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HP 33120A User's Guide

SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) compatibility. • Optional HP 34811A BenchLink/Arb Waveform Generation Software for Microsoft ® WindowsTM. HP 33120A. Function Generator /. Arbitrary Waveform Generator. Note: Unless otherwise indicated, this manual applies to all Serial Numbers.


Model 428B Clip-On Milliammeter

-hp- Part No. 00428-90003. MODEL 428B. CLIP-ON DC MILLIAMMETER. Serials Prefixed: 995- and above. Appendix A, Manual Backdating Changes adapts this ...... Function Generator. DC to 400 Hz. > 10 mA output. Frequency Response. AC Overload. -hp- Model 3310A. Function Generator. Oscilloscope. DC to 40 kHz.


7941 AND 7945

The main part of this manual applies directly to HP 7941 and HP 7945 Disc Drives with serial numbers prefixed 2540 and subsequent. RI~fer to .... Head Select and Control Logic . Read Chain .......... . Amplifier/Signal Conditioner. Differential Line Driver. Write Chain. Line Receiver .... Transition Generator. Write Current ...



Atlan- ta, Georgia 30324. CONTACT: toil. Bill Redmond. ScientifIC-Atlanta, Inc. HP OFFICE: Hewlett-Packard Company, Southern. Sales. Region, P.O. Box 28234, Atlanta, Georgia. 30328. Telephone: (404) 436-6181. DATE MISSED: February 1971. 3205A. FM Signal Generator. 838.{)OI24. 1200BR Dual Trace Oscilloscope.


Analog Studio for Electronic Music Technical information (update jan

Hewlett Packard (HP) test & measurement instruments (function generators, filters, frequency counter, scopes, voltmeter), EG&G filters,. PAR Lock-in amps and NIM modules, and Rohde & Schwarz tube ... Some technical specs of the studios' highlights. First, this studio is unique in the amount of precision instruments by HP,.


Keysight Technologies M9421A VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver

faster throughput in manufacturing test of wireless components, power amplifiers, and. RF front-end modules. With FPGA-accelerated measurements and deep software, the ready-to-run VXT lets you start closer to your finish line. Product description. The M9421A VXT is a four-slot PXIe vector signal generator and analyzer, ...


wire! NOVEMBER 198'' i / p arm eaker * VV> » r

Nov 26, 1980 ... 6054A/04 11 Digit 20 kHz-18 GHz. BCD 0/P. 2800. Function Generators. HEWLETT PACKARD. 3310 0.0005 Hi-5 MHz. Multi-Mode. 10V/50r! sine, square, triangulilr. 250. INTER-STATE. ELECTRONICS. F51AMulti-Mode. +and -offset: 0.0005 Hz to 10 MHz. 10/15V/50r! 250. F55A Multi-Model 0.0025•Hz-10.


Keysight Technologies M9420A VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver

Oct 2, 2015 ... The M9420A VXT is a four-slot PXIe vector signal generator and analyzer, ranging from. 60 MHz to 3.8 or 6 GHz with ... represented in this document are specifications under the following conditions unless otherwise noted. ...... From Hewlett-Packard through Agilent to Keysight. For more than 75 years, ...


Price List Calibration and Service

Jan 1, 2017 ... Function and Signal Generators, Calibrators, Analyzers. 11. 5.7 ... maintenance manual with the instrument. We can notify you when ..... Capacity Tester. 360.-. 0701S. Safety Meter. 300.-. Three Phase Adapter. 190.-. MSP-Konstanter. 400.-. Hewlett Packard. 432A / 435. HF Power Meter. 395.-. CS-300.


Tertiary Health Facilities Code No. Commodity Supplier Remarks

lines, Manual Disinfector TD-20 with extra liquid for. Disinfector, any other ... RBC video signal outputs completely soackable camera head for disinfecting ... for two years. -Service and operation manuals in English ( Two sets each). -Training for two engineers and two doctors. 02-07-00004. Hewlett Packard or philips. 1. 1 ...


Solutions Guide for Data-At-Rest

network cards now include dedicated hardware logic for accelerating the cryptographic functions. .... TS3100/3200/3310/3500/34 .... Hewlett-Packard. What would happen if your backup tapes or disposed disk drive were lost or stolen? When data at rest is encrypted and encryption keys are secure, the threats of financial ...


Phase IX Commodity Supplier DOHUK Medical Equipment Dohuk

9325-3310-21. 2. 02-07-00061. * Service manual. 1. 02-07-00062. * Set of recommended spares and accessories for 2 years of operation. 4 sets. 02-07- 00063 ...... Supplier. DOHUK Medical Equipment. Dohuk. 02-07-00326. HP LaserJet Printer, 1100, incl. toner cartridge. HP. 6. 02-07-00327. Cartridge for HP1100(extra).


Electrical resistance of rabbit submaxillary main duct: A tight

voltage of the control unit was generated by a HP function generator (3310B). Bath temperature, the bipolar current pulse, and q)sM were recorded on a UV galvanometer recorder (Bell and Howell type 5-137), 3 dB point of the recording system was 5 kHz. The bipolar pulse and the voltage deflections were also monitored ...


Electrochemical Removal of H2S from Hot Gas Streams

by a PAR 371 Potentiostat/Galvanostat and an HP 3310B function generator. The ohmic resistance between any two electrodes was estimated using the current interrup- tion technique, as displayed on a Tektronix 5111 storage oscilloscope. Recorded potentials were later corrected for ohmic losses as necessary.


13 detection of airborne sound by a cockroach 'vibration detector'

energy required from an auditory signal for a criterion response is similar or even smaller than for an optimal .... phase-invariant pulses from another function generator (Hewlett-Packard 3310B) established that the neural ... Legs were tested for sound emission from the cut coxal tracheae while parts of the tibial surface were ...


Voltage clamp with double sucrose gap technique. External series

as command voltage V. This signal is generated by a HP 3310 A function generator (Hewlett-. Packard, Palo Alto, Calif.) driven on its VCO input by a ..... The two parts of the longitudinal resistance are equal to the value R. General Analysis. The circuit may be analyzed as the multiple-feedback active filter of Fig. 6 D where:.


Physiological Determinants of Human Acute Hypoxia Tolerance

Cardiac output was calculated as the product of stroke volume and heart rate. Manual blood pressure measurements were taken before and after testing, and from these, a DC .... generated square wave with a function generator (Hewlett Packard model 3310B; Palo Alto, CA) into both data acquisition systems during the ...


Introducing Phase Analysis Light Scattering for Dielectric

signal. No minimum particle velocity is required, because any particle translation causes a time-dependent phase change p(t) of the scattered light signal, with ip(t) = Ps + ... of a measuring protocol could be programmed by a personal computer, which also drove the field generator (pulse generator HP8130A; Hewlett. 3310.


Dielectrophoretic trapping of dissociated fetal cortical rat neurons

HP 3310 A signal generator: Frequency range 0.0001. Hz–5 MHz ... undissociated parts the upper layer of the suspension was re- ... signal generator. At the electrode tips, this was not the actual amplitude, but ideally the peak-to- peak value. By a digital video camera (Sony CCD Camera, Model DXC-151P), the experi-.



Jan 1, 2015 ... RF vector signal generator with N7624/25B Signal ..... You've known us as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and, now, Keysight ..... ComSoc Infrastructure. 4313. 4654. 3929. 4529. 4435. IEEE Infrastructure. 1882. 1705. 1580. 1705. 3310. All Other. 13. Total. 16,675. 17,190. 13,760. 16,436. 18,150.