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Helping Your Child Become a Reader (PDF)

As Simple as ABC. What Happens Next? A Home for My Books. A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words. Rhyme with Me: It's Fun, You'll See ! Match My Sounds ... reading, too. To help show when children can take certain learning steps, this booklet ties the discussion and activities to four age groups: Baby = birth to 1 year .


Milestone Moments

she plays, learns, speaks, and acts. Look inside for milestones to watch for in your child and how you can help your child learn and grow. Centers for Disease. Centers for Disease. Control and Prevention. Control and Prevention www.cdc. gov/milestones www.cdc.gov/milestones. 1-800-CDC-INFO. 1-800-CDC-INFO.



9Let's Share Words and Stories: reading, orally telling stories, acting out stories, pretend play, drawing and other forms of expression. 9Let's Say Hello/goodbye: transitions you and your child will make including transitioning between activities, cleaning up, visiting with a babysitter or going to child care. 9Let's rest: nap time,  ...


Teaching Skills with Children's Literature as Mentor Text

The interesting formats of children's picture books can be an excellent source of information, help students to understand vocabulary words in different contest areas, motivate students to learn, and provide models for research and writing. Through children's literature, students learn that literature and reading are a part of all ...


Kindergarten: Supporting language and early literacy practices

Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority. July 2014. Page 2 of 20. 1. A conceptual framework for supporting language and early literacy learning and development. As an experienced kindergarten teacher I often find myself having to justify why I teach the way. I do through play-based learning. Increasingly, there ...


Learning Through the Early Years: The Benefits of Repetition and

What Are the 12 KBYU Eleven. Ready To Learn Workshops? 1. Benefits of Media and the Learning Triangle. 2. Rhymers Are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes. 3. Music Is a Must! 4. Storytelling: You Can Do It! 5. The Brain: How Children Develop. 6. The FUNdamental Powers of Play. 7. What Do You Do with the ...

file.axd?file=2011/3/10 Learning Through the Early Years.pdf


3. recognize favorite books by the cover. 4. frequently request the re-reading of books. Learning Objectives: Listening/Speaking. The student will: 1. randomly draw and .... Farm”. Introduce farm vocabulary and animal noises. Have students sit in a circle. Give each student either an animal picture or plastic animal in correct ...

Pre-Emergent Listening Speaking.doc.pdf

TSR! Parent Literacy Handbook

have about the book. This type of responsive parenting leads to healthy relationships with others as children get older. Being sensitive and responsive to your child .... How does it make your child feel? • Play word games with your child . For example, say a word and have your child think of an opposite word (e.g., up/ down ...


Supporting phonemic awareness development in the classroom

sounds. They can identify the three sounds in the spoken word fish (/f/-/i/-/sh/), for example, and. Supporting phonemic awareness development in .... displayed in Figure 3. Child- ren appear to be better able to capture and gain control over larger units of sound before smaller units of sound (Stahl & Murray, 1994; Treiman &.


Favorite iTunes Apps from the AACchicks!

repeat It also allows you to touch-and-drag the animals around the farm scene. Farm ... Animal Sound Chase - Match the right animal to its sound 2 up to 16 tiles and timed or untimed game (iPhone and ... Kindergarten.com- Flashcards in a variety of categories with intermittent reinforcement to keep kids looking such as.


Farm Alphabet Book

You will need Vocabulary Word Cards, lowercase letters, Farm Animal Cards. Introduction of Book. - Show the children the cover of the book and point to the apple ... Activity 1. Activity 2. Activity 3. Activity 4. Place the Farm Animal Cards on the table. Point to and name each of the animals — ball, donkey, foal, goat, lamb, pig, ...


Phonological Awareness.pub

This workshop will focus specifically on children's awareness of the sounds & structure of ... for Ages 3-5. LEARNING EXPECTATIONS: Initiates word play and likes rhymes and silly sounds & words. See #38. Completes a rhyme and recites at least three rhymes ... Picture cards of animals and objects for “Syllable Puzzles ”.


Mother Goose on the Loose:

books. ▫ canvas bags. ▫ farm animals (puppets or stuffed animals). ▫ some percussion instruments o bells o wooden rhythm sticks o maracas o tambourine ... 1. Welcoming comments. 2. Opening rhymes and reads. 3. Body rhymes. 4. Rum pum pum drum sequence. 5. Standing-up activities. 6. Animals! 7. Musical instruments ...


Language and Literacy

1. Language and Literacy in the Early. Years. Language is about listening and speaking within a system that has its own rules and conventions while literacy .... word 'book'). Phonological Awareness. Phonological awareness is about understanding the sound structure of spoken language. Generally, children begin with an ...


Learning and Developing through Play (Aistear)

guidelines offer information and suggestions on how the adult can extend and enrich children's learning and ... Table 7: Characteristics of play .... See Appendix 1 for examples of resources that can be used to support these different types of play. 1. Physical play is used to refer to physical, exploratory, manipulative, and ...


Duck on a Bike Teaching Guide

Genre: Fiction Picture Book. Subject/Theme: Farm Animals, Creativity, Imagination. OVERVIEW. Common Core. State Standards. Reading. Writing Listening & .... 1. Repetitive Story Structure What does Duck say each time he rides by an animal on his bike? What do the animals say back? Then what happens each time?


Crazy Animals

03. Activities. 08. Activity 1: Act out. 08. Activity 2: Acting songs. 10. Activity 3: Alphabet and sound recognition 12. Activity 4: At the zoo. 14. Activity 5: Birthdays. 16. Activity 6: Brown bear, brown bear. 18. Activity 7: Calendars. 20. Activity 8: Change places, please. 22. Activity 9: Crazy animals. 24. Activity 10: Creative chairs.


Great Australian Picture Books to share with children

Story Time Anytime Great Australian Picture Books. Great. Australian. Picture Books to share with children ... Reading books is a great way to spend time with your child and to ensure your child's success in reading at school. ... your child to enjoy the sound and rhythm of language, the taste of words and the way words join.


Great Books to Read to Infants and Toddlers | NAEYC For Families

Try using the word pattern to say something to your own child. “My baby, my baby , what do you see? Do you see your mommy reading to you? I think you do.” ... Life on a farm can be noisy! Polacco uses lilting, repetitive language and rich watercolor illustrations to show various animal families and the sounds they make.

Great Books to Read to Infants and Toddlers - NAEYC For Families.pdf

Unit 1 Not Far From Home, Lesson 1 “Fun with Nat the Cat

1. If possible, have your child hold and explore a cat. Discuss the features of the. ( or a) cat with your child. Points of discussion should include that a cat has ... Use the following word starters and have your child come up with rhyming words. You can make a game out of this by taking turns or seeing who can come up with ...