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Feb 1, 2010 ... LW5A(M)/LW15A/LW25A PULSED Nd:YAG LASER ... The engineering designs, drawings and data contained herein are the proprietary work of Amada ... 09/17. See ECO for description. This manual covers the following models: 8-xxx-01-xx. 8 -xxx-02-xx. Miyachi Unitek. Models. Amada Miyachi. Models.


Laser Cutting Machine Safety Guide

cutting machines is also available in the operator's manuals of laser cutting machines and the warning labels ... When your laser cutting machine is combined with a CNC turret punch press, also see the CNC. Turret Punch Press ... received special education and training, or ask the AMADA service engineer to perform them.



Combined punching - Laser Lp6. Finnpower. 3000x1500, depth 8mm. N. 1. Punching machine. Finnpower. 2500x1250, depth 5mm. N. 2. Cutting/Punching .... Parameters. N.1. Laser. Trumpf. 3000X1500 15mm depth. N.1. Punching machine. Amada. 2500X1250 3mm THICKNESS. N.1. Manual press-brake machines.


1 off 4 KW Amada FO MII NT Laser Machine 3m x 1.5m

FO MII NT is a global standard laser cutting machine equipped with the latest technologies to expand your processing range. More than 2200 units of the FO NT series have been installed around the world, which is proof of the reliability and trust that customers have placed in this market leading machine. This latest version ...

FO MII.pdf

Compact Punch Laser Forming Centre

LC-C1NT is the latest addition to the laser combination machine series that takes into consideration the hazardous chemical ... Before using this product, please read the operator's manual carefully and follow all ... Tel: 01562 749500 Fax; 01562 749510, e-mail: [email protected], Website: www.amada.co.uk. Machine  ...


Consolidated Equipment List 7-26-10

Jul 26, 2010 ... Amada Lasers. 1. Amada Robotic Brake, 4' RG-25. X. 1. Amada Robotic Brake, 8' FBD III, 8025M. X. 2. Amada Robotic Brakes. 2. Amada Brake, RG-50 ... Manual Lathes. 8. Manual Bridgeport Mills. Quality / Inspection Equipment. Quanity. Equipment Description. Garland / Dallas McAllen. 1. Mitutoyo Model ...



Amada's laser machines constantly provide our customers with optimum solutions. Among them, the LC-Alpha is the best selling hybrid type laser cutting machine with over 3000 units delivered worldwide since it's introduction in .... Consummables storage box Operator's manual storage box. For illustrative purposes only.


Thinline 80 Technical Manual

WELD HEAD. THINLINE 80 SERIES. OPERATION MANUAL ... work of Amada Miyachi America and may not be reproduced, copied, exhibited or otherwise used without the written ...... hereto if the Goods being purchased are specialty products, which include, without limitation, laser products, fiber markers, custom systems, ...


Laser Safety Manual

UCSB Laser Safety Manual. 2. Safety Precautions for Class 3 and 4 Lasers. Class 3 (eye and specular reflection hazard). • Never aim the laser at a person's eye or stare at the laser from within the beam. • Keep the beam path above or below eye level for one seated or standing. • Laser safety eyewear may be needed if ...


EML 3610 NT

The EML NT represents the next step in the evolution of combination technology. Amada first introduced the Apelio punch/laser machine in 1991. Since that time, Amada has become the world leader in the engineering of seamless process integration by incorporating the latest advances in punching and laser cutting ...


• Merger between AMADA and MIYACHI • AMADA at EuroBLECH

Oct 21, 2014 ... ENSIS-3015 AJ laser cutting machine. It is one of the highlights on display at. EuroBLECH 2014: AMADA's latest fiber laser boasts a very special feature, namely the ability to continuously adjust the beam to match the material thickness . What in the past could only be achieved through manual lens the outer ...



This manual is the alarm/parameter guide required to use the MELDAS60/60S Series. This manual is prepared on the assumption that your machine is provided with all of the MELDAS60/60S. Series functions. Confirm the functions available for your NC before proceeding to operation by referring to the specification issued ...


FabriWIN Version 2010.02 Update & Release Notes

877-AMADA-US. For support please contact us. Phone: (800) 254-7532. Email: [email protected] FabriWIN Version 2010.02 Update & Release Notes. Thank you for purchasing .... PDF manual located on the CD-ROM or within the FabriWIN folder on the hard disk.) ... For laser machines these tools are called.


Melbon Sheet Metal

“I'm a fan of Amada machinery and our companies make a perfect fit.” ... had the opportunity to travel to Amada Japan and see first-hand the ... channel and then quickly converts back to a flat bed laser which has enhanced our fabrication facility and eliminated hours of manual work,” Mike explains. “This machine has taken ...


Mach4 G and-M-Code Reference Manual

1 INTRODUCTION. G Code is a special programming language that is interpreted by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to create motion and other tasks. It is a language that can be quite complex at times and can vary from machine to machine. The basics, however, are much simpler than it first appears and for.


The nitrogen generators for laser cutting and inert gas generators for

Lasercutting technology needs ultrapure nitrogen to have a brilliant and stainless cut, to rapidly remove the molten metal from the cutting zone without reacting with it and additionally requiring a mixture of inert gas to protect laser machine optics, reducing the risks of the intrusion of impurities, significantly extending the ...


2017 New Product Preview

LC 2515 C1 AJ + ASR 3015 NTK. Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machine with. Automated Material Handling. • HG 1003 ARs. Integrated Robotic Bending System. • FLW 4000 M5. 4kW Fiber Laser Robotic Welding System. Via live video feed. 180 Amada Court • Schaumburg, IL 60173 • 877-262-3287 • www.amada. com/ ...


Laser Welding Fundamentals

There are two of types of Nd:YAG laser welders; continuous wave and pulsed. As the name suggests continuous wave or CW is either on or off, whereas pulsed lasers create welds by individual pulses. The pulsed laser utilizes high peak power to create the weld, whereas the CW laser uses average power. This allows the ...


3D CO2 Laser Processing Systems - VZ Series

To ensure proper use of the products listed in this catalog, please be sure to read the instruction manual prior to use. A MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION. HEAD OFFICE: TOKYO BLDG.,2-7-3, MARUNOUCHI,CHIYODA-KU,TOKYO 100- 8310, JAPAN http:IIGIobaI.MitsubishiEIectric.com. 3D Laser Processing Machine  ...


Spirit GX

We at GCC are proud to introduce the LaserPro Spirit GX, our most technologically advanced laser engraver to ... the new Linear Low Maintenance Motion System, the Spirit GX is clearly on the cutting edge of all laser ..... Regularly clean and maintain your machine according to our cleaning and maintenance instructions.