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An Age of Excess

M.H. Dunlop. Gilded City: Scandal and Sensation in Turn-of-the-Century. York. New York: William Morrow, 2000. xxi + 296 pp. Illustrations, note index. $25.00 ( cloth); $14.95 (paper). For a brief moment in the mid-1890s, says M. H. Dunlop, urban Ame became obsessed with the foot. It was Trilby's beautiful foot that set of.


Other Books Received

New York: John Wiley & Sons. 2001. Pp. viii, 232. $24.95. DRAKE, RICHARD B. A History of Appalachlia. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky. 2001. Pp. xi, 292. $29.95. DUNLOP, M. H. Gilded City: Scandal and Sensation in Turn- of-the- Century New York. New York: William Morrow. 2000. Pp. xxi, 296. $25.00.


Alumni Authors, Editors and Translators of Books

Garden City, NY: Medical Examination Publishing and. London: ... World. Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens Children's Books, 1992. Co-editor, America in the 20th Century. North Bellmore, NY: Marshall Cavendish, 1995. Anthony, Adams. Graduate School ...... Gilded City: Scandal and Sensation in Turn-of-the-Century New. York.


Alphonse Mucha in Gilded Age America 1904-1921

society, and the artistic world of turn-of-the-century America within which to place this narrative. Larger ... Mucha's Gismonda caused a sensation and over the next six years he designed almost all of ... 4 Ibid, 89 and; Jiří Mucha, Alphonse Maria Mucha: His Life and Art (New York: Rozzoli, 1989), 222. Hereafter AMM:HLA.



... put a price on each and every item. “One must pay,” she announced, “for the name of an artist in gowns quite the same as in painting,” and she summed up the overall effect of her bejeweled wardrobe as artistic. M. H. Dunlop, Gilded City: Scandal and Sensation in Turn-of-the-Century New York,. Harper Collins, NY 2000.


Canning foods and selling modernity: the canned food industry and

instant sensation in 1906—canned foods were a prime target because they were processed outside of .... Freedom of the Streets: Work, Citizenship, and Sexuality in a Gilded Age City (Chapel Hill, NC: The University of ... and Labor Politics at the Turn of the Twentieth Century (New York: Columbia University Press, 1999).


U.S. History

If you redistribute this textbook in a digital format (including but not limited to EPUB, PDF, and HTML), then you must retain on every page the following attribution: “Download for free at http://cnx.org/content/col11740/latest/.” - If you redistribute this textbook in a print format, then you must include on every physical page the ...


Sentimental Strategies at the Adultery Trial of Henry Ward Beecher

May 8, 2013 ... (New York: Knopf, 1970); Paul A. Carter, The Spiritual Crisis of the Gilded Age ( DeKalb: Northern ... representative sample includes: Charles F. Marshall, The True History of the Brooklyn Scandal: Being a .... Fiction: Griffith Gaunt at the Trial of Henry Ward Beecher," in The New Nineteenth Century: Feminist ...


An Overview of the History of Matting Introduction This collection has

The late 19th century saw the introduction of ready to use mat board. Framing .... ripple”. The dark frames were sometimes relieved by oil-gilding the ornamental bands. ..... New York. This print was originally in an Atlas which was revised and reprinted many times as the world rapidly changed during the nineteenth century.


Chapter 8 What Killed Vote Buying in Britain and the United States?

In the 19th century, vote buying was commonplace in Britain and in the United States. Parties gave voters cash, .... of the New Deal. A few vote-buying machines persisted in the United States well into the 20th century, such as Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish machine, headed by Leander Perez, where voters were still in the ...


Alcohol, Drugs and the National Pastime

Some efforts at enhancing athletic performance around the turn of the twentieth century proved .... New towns and old were filled with saloons. Many grocery stores, as well as department stores in the latter part of the century, carried alcohol and little else. At times .... saloon in New York City for every fifteen families. Only one ...


Portrait of a Huntington

photos courtesy Hispanic Society of America, New York, and are reproduced from The Art of Wealth: The Huntingtons in the Gilded Age, by ..... the 18th century . Indeed, children of the 18th and. 19th centuries tended to wear long, white cotton gowns, regardless of gender. Even today, Huntington visi- tors (and curators) have ...


Sandow: No Folly With Ziegfelds First Glorification

ing interest in Vaudeville, Ziegfeld, Jr. went to New York. City and headed for the Casino Theater, known for its vari- ety shows. 5. The main attraction at the Casino was a musical farce called Adonis, with Henry Dixie in the title role. The final scene consisted of a tableau with the “delicate and wispy Dixie” striking a classic  ...


The Barbarian Invasion

on the American society and mentality of the Gilded Age and the turn of the last century. Wharton's .... the English Lady Barbarina Clement, initially bringing her to New York before having to return to London. In 1890 .... invaders of the city; the up-and-coming and often obscenely rich families that had built their new fortunes  ...


Nymphs and Satyrs: Sex and the Bourgeois Public Sphere in

Nymphs and Satyrs: Sex and the Bourgeois Public Sphere in Victorian New York. Author(s): David Scobey ... In 1882 hotelier Edward Stokes exhibited William Bouguereau's oil painting Nymphs and Satyr in his saloon in New. York's elite amusement .... One turn-of-the-century caricature, said to have hung in a New York ...


Ap12 Us History Scoring Guidelines

Source: George Rice, “How I Was Ruined by Rockefeller,” New York World, October 16, 1898. ... Gilded Age. Gladden, Washington. Gold Standard Act/ Currency Act of 1900. Goo-goos (Good Government Guys). Gospel of Wealth. Gould, Jay government ownership of railroads ... Olmstead, Frederick/city beautiful movement.


In the Sweat Box: A Historical Perspective on the Detention of

York City's first professional police force, claims that potential defendants were often detained as witnesses, ... material witness detention in late nineteenth- century New York has minimal significance. ... CORRUPTION FROM THE LAGER BEER RIOT TO THE SUMMERDALE SCANDAL, 1855–1960 116 (1991). [hereinafter ...


Publicity and Prejudice: The New York World╎s Exposé of 1921

a century's writing, that a cause-and-effect relationship exists between the World's exposé .... letter from Edward Young Clarke proposing that he become chief Klan organizer in New. York City. White released the correspondence to the newspapers, of course, .... Hearst's series had plenty of sensation but almost none of the.


Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age

The New Gilded Age. In the first sentence of one of the greatest works of modern political sci- ence, Robert Dahl posed a question of profound importance for democratic ... Dahl's answer to this question, for one American city in the late 1950s, ...... late 19th century, it is possible to compare the position of today's economic.


The Political Thought of 21st Century Evangelicalism

Jun 2, 2017 ... Jen, Joanna Tice, "Thine Is the Kingdom: The Political Thought of 21st Century Evangelicalism" (2017). CUNY Academic Works. ... requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, The City University of New York. 2017 ..... 9 Mark A Noll, The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Grand Rapids, Mich.