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Fishing Tools & Services Catalog

Ordering instructions: Please specify. □. Casing or ... Fishing of drillpipe, casing, tubing, and downhole equipment that cannot be engaged with ... feasible, such as when fishing drillpipe, casing, or tubing. The spear features a full bore to facilitate the use of wireline equipment the during fishing operation. EFL Rotating and ...


Wireline Service Tools

upward or downward movement. ❖. Wireline running tool, pulling tool, or other service tool required to perform services desired. ❖. Tool strings are available in various sizes that are designed by nominal dimensions rather than tubing sizes. Wireline Tool. String Size – O.D.. Thread Connection. Pin X Box. Fishing Neck. Size.


Logging Manual

Welcome to Version 2.0 of the ODP Logging Services Electronic Manual. There are several .... a list of the sensor measure points for each tool, and a list of logging parameters. Data. Acquisition. Logging. Operations. Stuck/Lost. Tool Policy. Shipboard. Reports ... recover a stuck tool, and to fish for a lost tool. If a tool is lost ...


Casing Scrapers

Page 2 • Casing Scrapers • Manual F620. Logan Casing Scraper • 2. OVERVIEW . Obstruction-free casing is critical for the efficient operation of many downhole tools during drilling, fishing, comple- tion, or wireline jobs. The Logan Casing. Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs.


Slickline Basics

Mar 14, 2009 ... About “90%” of success is in the operator selection. • Wire line breaks can be almost totally eliminated by torsion testing of wire and limiting jarring times. • When wire breaks, always expect a little wire above the rope socket. • When possible, run a fishing tool that has a release. • H2. S wells can be wireline ...


Tubular Wireline Jar

The Logan Tubular Wireline Jar is actu- ated either manually or by the use of a reel. The Jar is positioned by pulling or reeling. Sudden release or rapid unreel- ing causes the weight of the Jar and sinker bars to close the Jar. To Jar Up. The tools are assembled and run in the hole in the usual manner and the fish or.


Wireline: Braided Cable, E-Line and Slickline Operations and

Nov 18, 2014 ... selection. • Wire line breaks can be almost totally eliminated by torsion testing of wire, limiting jarring times, only using a great operator and not pushing the limits with wire, cycles or time. • When wire breaks, always expect a little wire above the rope socket. • Whenever possible, run a fishing tool that has a.


Hydraulic Wireline Jar

Manual D460 • Logan Hydraulic Wireline Jar • Page 1 .... retrievable downhole tubing equipment; and cable services such as swabbing, bailing, and fishing. It is particularly valuable in fishing, swabbing, and per- manent well completion ... Logan Oil Tools reserves the right to change or discontinue designs without notice.


Subsurface Flow Control Systems

API class of service for API equipment; operating manual and shipping ... Full documentation available for landing nipples and lock mandrels, including ..... the lock. • Can be run and retrieved on slickline or coiled tubing. • Selective lock location. • Element above keys. Fishing Neck. Full Bore Nipple. Expandable Element.


Fishing cased hole

Wireline Catching Tools. “Top Hat". Internal catchers. Spear-type wireline catchers www.GEKEngineering.com. 18 ... Fishing With Coiled Tubing. • Load ( tensile, shock, torsion?) limits. • jars. • deviation. • catch tools. • release options. • tubing cutoff www.GEKEngineering.com. 28 ...


Wireline Operations - Fishing Tools

A Wireline Cutter is required when a slickline or stranded wireline must be cut in the well. The Flopetrol* Wireline Cutter is run down under its own weight guided by the line and when it strikes the stuck tool, it cuts the wire and wedges it into its body. Subsequently the cutter will be retrieved along with the cut wire. When the  ...


Wireline and Flow Control Products

equipment, slickline tools, flow control equipment, hydraulic control units and tubular products. ... Wireline Tools. Standard Toolstring Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3. Running, Pulling, Shifting and Positioning Tools . . . . . .Page 37. Fishing Tools. ... For operational guidelines please refer to the technical manual that can be.


Elmar Products and Services

Our vision is to be globally recognised as the supplier of wireline equipment products, after sales support and training against ... masts, wireline pressure control equipment, slickline tools, flow control equipment, hydraulic control units and tubular products. .... certification and documentation is provided. Our three tubular.

Elmar Products and Services Brochure Rev01.pdf

Oilfield Review

In the oil field, a fish is any item left in a wellbore that impedes further operations. This broad defi- nition encompasses every variety of drilling, log- ging or production equipment, including drill bits, pipe, logging tools, hand tools or any other junk that may be lost, damaged, stuck or other- wise left in a borehole. When junk or ...


Compact Setting Tool Technical Manual

Owen Single Stage Setting Tools are compact wireline tools. The burning of a power charge produces high-pressure gas for setting bridge plugs, cement retainers and packers. Benefits/Capabilities. • Pressure balanced top and bottom pistons. • Eliminates presetting of plugs and patches, caused by high hydrostatic  ...



NOV Downhole is the manufacturer of Bowen® Fishing Tools, the world's most respected and reliable fishing tool products in the oil and gas industry for over 85 years. Fishing ... NOV Downhole provides a vast range of fishing tools that have become industry standards. .... Send for Bowen Technical Manual No. 1150 which ...


SPE-174068-MS Using Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs) To Mitigate

that the cable force modeling for WLSO deployment indicated that several fishing operations were averted. The oil and ... their optimal placement on the cable, taking into account such factors as logging objectives, wellbore ..... (without any time dependence), a rough estimate only, commonly available from mud manuals.



Warning: use of owen equipment contrary to manufacturer's specifications or operating instructions may result in property damage, serious injury or ... Reduces fishing costs and uncertainty due to reduced flare over conventional jet cutters .... 1.11 Electrically connect the detonator lead wires to the wireline or toolstring.


Audit Procedures for Oil and Gas Well Servicing (Sales Tax)

May 1, 2017 ... The intent of the manual is for the auditor to become familiar with the activities of a well servicing company and to outline the ..... Empty vessel. X. Taxable if in connection with a repair or maintenance; exempt if manufacturing equipment. Fishing for casing. X. Fishing for drill pipe. X. Fishing for rods. X.



www.danumwellservices.com. WIRELINES & TOOLS. FOR WELL INTERVENTION. APPLICATIONS. ExcEllEncE comEs as standard. A leading supplier of Wirelines and Slicklines to the oil and gas industry. DWS. DANUM WELL SERVICES LTD ...