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ENGL520 Critical Language and Cultural Studies

We will analyse discourse in order to understand the cultural assumptions embedded within texts. ... Types of discourse analytical approaches. • Relevant issues in ... Understanding a post-modern society. • Propaganda model. • The discourse of fear. • The myth in war discourse. • Gender and discourse. • Political discourse.


Introduction: Discourse, War and Terrorism

position in the world in relation to terrorism. Critical approaches to discourse in politics, society and culture. The contributors to this volume represent a consolidation of diverse sub-fields in- volved in the critical study of language, coming from backgrounds in sociocul- tural linguistics, as well as communication, media, ...


Arab News and Conflict: A Multidisciplinary Discourse Study

(Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, issn 1569-9463 ; v. 34) .... Figure 5.1. The major contextual constraints identified in Arab media discourse . 136. Table 6.1. The preferred transitivity system found in political discourse .... “ war on terror”, the discourse of “resistance to occupation”, we should investigate.


Perspectives in Politics and Discourse. Okulska, U., & Cap, P. (Eds.).

(Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Cul- ture, ISSN1569-9463; V.36). ... of language as means of struggle for cultural/communal superiority and dominance” (Okulska & Cap,. 2010a, p. 3). Political ... control and are used to stimulate and endorse 'political struggles' such as the US War on Terror. This discussion is ...


The Great Transformation Three Centuries Later

Dictatorship of Failure: The Discourse of Democratic Failure in the Current European Crisis. Studies across Disciplines ..... terms described by Polanyi, because after the end of the Cold War the discourse that supports the utopia ..... Discourse, War and. Terrorism, Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture series.


Security, Democracy, and the Rhetoric of Counter-Terrorism Richard

political narratives. Employing the methodology of critical discourse analysis, the study suggests that the language of the ―war on terrorism‖ is not simply a neutral or objective ... and preventing the articulation of potentially more effective counter-terrorism approaches. .... In both popular culture and counter-terrorism.

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A New Agenda in (Critical) Discourse Analysis: Theory

(Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture, issn 1569-9463 ; v. 13). Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Social sciences--Methodology. 2. Critical discourse analysis. 3. Discourse analysis. I.Wodak, Ruth, 1950- II. ..... oppressions, the rise of terrorism, religious fundamentalism including its West-.


III. Resources

Contestation of Sociopolitical Reality. (Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics). New York: Oxford University Press. Hodges, Adam; Nilep, Chad (Eds.) (2007): Discourse, War and Terrorism. (Discourse Approaches to Politics,. Society and Culture, Vol. 24). [e-Book]. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/ 10.1075/.


prof. zw. dr hab. Piotr Cap

since 2011 – Advisory board member of the book series Discourse Approaches to. Politics, Society and Culture (DAPSAC) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands: John Benja- mins) since 2011 – Editorial board .... Cap, P. (2009) “Legitimization of the War-on-Terror within the Proximization Mod- el”. In W. Oleksy& P. Stalmaszczyk ...

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A call to arms at the end of history: A discourse-historical analysis of

of the culture in which the discourse is situated; (3) the construction of a thoroughly evil Other; and, (4) an appeal for ... Keywords: Critical discourse analysis • terrorism • social dynamics • political discourse • warfare .... Bush's ( 2001) call to arms against terror, we take a discourse-historical approach consonant with.


Title of Submission

bin Laden's discourse of incitement which encourages his followers to commit terrorist attacks. The researchers examine bin Laden's speech directed to the Iraqi ...... (Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture Series). [13]. Jackson, R. (2005).Writing the war on terrorism language, politics and counter- terrorism.



This paper focuses on the role of language in social life, specifically on discourse as the focus of political ... achieving a culture of social and ecological peace. .... are organized sets of fundamental and often normative ideas and attitudes about some aspect of social reality shared by members of a group, society or culture.


Jack Holland

demonstrate the utility of a poststructural approach for denaturalising dominant discourses. Jackson‟s work, as ... context – notably foreign policy culture and the domestic political landscape – and the way in which context facilitates ... and Politics: Critical Discourse Analysis and the War on Terrorism." 49th Parallel 15 ...


Book review: Kathleen Gleeson, Australia's 'War on Terror'Discourse

Kathleen Gleeson, Australia's 'War on Terror' Discourse, Farnham: Ashgate, 2014 ; viii + 273 pp.,. ISBN 9781472419859 ... the author's approach toward security would have benefited from embracing different types of security, rather than ... concepts that may carry different meanings, such as political culture (pp. 62, 65), are.


A Discourse Analysis of the “War on Terror”

discourse analysis in operationalizing a few relevant themes surrounding “war on terror” rhetoric. In demonstrating the ... discourse of society through political actors such as Congress. This linguistic observation ... the term from a periodical discursive approach to highlight the true meaning of and effectiveness behind the  ...

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The glocalization of politics in television: Fiction or reality?

Because politics is inherently linked to language, discourse and communication, I will take an approach from the perspective of critical discourse analysis (the discourse-historical approach) ... terror' shifts attention from US domestic politics to an issue that, according to US policy ... European Journal of Cultural Studies 13(1).



1. Richard Jackson. Constructing Enemies: ““Islamic Terrorism”” in Political and Academic. Discourse. –– Government and Opposition, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2007, p. 394. 2. For example George W. Bush in his speeches regularly speaks about war on terror and uses the word .... from which we approach the question. After the ...


Talking about terrorism: A study of vernacular discourse

sagepub.co.uk/journalsPermissions.nav. DOI: 10.1177/0263395715610791 pol. sagepub.com. Talking about terrorism: A study of vernacular discourse. Richard ... employ conversation analysis as their primary methodological approach. ... and how they reflect cultural dispositions and the politics of legitimacy (Stanley, 2014:.



Politeness, Politics and Diplomacy. Discourse & Society, 1(2), 201-224. Volume 2 (1991). Michael, M. (1991). Discourses of Danger and Dangerous Discourses: Patrolling the Borders of. Nature, Society and Science. Discourse & Society, 2(1), 5-28. Wilson, J. (1991). The Linguistic Pragmatics of Terrorist Acts. Discourse ...

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Language at War: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Speeches of Bush

Although speeches on terrorism have been part of American politics for a long time now, they seem to ... Fairclough (2003), on the other hand, classifies the various approaches of CDA into those that include a detailed ... as being discursive; discourse as constituting society and culture; discourse as doing ideological work;.