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Donald A. Waterman 1936-1987

DONALD. A. WATERMAN. 1936-1967. W e note with sorrow the passing of Don Waterman, who diedgn January 4, 1987. Don was one of the pioneers of our field , whose early research built the foundation for the area that would later come to be labeled “knowledge based systems” (and still later “expert systems”).


Thinking like a Lawyer: Expert Systems for Legal Analysis

Indeed, Donald Waterman, a scientist with the Rand Corporation and a ... DESIGNING EXPERT SYSTEMS (1984); D. WATERMAN, A GUIDE TO EXPERT SYSTEMS (1986);. Duda & Shortliffe, Expert .... Liability Cases]; Waterman & Peterson, Evaluating Civil Claims: An Expert Systems Ap- proach, 1 EXPERT SYSTEMS 65 ...



An Expert System is a computer program that provides expert level solutions to domain specific problems (1) and is: ... The development of expert systems in the construction domain is in the very early stages and very few ..... Waterman, Donald A, 'A Guide to Expert Systems, Addison-Wesley Publishing. Company, 1986. 93.


Expert System an Artificial Intelligence Methodology- An Overview

more than precise output led to the development of intelligent programming in the form of expert system using artificial intelligence. The process of developing these expert systems ..... [11] Waterman, Donald A. A Guide to Expert Systems, 1986, Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. [12] Anuradha Bhatia, “Application of Artificial ...


Expert systems in marketing: Guidelines for development

Expert systems are computer programs that mimic human logic to solve problems (Newquist 1986). They are designed to make decisions in a specific task domain as well as an expert would perform the same task (Barr and Feigenbaum. 1983; Hayes-Roth, Waterman, and Lenat 1983). In many ways, marketing managers ...


A Survey on Expert System in Agriculture

Donald A. Waterman.”A guide to Expert Systems”. [2]. “Agricultural Extension in India: A Journey Since 1952-2009 Kiran. Yadav. [3]. Sudeep Marwaha “ AGRIDAKSH - A Tool for developing online. Expert System” Proceedings of AIPA 2012, INDIA. [4]. “Expert System on Wheat Crop Management” developed by. Division of ...


introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems

Nov 11, 2013 ... Michaelsen, Robert H.; Michie, Donald and Boulanger, Albert. "The Technology of Expert. Systems" Byte; April 1985; 10(4): pp. 303-312. • Rich, Elaine and Knight, Kevin. Artificial Intelligence Second Edition. 1991, New York: McGraw-Hill . • Waterman, Donald A. A Guide to Expert Systems, 1986, Reading, ...

Introduction to AI and ES-1.pdf

Artificial Intelligence

Nov 25, 1996 ... Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Negnevitsky, Michael. Artificial intelligence: a guide to intelligent systems/Michael Negnevitsky. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-321-20466-2 (case: alk. paper). 1. Expert systems (Computer science) 2. Artificial intelligence.


From AI Technology Research to Applications

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, General; Applications and Expert Systems; Learning. 1. Introduction. Over the last 30 years, research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has produced a rich variety of techniques for the acquisition, representation and processing of knowledge. In the early years, research on AI was centered around ...


A Study Regarding the Use of Expert Systems in Economics Field

Expert systems simulate the formal reasoning of human expert in a narrow field like stock trading. ... A 1986 survey by Donald Waterman found about two hundred expert systems in areas such : chemistry .... complementary source of knowledge for the ES and, in counter part, expert knowledge guides the data mining.


Development of a Medical Expert System as an Expert Knowledge

Expert System for the diagnosis and treatment Hypertension in. Pregnancy to be used in the Reproductive Health .... The system was developed using the Waterman [7]. Development of a Medical Expert System as an .... scarcity of the much needed expert knowledge to guide the other medical staff, not yet considered ...



paper presents a prototype network management expert system, NMESys ( pronounced nemesis), implemented in ... system tool to quickly and accurately detect hard failures, potential failures, and to minimize or eliminate ..... [5] Waterman, Donald A., "A Guide to Expert Systems", Addison-Wesley Publishing Company,. 1986.


Expert Systems Project Management

examples, and develop the idea of an integrated development environment for expert systems. Criteria for selecting shells for development are contrasted with ...... Waterman, D. A Guide to Expert Systems. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1985. TECHNICAL. J. Bachant and J. McDermott. R1 Revisited: Four Years in the  ...

Expert Systems Project Management July-1987.pdf


tions and otherwise derailed system development projects, whatever technological considerations were involved. As a part of artificial intelligence (AI), expert system and KBE strategies attracted considerable academic, corporate, and military attention in the 1980s and early 1990s (Oravec &. Plant, 1992; Waterman, 1986; ...


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in narrow domains. Yet the knowledge base, consisting of the facts and rules nec - essary to build such a system, is still not well understood. Donald Waterman ..... guide us. What Has Already Been Done? The following section describes the re- ported work in expert systems for refer- ence service and evaluates work com-.



design and development of the rule based expert system, The designed system is intended for the diagnosis of common diseases occurring ... An Expert System is a computer program normally composed of a Knowledge base, inference engine and user-interface. ..... [5] Donald A. Waterman, A Guide to Expert Systems.


Third CLIPS Conference Proceedings

Based Upon Human Function," in Proceedings of the Ninth International Seating. Symposium, February 25-27, 1993, Memphis, TN, pp. 307-310. Waterman, Donald A. A Guide to Expert Systems, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company,. 1986. Wygant, Robert M., "Clips-A Powerful Development and Delivery Expert System ...



knowledge base. Then the system users, with less experience and expertise than . "experts" use the expert system to solve similar problems. Features of an Expert System. Most expert systems use two important artificial intelligence techniques: heuristics, and the separation of knowl- edge and control. These techniques are.


Expert systems in marketing: Guidelines for development

Abstract. This paper is aimed at understanding and developing marketing expert systems. A discussion of the structure of expert systems is presented. Guidelines for development of marketing expert systems and marketing areas most amenable to expert system development are also provided. Download to read the full ...


an expert system approach for improvement of agriculture decision

The idea to present the paper on Expert System (ES) approach to improve agriculture decision which is intended to be used by ... expert system has been developed for agriculture but this paper particularly discussed the problem facing by former in rural areas in .... Donald A. Waterman: A guide to Expert. Systems; Pearson ...