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An Algebra I Lesson on Slope

Slope defined as a formula. • Positive, Negative, Zero, and Undefined Slope. B. Students will be asked to explain the relationship between the graph of a line and its slope. Students will be called to the board to draw a random line for class analysis. Obj3: Activity #2: Hands On Activity – Geoboard (15 minutes). A.


Learning Mathematics with Technology: The Influence of Virtual

Jan 1, 2011 ... This study examined the influence of virtual manipulatives on different achievement groups during a teaching ... teachers using virtual manipulatives for mathematics instruction in a variety of ways (Beck &. Huse, 2007 ...... questions on students' knowledge of slope (Doctoral dissertation). Available from.


Math Manipulatives for VI Students

Mar 2, 2011 ... Basics on Teaching Math to a Student with a. Visual Impairment. • Accessible Math Manipulatives Including. Sample Test Items. • Manipulatives ... 8. Teaching Basic Concepts to a. Visually Impaired Child. First Principle: Use Hands-On. Experience with. Concrete. Objects to Build. Strong Basic. Concepts ...


Hands-On Mathematics: The Effects of Reinforcing Key Mathematics

Science and Mathematics Teaching Center. 1-1-2013. Hands-On Mathematics: The Effects of. Reinforcing Key Mathematics in a Science Class for. At-Risk Students. Jennifer Hornung. University of Wyoming. Follow this and additional works at: http://repository.uwyo.edu/smtc_plan_b. This Masters Plan B is brought to you for ...


teaching conceptual understanding through manipulatives

Nov 10, 2012 ... How do we use “Manipulative Mathematics”? •Today you'll see how we use Manipulative. Mathematics activities to teach these topics: • Signed Numbers. • Signed Numbers. • Fractions. • Equations. • Slopes ...


Ultimate Math Lessons

Graphing. Slope. Slope. Linear Equations. Linear Equations. Best Fit Lines. Rate, Formulas. Mixture Problems. Systems. Systems. Systems. Systems, Best Fit Line. Coordinate Geometry .... For six years, The Math ProjectsJournal has offered innovative tools for teachers who are looking to step out of the traditional model of ...

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The Concept of Slope: Comparing Teachers' concept Images and

instructional tasks always make use of these tools in the context of teaching or considering mathematical concepts. Prior to data collection, the partici- pants in the course had worked with GeoGebra software and applets found in the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (http://nlvm.usu.edu/). Data Collection. Data was ...


Tennis Balls, Lines, and Geometric Transformations

6, February 2010 ○ MatheMatics teaching in the Middle school 359 mathematical ... In this activity, students collect data and make con- nections to concepts used in geometry and measurement. Rather than teach- ing introductory algebra and geom- etry, this activity is ... meaning of intercept and slope; and. • use symbolic ...


Lesson Plan Mine Shaft Grade 8 Slope

EE.5: Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Compare two different ... table of values, graph, linear equation, rate of change, slope, y-intercept, segment, parallel. Note to Teacher – Students .... the lesson help you to clarify the math in the puzzle? How? What other strategies.


when mathematics teachers focus discussions on slope

Abstract. This thesis is the case of when mathematics teachers focus discussions on slope. The shift towards collegiality is a new setting for many teachers. Most ..... one hand, on the other freedom and privacy (Wenger, 1998). Working ..... connections, and functions and moves away from a focus on manipulative facility.


Support of mathematical thinking through embodied cognition

Keywords: Mathematics education, Embodied cognition, Manipulatives, Gestures , Body movement ... research in the context of manipulatives, hand gestures, ...... concept of slope. Typical approaches teach slope as a formula to memorize and be applied to a static graph. Students look at two points and simply remember ...


Best Practices in Developmental Mathematics

developmental mathematics differs substantially from simply teaching mathematics. ... to assist students in meeting college quali fications by over coming their deficiencies , while on the other hand they are intended to ...... A Hands-on Approach to Slope by Connie Rose, South Louisiana Community College. Slope is a rate ...


MATH 180

teachers. MATH 180 transforms math instruction so that students believe in the possibility of success, and their teachers have cutting-edge tools to help them to meet the rigors of next generation math .... works hand in hand with efforts to improve students' ..... procedural strategies, and interactive virtual manipulatives.


Why should a teacher use technology in his or her mathematics

Computation and representation go hand-in-hand, both historically and in the present. For example, in primary school classrooms, many teachers use concrete manipulatives, such as. Geoboards (allowing children to make geometric figures by stretching rubber bands over a grid of nails) or Dienes Blocks (providing ...

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Geometry Applications on Gingerbread Houses Study Guide

Feb 7, 2011 ... In addition, students found the different slopes of the ... Procedures (Math). Anticipation Set. Think/Pair/Share Activity. The teacher will ask the following questions? 1. Which of the following properties is shared by .... Students will be able to use hands on activities by using manipulative to understand the.


The Eight Components of Sheltered Instruction

Comprehensible Input. 7. Lesson Delivery. 4. Strategies. 8. Review and Assessment. 1. Lesson Preparation. Planning must produce lessons that enable students to make connections between their own ... Graphic organizers are also used to improve mathematics reading comprehension, verbal ... Hands-on manipulatives.

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4 Math: Problem-Solving in Functions and Algebra

Overview: The CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework. 3. Curriculum Map. 27. Unit Descriptions. Unit 1: Introducing Functions (Lesson). 31. Unit 2: Three Views of A Function (Teacher Support). 51. Unit 3: Rate of Change/Starting Amount ( Lesson). 69. Unit 4: Systems of Equations: Making and Justifying Choices. 101.


The Role of Manipulatives in the Eighth Grade Mathematics

Since manipulatives are hands-on tools that help students create understanding of mathematical .... were taught mathematics using manipulatives by teachers who were trained and believed in the theory of ..... tests were that the students did not account for the negative slope; otherwise, they positioned the y intercept ...


Unit 4: Analyze and Graph Linear Equations, Functions and Relations

Give the point-slope and standard-forms of linear equations and define their parts . • Convert point-slope ... Instructor Notes. The Mathematics of Analyzing and Graphing Linear Equations, Functions, and. Relations ... As students create graphs and work with the manipulatives, teachers must ask questions to nudge them into ...

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Grade 8

Ohio has chosen to support shared interpretation of the standards by linking the work of multistate partnerships as the Mathematics. Content Elaborations. ..... familiar with finding linear equations from two points or slope and y-intercept. This lesson was ..... patty paper. From the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.