of a given taxa. Description. This function returns all the ...


Paraphrase Alignment for Synonym Evidence Discovery

used for hypernym-hyponym detection. Later, the idea was extended and adapted for synonymy by other researchers such as (Roark and Charniak,. 1998) , (Caraballo, 1999) and (Maynard and Pe- ters, 2009). In general, manual pattern definition is time consuming and requires linguistic skills. Usually, systems based on ...


Automatic and human scoring of word definition responses

a definition production test, in which sub- jects are asked to produce a short defini - tion of the word being learned. In current practice, each free response is manually scored according to how well its mean- ing matches the target definition . Manual scoring is not only time-consuming, but also limited in its flexibility and ability ...


Automatic Text Simplification via Synonym Replacement

Oct 9, 2012 ... In this study automatic lexical simplification via synonym replacement in Swedish was investigated using .... 5.1.1 Synonym replacement based on word frequency . . 29. 5.1.2 Synonym replacement .... manual simplification of documents is very time consuming and therefore very expensive, and despite ...


Automatic Synonym Discovery with Knowledge Bases

Aug 13, 2017 ... data manually created by domain experts to construct supervised- learning systems. In this paper, we study the problem of automatic synonym discovery with knowledge bases, that is, identifying syn- onyms for knowledge base entities in a given domain-speci c corpus. e manually-curated synonyms for ...


WebFOCUS App Studio User's Manual - Release 8.2 Version 01M

Aug 17, 2017 ... Showing a Graphical Representation of a Synonym Using the Modeling View Tab. . . . . . . 159. Displaying the Contents of a Master File Using the Text View Tab. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .160. Displaying the Contents of an Access File Using the Access File Text View Tab. . . . . . . . . 161. Viewing and Editing ...



Abbreviations. Definition of terms. 1. What is WISN and why this manual? 1. 1.1 What is the WISN method? 2. 1.2 How can WISN help you? 3. 1.3 Limitations of the WISN method. 3. 1.4 Purpose and intended users of this manual. 4. 1.5 How to use this manual. 4. 2. The WISN process. 5. 2.1 Mobilizing commitment to WISN.


Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design Trainee Manual

Trainee Manual. Session 1: Types of Controlled Vocabularies. Synonym Ring Example 2. 9. Hierarchy Example 1a. 10. Cataloging for the 21st Century. Course 3: Controlled Vocabulary & Thesaurus Design. 1-5 ...


Adapting a synonym database to specific domains

adapting a general purpose synonym database, like WordNet, to a spe- cific domain, where only a sub- set of the synonymy relations de- fined in the general database hold. The method adopts an eliminative approach, based on incrementally pruning the original database. The method is based on a preliminary manual ...



This file contains the inventory of rare diseases listed in the Orphanet database. Each disease is described by its main name and synonyms. It is also defined by its ORPHA number, and mapped with ICD-10, the 10th. International Classification of Diseases established by the World Health Organization ...


Exploring the Vector Space Model for Finding Verb Synonyms in

Manual evalua- tion over a set of declarative verbs and psycho- logical verbs show that VSM-based approaches achieve good precision in finding verb synonyms for Portuguese, even when using minimal linguis- tic knowledge. This lead us to proposing a per- formance baseline for this task. Keywords. Vector Space Model ...


24V Protected Switch Shield Manual

User Manual. www.infineon.com. . Protected Switch Shield with PROFET™+ 24V for Arduino. 24V Protected Switch Shield with BTT6030-2EKA and BTT6020-1EKA. About this document. Scope and purpose. This document describes how to use the 24V Protected Switch Shield with ...

Infineon-24V_ProtectedSwitchShield_with_Profet 24V_for_Arduino_UsersManual_10.pdf-UM-v01_00-EN.pdf?fileId=5546d46255dd933d0156074933e91fe2