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2013 Warranty Manual

Oct 18, 2011 ... Definitions. As used in this manual (unless otherwise specifically stated):. “Kia” means Kia Motors America, Inc., P.O.Box. 52410 Irvine, CA 92619-2410, U.S.A., the distributor of Kia Vehicles in the United States. “Kia Vehicle” means a 2013 model year Kia Motor. Vehicle manufactured by Kia Motors ...


2008 Kia Warranty and Consumer Information Manual

2 () () 8. KIA MOTORS. WARRANTY AND CONSUMER INFORMATION MANUAL ... Limited Warranty ........................................... 34. Scheduled Maintenance Record ..................... 38. Dealer Certification ........................................ 42. When you need to talk to Kia and Roadside. Assistance ....................................................... 43. QIA) ...


Kia Engine Oil Grades and Capacities

Magentis. 2003. 2005. MS. 2.0. Sirius. Petrol. 4.3. API SE. 10W30. Magentis. 2006. 2008. MG. 2.0. D. Diesel. 5.9. ACEA C3. 5W30. Magentis. 2006. 2008. MG .... all oil manufacturers produce all grades, consult your owner's manual for acceptable variances. Vehicle Details. Engine Oil. Kia Engine Oil Grades and Capacities.


New Cars, Used Cars & New Car Deals | Kia Motors UK

Book your service · Service & maintenance · Parts & accessories · Roadside assistance · Recycling · Reference guides & manuals · My Kia · Real Driving Emissions · BUSINESS · Company car driver · Small fleet · Large fleet · Range · Contract hire · Kia business magazine · Contact the business team · INNOVATION.


Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide

Manual Transmission on all 2006-11 vehicles equipped with a N52 engine: 5- series (E60) from 3.2005 production. Z4 Roadster (E85) from 9/2005 production ..... 2006-10 Kia Optima. GL-4,. GL-5. SAE 75W-85. Land. Rover. 1995 Defender. AF3. DEXRON®-III Automatic Transmission Fluid. Synchromesh MTF, Dex/Merc.

V-8070 Manual Transmission Fluid Application Guide 6.6.13.pdf

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) Readiness and Drive Cycle Information

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) so that the check engine light remains on after the repair(s). ... Based on these owner's manuals, to check for readiness, turn the ignition switch to the ON position, but do not crank or start the engine. The check engine light may light solidly then either turn off, remain illuminated or blink.


Vehicle Tax Manual

OFFICIAL MINNESOTA. MOTOR VEHICLE. TAX TABLES. FOR THE YEAR 2016. MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. Driver and Vehicle Services Division. 445 Minnesota Street. St. Paul, MN 55101 ...


Owners Manual

Kia, THE COMPANY. Thank you for becoming the owner of a new Kia vehicle. As a global car manufacturer focused on building high-quality, value for money prices, Kia Motors is dedicated to providing you with a customer service experience that exceeds your expectations. All information contained in this Owner's Manual ...


2008 Nissan Towing Guide

suspension, and engine cooling system. See your vehicle owner's manual for details. NEVER EXCEED THE ESTABLISHED TOWING CAPACITY. Towing capacities vary from vehicle to vehicle. See the SPECIFICATIONS section of this guide for the towing capacities of 2008 Nissan vehicles produced at the time of Towing.


2008 Magentis Owner's Manual

Varying engine speed is needed to properly break-in the engine. • Avoid hard stops, except in emergen- cies, to allow the brakes to seat prop- erly. • Avoid full- throttle starts. HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL. WARNING. A WARNING indicates a situation in which serious bodily injury or death could result if the warning is ignored ...


Technical Service Bulletin

CONTENTS OF THIS TSB: TOPIC. PAGE. 1. TPMS Overview. 2. 2. Diagnostic Chart. 4. 3. Detailed TPMS Information. 6 a. Low Tire Pressure Warning Light ON. 6 b. NF Sonata - 08MY vs. 09MY Part Numbers. 8 c. Valve Stem Damage. 9 d. Valve Stem Cap Corrosion. 12 e. Electro-magnetic Interference. 13 f. TRW TPMS  ...


Timing Belt Replacement Interval Guide

Gates is the global leader in timing belt innovation. Gates global network of technical research and development centers work with virtually every Original Equipment Manufacturer worldwide to build timing belts for new vehicles as they' re being designed. It is this strong. Original Equipment (OE) relationship that enables us ...


General Estimates System Coding And Editing Manual

U.S. Department of Transportation. National Automotive. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sampling System. General Estimates System. Coding And Editing. Manual. 2004 ...


2008 Fuel Economy Guide

Mar 31, 2016 ... MODEL YEAR 2008 FUEL ECONOMY LEADERS. Listed below are vehicles with the highest fuel economy in the most popular classes, including vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions. Please note that many vehicle models come in a range of engine sizes and trim lines, resulting in ...


Torque Tables

T-T-Y head bolts are particularly common on engines using aluminum heads and /or multi-layer steel head gaskets. These bolts are engineered to stretch within a controlled. “yield zone”. Once they reach this zone, they spring back to provide a precise level of clamping force over the entire area of the gasket. It's important to  ...

Torque Table T1.pdf

2008 12-Volt Alternator Manual For PDF.qxd

Feb 12, 2016 ... tors, your Balmar alternator provides even greater efficiency when charging deep -cycle flooded, standard flooded, gel, AGM, Optima and other marine battery technologies. When preset for your battery type, the smart regulator guides your alternator through a tailored charge cycle that ensures the best care ...


AERA Torque Specs

Make. Liter CID. Engine Model Year. Rod Torque. Main Torque. Cylinder Head Bolt Torque. ACURA. 1.6. 97. D16A1. 86-89. 23 FT/LBS. 40 FT/LBS. 22, 47 FT/ LBS. ACURA. 1.7. 104. B17A1. 92-93. 14,23 FT/LBS. 56 FT/LBS. 22,61 FT/LBS. ACURA. 1.8. 112. B18A1. 90-94. 30 FT/LBS. 56 FT/LBS. 22,61 FT/LBS. ACURA. 1.8.


Passenger Air Bag Automatic On-Off

on after you turn the ignition switch to ON (II). If the indicator stays on after the engine starts. If the indicator comes on or flashes on and off while you drive. If you see any of these indications, the airbags and the seat belt tensioners may not work properly when you need them. This indicator alerts you that the passenger's side.


What To Do When Your TPMS Light Turns On | Schrader

Fill your tires to the proper placard tire pressure, either with the help of your nearest tire service center or by using a tire air supply at a nearby filling station. If necessary, have any damaged tires, as well as the TPMS system, serviced at your nearest tire service center. The TPMS light should turn off within several minutes ...

Tyre Industry news -scan.pdf

Hyundai/Kia key teaching

The SMARTRA does not carry out the check of validity of transponder or the calculation of encryption algorithm. This device is only an advanced interface, which converts the. RF data flow (radio frequency of 125 kHz) of transponder into serial communication to ECM and vice versa. The SMARTRA communicates to a  ...