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International forest governance regimes: Reconciling concerns on

The emerging global forest regime has to deal with the two contrasting developments of globalization and localization (Wiersum, 2000). The trend towards .... The role of timber legality verification as a tool for global forest governance .... Thus, the objective of the EU-FLEGT policy for stimulating the development of law.


This is an author produced version of a paper published in Forest

Forest Policy and Economics, 38 (2014) 30-31. Peter Edwards1 and Lukas Giessen2. Abstract. Scholarship in international law aims at addressing global forest governance comprehensively. This article reviews the recent contribution Global Forest Governance – Legal Concepts and Policy Trends by Rowena Maguire and ...


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Her new book, Global Forest Governance, identifies the fundamental legal principles ... forests in 2006. These goals are not time or target driven, making monitoring and reporting upon these goals particularly difficult. The four global forest .... recently published: Global Forest Governance: Legal Concepts and Policy Trends.


Complex global governance and domestic policies: four pathways of

lead authors), 'Examination of the influences of global forest governance arrangements at the domestic level', ... Arild Underdal, 'The concept of regime “ eectiveness”', Cooperation and Conflict : , , pp. – ; Peter ... Wettestad, 'Soft law, hard law, and eective implementation of international environmental norms', Global.


Forests and agriculture: land-use challenges and opportunities

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) concerning the legal ... 2.2 A global history of forest conversion. 10 ... land to forest. 22. CHAPTER 3. THE GOVERNANCE AND. MANAGEMENT OF. LAND-USE CHANGE. 25. Key messages. 26. 3.1 Introduction. 28. 3.2 Policies for governing land-use change.


Forest Conversion in Lao PDR:

law.” However, in practice, the government still claims ownership of 99.9 percent of forest land, maintaining a highly centralized system of forest governance with inadequate recognition of ... In accordance with the National Export Strategy ( NES), Government of Lao PDR (GoL) policies have begun to promote change across ...


7 Examination of the influences of global forest governance

existing scholarship on the impacts that global forest governance arrangements have ... policies: international rules; international norms and discourse; markets; and direct access to domestic policy processes. The distinction between globalisation and in- ... we identify important causal trends and identify and assess the full ...


Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010

Productive functions of forest resources (FAO/FO-6960/J. Carle). Centre: Extent of forest resources (M.P. Wilkie). Right, top to bottom: Protective functions of forest resources (M.L. Wilkie); Socio-economic functions of forests. (FAO/FO-5154/ Veracel); Legal, policy and institutional framework (FAO/24683_1206/G. Napolitano) ...


Strengthening Forest Management in Indonesia through Land

Dr. Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla ([email protected]) is a forest governance analyst and a Forest. Trends Fellow. Chip Fay ([email protected]) is a Senior Policy Analyst at the World Agroforestry Center and based in. Bogor, Indonesia . ...... The 1999 Forestry Law did not change the concept of customary community tenure ...


Forest governance dynamics in Ethiopia

Jun 23, 2014 ... Forest governance dynamics in Ethiopia: histories, arrangements, and practices, 140 pages. PhD thesis ... Chapter 2 - Historical development of forest policy in Ethiopia: trends of institutionalization .... mediate priority was to develop an operational plan on how to enforce the forest law and stop the on-going.


Fairly Trading the World's Timber.pdf

THE WORLD'S TIMBER. Lessons on Global Forest Governance and Trade from Europe and Liberia. A World Policy Paper by William Powers1 and Andrea Wong2 ... other developing countries, has come up with a novel approach: the EU Forest Law Enforcement, .... Sustainable forest management is not a new concept.

Fairly Trading the World's Timber.pdf

UN Strategic Plan for Forests for 2017-2030

United Nations Strategic Plan for Forests 2017-2030 (UNSPF) provides a global framework for actions at all levels ... As set out in the UNFI, “Sustainable forest management, as a dynamic and evolving concept, .... 5.2 Forest law enforcement and governance are enhanced, including through significantly strengthening.



EU FLEGT Facility, BASELINE STUDY 3, Vietnam: Overview of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade, April. 2011 .... Forest. Trends analyzes strategic market and policy issues, catalyzes connections between forward- looking producers, ... WWF-GTFN World Wildlife Fund Global Trade and Forest Network ...


Forest Policy and Law for Sustainability within the Korean Peninsula

Aug 12, 2014 ... Keywords: sustainable forest management; Korea; policy; legal framework; unification ... SFM emerged as a new concept in forest management. The concept of SFM that was built at the global level has been reflected at the national level. The states ..... South Korean forest policies reflected this global trend.



Jul 22, 2017 ... Forest policy (Deforestation, forest degradation, sustainability). • Climate policy. • Environmental and Natural Resources Management. • Land use change/cross sectoral .... 2014 Erica Pohnan, Michael W. Stone, and Benjamin Cashore, “ Global Forest Governance .... Wake Forest Law Review Vol 44 pp.



Trends in Forest Growth and Vitality . .... policies. It discusses the conservation, management and sustainable development of forests, i.e. the central themes of the United Nations International Year of Forests 2011, in a ... interesting basis upon which to develop concepts of protection and sustainable use of forest resources,.


Embracing complExity: mEEting thE challEngEs of intErnational

May 30, 2005 ... govErnancE. A Global Assessment Report Prepared by the Global Forest Expert Panel on the International Forest Regime. Editors: Jeremy Rayner, Panel ..... political science, law, interna- tional relations and policy studies. 1.2 Context for the assessment. 1.2.1 Evolution of international forest governance.


Who Owns the World's Forests?

Oct 26, 2001 ... The ways in which existing cultural, legal, and regulatory mechanisms should be applied to these potentially marketable services is likewise becoming a source of considerable debate. This publication is designed to highlight trends in tenure and to provide data for more informed decisions by policy makers ...


a practice-based approach to environmental policy

IPA and (2) the practice turn in policy studies. Subsequently, we introduce our practice-based approach and the three sensitising concepts that it employs: situated agency, logic of practice, and performativity. This is followed by two case studies of community forest management (CFM) to illustrate our approach. Finally , we ...


Global Environmental Forest Policies: Canada as a Constant Case

championing a diversity of values, to assess the ability of domestic forest policies to address .... market-based governance mechanisms, government regulations still remain the main tool used to address management and practices in most of the world's forests. ..... non-fish bearing streams (Sierra Legal Defence Fund 1997).