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SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS. B20/B30/B40. Automatic Level. OPERATOR'S MANUAL. Thank you for selecting the B20/B30/B40. • Please read this operator's ... prior notice and without obligation by Sokkia Top- con Co., Ltd. and may differ from those appear- ing in this manual. • The content of this manual is subject to ...


AUTOMATIC LEVELS 28x/26x/24x/22x Telescope magnification 2.0

Offering you the best of SOKKIA's renowned levelling technology, the C300, C310, C320 and C330 automatic levels are compact, solid, fast and very user- friendly. For a start, setting up the levels can be done fast and quickly and sighting is just as simple. Moreover, the C3 series automatic levels guarantee superior ...


SOKKIA B20 / B30A / B40A

3 Models - 32x, 28x, and 24x Magnifications. • Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation. • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing. • All-Weather Dependability. • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments. Durable, Dependable,. High Value Auto Levels. AUTO LEVEL. B30A. Versatile model for surveying,.


Series SRX

change without prior notice and without obligation by Sokkia Topcon Co., Ltd. and may differ from those ... Except where stated, “SSF” means Spectrum Survey Field in this manual. • The SRX is ... Screens and illustrations appearing in this manual are of SRX3X (Auto Tracking model with RC-TS3 handle). • Location of ...


C410 English Leaflet

Compact. C410. AUTOMATIC LEVEL. 20x Telescope Magnification. 2.5mm Standard Deviation for 1km Double-run Levelling. SURVEYING INSTRUMENTS. A. U. T. O. M. A. T. I. C. L. E. V. E. L. C. 4. 1. 0 ...


B20/B21 English Brochure

Telescope. Length. Objective aperture. Magnification. Image. Resolving power. Field of view (at 100m). Minimum focussing distance. Reticle. Stadia multiplication constant. Stadia additive constant (cm). Reticle illumination. Two- speed focus. Sunshade. Compensator, Automatic Level Mechanism. Damping system. Working ...

B20 & B21.pdf

B20/B21 English Brochure

S. T. N. E. M. U. R. T. S m. G. W. V-. E. V. R. U. S. AUTOMATIC LEVEL. 520 IP. 1.0 mm X4 p 25.0. For 1km: ?_S.D. 10: um: lelescopi Telesco e .... operation manual. and carrying case. Soitkia is a sponsor ot the. HM international Federation of Surveyors. SDKKIA 00., LTD. Head Office, Japan Phone +81 46-248-1'984 ...



Dec 18, 2009 ... Global Positioning Systems (GPS), geodetic quality and mapping grade quality receivers, 1” theodolites and total stations, automatic levels with micrometers, and digital levels. In addition, the geodetic crews establish photogrammetry control. With the advent of GPS, many more uses have been found to be ...


B1C/B1 English Brochure

mg. 8. T. N. E. M. U. H. T. S. W. G. W. Y. E. V. R. U. 5. AUTOMATIC LEVEL. 32x Telescope Magni ication ion for 'lkm Double-run Levell lat. 8mm Standard Dev ... circles (on the ETC). ln short, this model offers the best of Sokkia's famous technology in one neat, rugged body. Accurate Levelling. The levels reticle can be fitted.


B1C ' B1

AUTOMATIC LEVEL. B1C'B1. SOKKIA ion ing. 32x Telescope Magn. 0.8mm Standard Deviation for 1km Double-run Levell ... Automatic Levels — U. Precise .... Instrument, lens cap, plumb bob [810). vinyl cover, tool kit, operation manual. and carrying case. Sokkia is a sponsor of the. International Federation of Surveyors.

B1C & B1.pdf

Requirements and Procedures for Control Surveys, Design Surveys

Dec 31, 2013 ... Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Geosystems – part of Hexagon. SURVEYS DIVISION CONTACTS. For information and help the following people based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, may be contacted. Our support team may be reached at [email protected] Updates to this manual or other ...


Topographic Surveying

Jan 1, 2007 ... 1 January 2007. US Army Corps of Engineers. ENGINEERING AND DESIGN. Control and Topographic. Surveying. ENGINEER MANUAL .... Overview of Topographic Surveying Techniques and Methods. Purpose . ..... Vertical Control in Areas Subjected to Subsidence or Sea Level Rise ....................5-27.


optical, laser and digital levelling: a comparison of accuracy in

methods : either by manually using tubular bubbles and instrument foot screws as in dumpy and tilting levels, by utilizing optical compensator system as in automatic optical levels or by using some sort of an electronically-controlled self- levelling servomotors. Most of the laser levels recently introduced in the surveying ...

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Manual SurvCE v5

Apr 8, 2016 ... Orientation (Robotics). 226. Store Points (TS). 228. Store Points (TS Offsets). 236. Store Points (GPS). 238. Store Points (GPS Offsets). 244. Stake Points. 248. Stake Line/Arc. 263. Stake Offset. 282. Elevation Difference. 286. Grid/Face. 292. Resection. 295. Set Collection. 300. Leveling. 308. Auto By Interval.


Total Station Surveying CHAPTER 7

251. 1) Total Station (and tripod). 2) Electronic Notebook. 7.2 Components Used in Total Station. Surveying ... Topographic surveys. ▫ Construction project layout. ▫ Leveling. ▫Traverse surveys and adjustments. ▫Building Face Surveys. ▫ Resections. ▫Areas. ▫Intersections ... SDR 33 is an electronic notebook made by Sokkia.

CE 316 Ch 7 9-3-12.pdf

Two-Peg Test: Method for checking and recalibrating a level or

The two-peg test is very simple, but provides a way to test the accuracy of a level, and if you know which screw to turn (for analog instruments) or menu to follow ( for the digital level), you can adjust it to remove the error. See specific instrument instructions for making adjustments. The basic principle is that since the error in ...


Leica FlexLine TS02/TS06/TS09 User Manual

Manual Orientation. 98. 8.5.3. Orientation with Coordinates. 99. 9. Applications. 103. 9.1. Common Fields. 103. 9.2. Surveying. 104. 9.3. Stakeout. 105. 9.4. Free Station .... ENTER key. Confirms an entry and continues to the next field. ESC key . Quits a screen or edit mode without saving changes. Returns to next higher level.



1°(1g). AUTOMATIC COMPENSATION MECHANISM. Range. ±15'. ±15'. MEASURING ACCURACY. 1 km double run. ±2,0 mm. ±2,0 mm. CIRCULAR LEVEL ... AT-G4 / AT-G6 package. • Auto level. • Hard shell carry case. • Plumb bob. • Weather protective bag. • Lens cleaning cloth. • Allen wrench. • Operator's manual.


Sokkia Corporation

Sokkia markets Total Stations, Data Collectors, Digital Levels, Lasers and a full ..... Set collection, Traverse adjustment, Building face survey, Set out line, ..... manual. 738160. B21 30x Automatic Level, with same equipment as 738260. B20/B21 - Engineer's Grade. 738470. C300 28x Automatic Level, complete with high- ...