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Description and Evaluation of an Interactive Jeopardy Game

actively engage students in self-directed learning might result in better comprehension and retention for adult learners than can be achieved with traditional strategies.4 This paper describes the use and evaluation of a computerized game based on the televised show. Jeopardy as a self-assessment tool for graduate level.


Playing to Learn: Game-Driven Comprehension of Complex Content

one such course, and uses student commentary to support the conclusion that the games used were ... learning transfers to useful job skills like doing expense ..... Byers. Playing to Learn 40. TABLE 1. Class survey results for the class meetings when games were played. IGD Jeopardy. Fishing for Answers. First Playing of.


Using Jeopardy Game in a Forages Course Introduction There are

interaction, and to track comprehension. The objectives of using the Jeopardy game quizzes in the forages class were: 1) to remind the students what they learned and what they need to know, 2) to make sure they understand the content taught in the class, and 3) to have students build team work skills via the Jeopardy ...


Classroom Jeopardy!

and over again, teachers have told us about how the Jeopardy! games they've developed with hours of hard ... curriculum and your students' abilities. ..... Classroom Jeopardy!'s gameplay flexibility helps ensure that the game will be appropriate for different ages and skill levels. You, as the educator, are able to enforce rules ...



Practical Recommendations and Interventions: Reading Comprehension. 1 ... decoding, target these skills before focusing on comprehension. ... Have students engage in a question and answer activity similar to the television game show Jeopardy! For this activity, ask students to write questions in their notebooks related to ...



Games that bring out these higher level thinking skills are becoming more popular, although more research and scientific assessment is necessary to measure .... Feud,” “Pyramid,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Millionaire,” and “Deal or No Deal.” While “Jeopardy!” appears to be the most commonly played television based game, ...



boards to teach governmental accounting and enhance non-technical skills. Student survey results demonstrate support for use of a computer-based. Jeopardy! game as a learning tool and a vehicle to self-assess learning. Written communication .... the lower levels of learning (knowledge, comprehension, and application).

SympAr4 Murphy.pdf

Activities to Promote Interaction and Communication

reading or writing skills, communicative activities should be integrated into the lesson. Furthermore, research on .... Model the procedures with one or two learner volunteers and check comprehension of instructions. ..... complicated games such as Jeopardy (where students are given answers and have to ask questions).


Modifying fiJeopardy!fl Games to Benefit All Students

observations of this game in use in classrooms lead to several questions regarding those pupils with mild dis- abilities. Questions About “Jeopardy!” Use ..... and comprehension of lecture information for high school students with learning dis- abilities. Learning Disabilities Research &. Practice, 16, 133-141. Bryan, T., Nelson ...



Assist students in game as needed. Assist in class closing. JTE: Reservation of TV/Internet hardware. Describe class plan to students. Repeating vocabulary words with class after ALT. Showing movements to compliment and reinforce new vocabulary words. Checking comprehension and assisting students as needed.


Literacy K-8 Literacy Blueprint This blueprint recommends high

Through modeled writing and shared reading, students practice foundational skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency ... Supports fluency, decoding, comprehension skills and strategies, and discussion skills. ... a game of Jeopardy! with this week's vocabulary words, step six in Marzano instruction.


Closure Activities

Create a Jeopardy question using the appropriate content. Create a Jeopardy game to review the key concepts using all of the student-created questions. Have students .... 1) Is there a concept or skill that we went over today that you didn't understand! 2) what question popped into your head during today's lesson! IS there ...


Game Design as Authentic Science: Creating Low-Tech Games that

Oct 24, 2013 ... Siko, Jason Paul and Barbour, Michael, "Game Design as Authentic Science: Creating Low-Tech Games that Do Science" (2013). Education Faculty ... Designing games develops many other valuable skills, such as writing in a clear and concise way. Games have ... Jeopardy-style review game. Students ...


J. Chem. Ed., 2003, 80, 967.

In order for students to make new knowledge their own, they need to use critical thinking skills with that data (6). The Jeopardy! game provides a unique ... teacher uses a Jeopardy! game to test comprehension of a reading assignment that "taught" the topic traditionally covered in lecture (e.g., alkane nomenclature).


Let the Games Begin!

Game 1. Let's Play Information Literacy Jeopardy! 6. David Magolis and Linda Neyer. Game 2. Online Jigsaw Puzzles: Using Puzzles to Break the Ice in .... 131. Game 44. Goblin Threat. 132. Mary J. Snyder Broussard. Game 45. A Planet in Peril: Plagiarism: Using Digital Games to Teach Information. Literacy Skills. 134.


Using Games In A Foreign Language Classroom

Jan 1, 2010 ... ERIC descriptors: Language skills, Linguistic comprehension, Vocabulary development,. Class activities, Educational games, Second language instruction, Teaching methods,. Teacher developed ...... Have a Final Jeopardy round where students can wager their points to answer one question. • Have the ...


Interactive Teaching in Large Lectures Objection A: “I can't learn that

Use simple games to encourage students to speak up and introduce themselves. The reward ..... Interest/Knowledge/Skills Checklist – Assesses interest and preparation for the course, and can help adjust .... Truth Statements – Either to introduce a topic or check comprehension, ask individuals to list out “It is true that.


Essential Question Guide

JEOPARDY: Jeopardy is a game of questions that has been popularized by the television game show. In this ..... the student learns to pose questions on three different levels to improve comprehension as well as to improve test-taking skills. Remember, it is more difficult to ask your own questions and answer them than just ...


Strategies to Build Student Vocabularies.pdf

Strategies that focus on vocabulary building result in student readers who have greater comprehension. Teachers Should Increase. • Time for reading .... Jeopardy. Playing games is an innovative way to engage students in learning vocabulary words. Ask a. Question is similar to the popular television game show Jeopardy.


Moving Beyond the Turing Test with the Allen AI Science Challenge

demonstrated excellent performance in the context of a Jeopardy! game, but behind the answers you won't find reasoning or comprehension; natural language processing over massive corpora, coupled with statistical training and some specific, purpose-built strategies for accommodating the many quirks of Jeopardy!