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Surface wave propagation in a transversely isotropic elastic layer

Surface wave propagation in a transversely isotropic elastic layer overlying a liquid saturated porous solid half-space and lying under the uniform layer of liquid ... Surface waves transversely isotropic liquid saturated porous solid dispersion Rayleigh type waves nondissipative porous media frequency equation phase ...


Propagation of elastic waves in transversely isotropic media

Propagation of Elastic Waves. Transversely Isotropic Media by. Sebastien Geoltrain. Partially supported by the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures at the Center for Wave Phenomena. Center for Wave Phenomena. Department of Mathematics. Colorado School of Mines. Golden, Colorado ...


Wave propagation in a transversely isotropic microstretch elastic solid

composite materials, micromechanics, cellular solids, and biological materials may be understood via Cosserat or. Micropolar elasticity. Eringen (1999, 2001) states, ... medium. Singh (2002) studied the the plane waves in an isotropic microstretch elastic solid and discussed a prob- lem on reflection of the plane waves from ...


Propagation of waves in an incompressible transversely isotropic

Mechanics of. Materials and Structures. PROPAGATION OF WAVES IN AN INCOMPRESSIBLE TRANSVERSELY. ISOTROPIC ELASTIC SOLID WITH INITIAL STRESS: BIOT REVISITED. Ray W. Ogden and .... elasticity tensor used here (which depend nonlinearly on the initial stress) and the components of Biot's elasticity ...


Elastic Wave Propagation in Layered Anisotropic Media1

cly isot.ropie media.. This kind of anisotropy is exhibited by hexagonal crystals, sediments, planar igneous bodies, ice sheets, and rolled metal sheets where the ... distortional wave. These velocities are inde pendent of direction. A transversely isotropic solid is governed by five elastic constants, and the separation into two ...


Rayleigh Surface Waves In A Transversely Isotropic Microstretch

dimensional frequency. Keywords—Rayleigh surface wave, Frequency equation, Speed of propagation, Transverse isotropy, Microstretch elastic solid. I. INTRODUCTION. The linear theory of elasticity has applications in the stress analysis of steel, which is the commonest engineering structural material. To a lesser extent.


Propagation of Elastic Waves in Solids

feature is elasticity, is referred to as “elastic medium.” Accordingly, elastic vibrations are vibrations of mechanical systems, elastic medium, or its part that ... In the mechanics of a deformed solid there are normal (tensile or compressive) σxx, σyy ..... When a transversal wave propagates in an infinite isotropic medium, all direc-.


wave propagation in a micropolar transversely isotropic generalized

arbitrary through plate variation of material properties. Payton in 1991 studied wave propagation in a restricted transversely isotropic elastic solid whose surface contains conical points. However, no attempt has been made to study the wave propagation in a micropolar transversely isotropic medium. The aim of the present ...


reflection of plane waves in transversely isotropic micropolar

Jul 26, 2014 ... of plane waves in transversely isotropic micropolar viscothermoelastic medium, namely quasi-longtitudinal ... applications in viscoelastic materials has become an important task for solid mechanics. ... propagation of waves in micropolar viscoelastic generalized thermoelastic solids having interfacial ...


propagation of waves in the layer of a thermo-viscoelastic

viscoelastic transversely isotropic medium in the context of thermoelasticity with GN theory of type-II and III. Secular ... The classical theory of thermo-elasticity involving infinite speed of propagation of thermal signals, ... mechanical waves in a layer of homogeneous thermoelastic solid and plane waves, respectively. Many .


Chapter 2 Linear elasticity

Thereby, the well known Thomsen's parameters for vertical transversely ... thesis to consider all aspects of the mechanics of and wave propagation through poroe- ..... Linear elasticity. Considering eq. (2.13) and (2.14) it is possible to calculate the elastic parameters of an isotropic medium when P- and S-wave velocity and ...


Transient elastic waves applied to nondestructive testing of

Keywords: Elastic wave propagation; Nondestructive testing; Transversely isotropic lossless materials; Numerical modeling; Elastodynamic finite integration technique (EFIT); ... process a granular structure is created, which makes the weld an anisotropic medium for elastic waves; typically, the weld is often buffered to the ...


An alternative ultrasonic method for measuring the elastic properties

principles of ultrasonic methods are now well established for varying isotropic media, particularly in the field of ... because it relates the elastic moduli of a material to the velocity of propagation of these waves along arbitrary ... 1.1 Elastic constants considering the bone as transversely isotropic or orthotropic. For generally ...


Conditions for Strong Ellipticity of Anisotropic Elastic Materials

Elasticity tensors Anisotropic materials Strong ellipticity Z-eigenvalues Copositivity Rhombic systems ... Merodio, J., Ogden, R.W.: Instabilities and loss of ellipticity in fiber-reinforced compressible nonlinearly elastic solids under plane deformation. ... Payton, R.G.: Elastic Wave Propagation in Transversely Isotropic Media.


wave propagation in transversely isotropic, layered cylinders

The propagation of infinite trains of Symmetrie Harmonie waves traveling in infinitely long, right circular cylindrical shells is investigated on the basis of the three-dimensional theory of elasticity. The shells are assumed made of three concentric, transversely isotropic cylinders, each of different materials, bonded perfectly at ...


Dispresion Analysis in a Fluid–Filled and Immersed Transversely

constitutive equations of a transversely isotropic piezo–thermo elastic material with a preferred material ... Keywords: wave propagation in piezoelectric cylinder/ plates, solid–fluid interaction, thermal cylinders/plates .... the frequency equations are first solved by omitting the fluid medium and thermo coupling and the ...


A mathematical model for longitudinal wave propagation in a

Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids. 2016, Vol. 21(1) 104– ... propagation of waves in an initially stressed magnetoelastic and thermoelastic medium, we cite here a few publications [29–31]. ... the effect of the transverse isotropy and magnetic field on the interface waves in a conducting medium subject to the initial state of ...


a review of wave motion in anisotropic and cracked elastic-media

wave propagation in transversely-isotropic media ... tuation in wave propagation in two-phase materi- als, particularly cracked solids, can be modelled by homogeneous elastic-solids. Such solids will be ..... body-waves with the three orthogonal symmetry-planes of orthorhombic orthopyroxene (elastic constants from [41]):.


Modeling Elastic Waves in Heterogeneous Anisotropic Media using

Abstract—We generalize the theory of the k-space method to the case of elastic wave propagation in heterogeneous anisotropic media. The k-space operator is derived in the spatially continuous ... the elastic waves in isotropic media [1], [2], the new algorithm ... Consider a homogeneous medium (i.e., the elasticity tensor.


SH-wave Green tensor for homogeneous transversely isotropic

Tensor equations of the ray theory for homogeneous anisotropic elastic media are presented. For a point source, ... the SH-wave Green tensor for the transversely isotropic medium involves only two non-zero terms and the complete ray solution coincides with an ... a+! is the normalized elasticity tensor, rjk is the Christoffel ...