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The emerging conceptual framework of evolutionary developmental

Feb 14, 2002 ... 757 review article. The emerging conceptual framework of evolutionary developmental biology. Wallace Arthur. Ecology Centre, School of Sciences, University of Sunderland, ... Over the last twenty years, there has been rapid growth of a new approach to understanding the evolution of organismic form.


The Pattern of Variation in Centipede Segment Number as an

Mar 11, 1999 ... 191, there are no species in which an even number of segments is observed, in contrast to about. 1000 species ... evolution. 1999 Academic Press. 1. Introduction. Why do animals take the forms they do, and not others? Why, as Ra! (1996) has asked, are all land ... E-mail: [email protected]


Where does animal diversity come from?

phenotype resembles that of. Wallace Arthur, who in his recent book 'Biased Embryos and. Evolution' explored the idea that evolution's direction is influenced by phenotypic bias in the mutation process. This phenotypic bias is not the result of bias at the molecular level, such that some base changes are more probable than ...


Progressive Evolution and the Origin of Species

OF SPECIES'. PROFESSOR ARTHUR DENDY. THE opening years of the present century have wit- nessed a remarkable development of biology as an ex- perimental science ... those of Alfred Russel Wallace, supported by the power- ful influence of .... progressive evolution of animals, although it has been replaced in the ...


alfred russel wallace and the darwinian species concept

KEYWORDS: History of evolution, Mimicry, Species concepts, Geographic variation, Taxonomic inflation, ... were then known), Wallace addressed himself to the scientific understanding of his and Darwin's (1859) theories of evolution via natural selection. Wallace wrote a very ... Arthur Stanley Eddington had not yet been.

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Newnham College Library: Accessions Nov 2017

Dec 1, 2017 ... Arthur, Wallace,. Evolving animals : the story of our kingdom / Wallace Arthur ( Emeritus Professor of Zoology, National University of. Ireland, Galway) ; illustrations by Stephen Arthur. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014. ISBN: 9781107627956. 862.2.GRI. Griffiths, Anthony J. F.,. Introduction to ...


D'Arcy Thompson and the theory of transformations

Apr 11, 2006 ... D'Arcy Thompson was unique; no one before him had attempted the kind of geometrical approach to development and evolution that he did. His entirely. SERIES ON HISTORICAL PROFILES — TIMELINE. D'Arcy Thompson and the theory of transformations. Wallace Arthur. Abstract | D'Arcy Thompson was ...

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the centipede Strigamia maritima

ÃAuthor for correspondence (email: [email protected]). 1Present address: Department of Evolution, Systematics and Ecology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem 91904, Israel. SUMMARY The ... or all species do show variation in segment number provide an opportunity to study ...


Intraspecific Variation in Developmental Characters: The Origin of

parisons (e.g., between congeneric species) are more informative about evolution- ary mechanisms, including speciation. ... WALLACE ARTHUR. The examples discussed in the present pa- per—changes in centipede segment number and switches in gastropod chirality—lend support to this idea, but there is an impor-.


The interaction between developmental bias and natural selection

W Arthur. 241. Figure 1 Representative species of the centipede orders Lithobi- omorpha (Lithobius variegatus, top) and Geophilomorpha (Geophilus .... specifically in a way that involves a major role for devel- opmental bias in determining the direction of phenotypic evolution. Here, I take a general and abstract approach.


O'Connor et al (2007 critique)

Feb 2, 2007 ... Annette E. Sieg, Bryan P. Wallace, James N. McNair and Arthur E. Dunham. M. P. O'Connor ([email protected]), A. E. Sieg and B. P. Wallace, Dept of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Drexel Univ.,. Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA. Present address for BPW: Duke Univ. Center for Marine Conservation, ...

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History of Genetics Book Collection held at the John Innes Centre

Oct 30, 2007 ... Wallace New York Times Books 1980 081290883X8884 BOOK-HG HG œ.00 7/9/ 1995. Newton ... A discussion on ritualization of behaviour in animals and man London Royal Society 1966 A45727851 .... Keith Arthur Sir 1866-1955 A new theory of human evolution London Watts 1950 A41574545 BOOK-.


How the Leopard Changed Its Spots. (Brian Goodwin).

Jan 1, 1998 ... Goodwin is a critic of evolution, who analyses the ... Creationists reject the theory of evolution, but the difference is that they don't want a scientific solution for a scientific problem. ... q Wallace Arthur(2000) The Origin of Animal Body Plans : A Study in Evolutionary Developmental Biology Cambridge Univ Pr.


Putting evo-devo into focus

and evolution research have overlapped, generating a new field, evolutionary .... large animal groups. It is widely accepted that the roots of evolutionary changes in animal shape and form can be iden- tified by studying the developmental mechanisms that control body pattern .... for evolution. Wallace Arthur (2004) notes.


Cacti, Biology and Uses

1. Evolution and Systematics. Robert S. Wallace and Arthur C. Gibson . 1. 2. Shoot Anatomy and .... sponse to extreme habitats, cacti have evolved special phys- iological traits as well as distinctive appearances. ... The fruits of other cactus species, known as pitahayas and pitayas, and various other cactus products are ...

Cacti - Biology and Uses (UC Press, 2003).pdf

Conserved versus innovative features in animal body organization

May 3, 2005 ... the body cavities evolved by several animal groups may have been initiated by simple changes in cell- to-cell adhesive ... Arthur, 2002). In recent debate, distinguishing between the remoulding of existing features and the advent of really new features is possibly the matter that has drawn most interest (e.g.,.

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Evolutionary Morphology, Innovation, and the Synthesis of

One foundational question in contemporary biology is how to 'rejoin' evolution and ..... of uneasiness when the animals and their structures are foremost in mind ” ...... 11 Another prominent example of this viewpoint is found in the work of Wallace Arthur. (1997: 32, 43; cf. Arthur 2002). Population genetics is considered the ...


How many processes are responsible for phenotypic evolution?

Ontogenies evolve, not genes or adults. Mutated genes are passed on only to the extent that they promote survival of ontogenies; adulthood is only a fraction of ...... Arthur, W. 1997. The Origin of Animal Body Plans. A Study in Evolution- ary Developmental Biology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Arthur, W. 2000.

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The Chlamydomonas Genome Reveals the Evolution of Key Animal

Oct 12, 2007 ... The Chlamydomonas Genome. Reveals the Evolution of Key Animal and Plant ... Laurence Maréchal-Drouard,7 Wallace F. Marshall,8 Liang-Hu Qu,9 David R. Nelson,10. Anton A. Sanderfoot,11 Martin H. ... Igor V. Grigoriev,2 Daniel S. Rokhsar,2,6‡ Arthur R. Grossman17‡. Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is a ...



Marine Science, Ecology, Evolution, Evolutionary Theory, Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science, Differentiation,. Journal of Experimental ... Levels of genetic polymorphism at two enzyme encoding loci in eight species of the genus Macoma ...... Body Plans: A Study in Evolutionary Developmental Biology, by Wallace Arthur.