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Stepping Out on Faith: Lillian Haydon Childress Hall, Pioneer Black

Fisk University, a historically black university founded in. 1866 in Nashville, Tennessee by the American ... Library Service) (Josey, 1969; Latimer, 1994; Dawson, 2000;. “Williams, Edward C.,” 1936; Wilcox, 1951). ..... Library Service in Black and. White: Some Personal Recollections, 1921-1980 (p. 10-12). Metuchen : ...


Native American Women and Coerced Sterilization: On the Trail of

Services archives. She obtained her master's degree in history from the University of. Nebraska, Omaha, which recently bestowed upon her the Elton S. Carter award ... Is it a personal human right or an issue that demands government interven- ... tieth century, prompted some American states to introduce compulsory steril-.


Health care in North must acknowledge

cussions about health care delivery in the North. She says it is obvious ... care in the future. The paramount goal that underlined all discussions was the preservation of traditional. Inuit values. The conference was held "on the land" to reinforce the very strong ... spoke to us of their personal knowl- edge about traditional ...


Shadow War Scholarship, Indigenous Legal Tradition, and Modern

Hadley, University of Tulsa College of Law Native American Resources and Instructional Services Law Librarian and Carole ... [1994], some 196 persons lost their lives—a figure that includes a few victims on both sides in rare truce violations since then. ... up being white people speaking Indian languages.'‖ Therese ...



care.'7 In Calgary an assessment of the needs of the native population showed that native men were less likely to receive health care or to have a family ... In addition, some investigators have identified emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, inability to express anger, with resultant turning of the anger against.



some of the many changes that took place in the Pueblo world in the wake of the Revolt, including migrations, shifts .... each moiety (Fox 1967:12, 14; Brown 1979: 273; Jorgensen 1980:191-92, 239; Fowles. 2005:28-29). .... however, the production of Jemez Black-on-white decreased significantly (Figure 4), dropping to just ...

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Addressing inequities in access to quality health care for indigenous

health care and service utilization among Canadian Aborig- inal people ... health care services. This is intimately linked with the domi- nance of the biomedical paradigm and the view that noncom- pliant behaviours by indigenous people are the cause of poor ... available services and the mobilization of personal and health.


Development and Implementation of Tribal Foster Care Standards

foster care services. When a tribe assumes responsibility for the care of a child through its tribal code, judicial process, and foster care system, it subcontracts the care of that child ... implement pre existing standards established primarily for white middle-class America. ... applications to exclude some foster home candidates.

NICWA Foster Care Development FINAL (2).pdf


CONTROLLING AND ExPLOITING THE BLACK DELTA: AN ECOFEMINIST. ExPLORATION INTO THE FEMINIZATION AND .... during the late 1970s and 1980s. For the purpose of constructing my. Mystory ..... some hesitation I decided to include these personal aspects because they are as important to mapping chora as ...

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The Amiable Side of Kwakiutl Life: The Potlatch and the Play Potlatch

of shame which must be made good by some action reestablishing the lost respect. If it is not possible it leads ... terms are in the same category as those given by Boas (1921: 1396) and differ from the proper kinship ...... ture is more than black lines on white paper, suggesting shadow and complex motion. The Kwakiutl are ...


The Aboriginal languages of First Nations people, Métis and Inuit

Oct 25, 2017 ... For information about this product or the wide range of services and data available from Statistics Canada, visit our website, www.statcan.gc.ca. .... Some Indian reserves and settlements did not participate in the 2016 Census as enumeration was either not permitted or it was interrupted before completion.


Treaty Research Report - Treaty No. 11 (1929)

TREATY No. 11. (1921) by. Kenneth S. Coates. William R. Morrison for. Treaties and Historical Research Centre. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. 1986 ... and prospectors discovered some promising indications of mineral deposits in the Great ..... That provision, designed to permit personal agricultural holdings,.


The report

portrayed (Morehouse and Leask 1980; Knapp and Nebesky 1983; McBeath 1981; Worl 1981, 1978; Kruse 1984,. 1982; Kruse et al 1983, ... These are some of the questions it seems appropriate to ask before attempting to account for a successful .... greater cost of many goods and services on the North. Slope. Thus the ...



among this population, it is important to provide street-involved youth with targeted health care services ... Study participants were instructed to recruit individuals that they personally knew whom they believed ... recruitment bonus ( used in some studies as an incentive for participants to recruit)11 was not provided as part of ...


attitudes and perceptions of saskatchewan educators and non

colours yellow, red, white and black represent the spiritual, emotional, ..... educational facilities, Saskatchewan schools, regional colleges, public libraries, ... staff. As a result, some divisions were able to access the electronic survey while other divisions were unable to due to restricted access of traffic. Some network.


Distribution of albumin variants Naskapi and Mexico among Aleuts

some have been compared with each other and at least 25 alloalbumins can be identified. (Weitkamp et al., '73) .... patients at the Public Health Service Hospital serving the Omaha and Winnebago Reserva- tions in Macy ... Apaches with the Tonto, Cibeque, and White. Mountain tribes (Basso, '70). The Western. Apache are ...


III. The current situation/practices/ideologies of Boarding Schools

parents, inculcate Christianity and white cultural values upon them, and encourage or ... Children were given inadequate food and medical care, and ... to raise monies for the schools and salaries for the teachers and administrators. Some. Boarding School survivors have reported children being killed because they were ...


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Jan 1, 2012 ... people, but also meaningful and in service to decolonization. .... drive towards destruction, may be understood to censure the white race's pursuit of dominance. Melville seems to encourage us .... but rather, the forces in society that create structures of oppression and mete out power to some at the expense ...


Mysteries of the Sculptural Narrative Pipes from Manitoulin Island

on July 26 to find some 2,500 Indians waiting to receive their annual treaty payments. Less than ten .... out his pipes, which were made of white stone from St . Joseph's Island, red stone from Couteau de Prairies .... Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Fig. 7), may be the same black stone Ojibway pipe acquired from.


The Cultural Safety Debate in Nursing Education in Aotearoa

attempted to alter the education of some health professionals, nurses, by offering a critical understanding of ... tino rangatiratanga in health delivery services for iwi. But the opposition that began in 1992 in Metro .... of cultural safety according to their skills and personal experience. The debate has been useful to the extent ...