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Focus Group Resource Guide

Focus groups can be used for program development OR to evaluate an existing program or intervention. With focus ... Interviewer asks up to 12 open-ended questions with follow-ups ("probes") for clarification if necessary. ... guide to focus group fundamentals, including designing a topic guide. Please review her excellent ...


Introduction to Focus Groups

Describe uses in survey development process ... Focus Groups. • Focus group is a structured discussion with a small group. – Topics and questions defined ahead of time. – Discussion moderated and recorded. • For survey development ... 5. For additional information about the environment: Focus Group Kit, vol.2, chpt. 10.

Lecture 3-3 -- Introduction to Focus Groups.pdf


STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO RUNNING FOCUS GROUPS. PREPARING FOR THE FOCUS GROUP. Developing a question set. The data gathered in Step 2 of the process should have highlighted a number of areas warranting further exploration. Therefore, it is advised to base the question set on these areas. The HSE ...


Focus Group Presentation

Introduction to Focus. Groups. Gavin Henning. Student Affairs Planning, Evaluation and Research. Dartmouth College [email protected] ... Articulate the characteristics of a focus group. Articulate the skills needed to moderate and record a focus group. Ask useful focus group questions. Take useful notes.


Focus groups, Surveys, and Rubrics, Oh My! Choosing an

Focus groups: • The Focus Group Kit (Morgan & Krueger, 1998):. 1) The Focus Group Guidebook. 2) Planning Focus Groups. 3) Developing Questions for Focus Groups. 4) Moderating Focus Groups. 5) Involving Community Members in Focus Groups. 6) Analyzing & Reporting Focus Group Results. Strengths. Rubrics.


The Purpose of Focus Groups in Ascertaining Learner Satisfaction

Abstract: This paper examines the contribution of focus groups in evaluating learner satisfaction with a Virtual. Learning ... Key words: virtual learning environment, focus group, disaffection, impoverished learning, satisfaction, post ... focus groups can be used for program development and evaluation, planning, and needs.


Focus Groups 101

While many prefer in-person focus groups, time, distance and cost can often limit participation. If not done thoughtfully, virtual groups may, however, compromise the group dynamics that occurs in a room of live participants. Asking the Right Questions. Thought and care must be put into developing the questions to stimulate ...

Focus Groups 101 Rev 5.12.17.pdf

Using Focus Groups for Community Development

Yet, focus groups can also increase conflict and strain group dynamics if not properly executed. This publication provides information on the reasons to use a focus group, the steps involved, the types of questions that could be posed and expected outcomes. by Paul Lachapelle, Community Development Specialist, and ...


Methodology Brief: Introduction to Focus Groups

Sample purposes for a focus group include: •. Exploration: Finding out about an issue of importance from the target population. •. Program Development: Asking members of the target population what types of activities they would enjoy. •. Systematic Research: Collecting in-depth data on specific research questions.


“Focus groups can be fun”: the use of activity-oriented questions in

Keywords: methodology, focus groups, qualitative research, interview, interview techniques, activity ... make it a method of research, whose development has been divided in three phases (Morgan,. 1998): focus groups .... In the third volume of the Focus Group Kit, Krueger (1998) affirmed:


Focus Group Manual

Focus Group Manual. Beate Schulze. Karl Krajic. Ursula Trummer. Juergen M. Pelikan. February 2003. Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the. Sociology of Health and ... Involve members from all relevant groups in project development and thus ... A good opening or ice-breaker question for a migrant-friendly hospital project can.



5 Managing a Project. 23. 6 Stakeholder Input Tools. Focus Groups. 25. Web Survey Options. 29. 7 Data Collection and Analysis Tools. Data Collection Basics . 31 ... FACILITATOR TOOL KIT. 2. 2. GROUP DYNAMICS. Stages of Group Development. The diagram in Figure 1 depicts the stages that most groups will go.

Facilitator Tool Kit.pdf

Quick Tips: Focus Group Interviews

Nov 6, 2002 ... of focused questions. Participants hear and interact with each other and the leader, which yields different information than if people were interviewed individually. The purpose of focus groups is to develop a broad and deep understanding rather than a quantitative summary. Focus groups are a highly ...


Focus Group Initiative: Increase Student Participation in Program

Recommended Citation. Beman, Sarah B., "Focus Group Initiative: Increase Student Participation in Program Planning and Evaluation" (2011). Master ... two pilot focus groups with one cohort of ADNP students to test the process and determine feasibility ..... Developing questions for focus groups: focus group kit 3. CA: Sage.


The Use of Activity-Oriented Questions in Focus Group Discussions

1422. “Focus Groups Can Be Fun”: The Use of. Activity-Oriented Questions in Focus. Group Discussions. Erminia Colucci. The University of Melbourne .... Verbal Questions. In the third volume of the Focus Group Kit,. Krueger (1998) affirmed, “Questions can be fun. Too often we get into a rut, but with a little help, our ques-.


Focus Groups to support the Industrial/Product Designer: A review

the suitability of focus groups for use by Industrial/Product Designers, based on the current literature and designers feedback from two case studies. ...... The Focus Group Kit. London: Sage. Krueger, R. A. (1998b). Developing Questions for Focus Groups. Edited by Morgan, D. L. and Krueger, R. A. Vol. 3, The Focus. Group ...


Qualitative Evaluation Methods

Sep 21, 2017 ... Transition: moves smoothly and seamlessly into key questions. Key: obtains insight on areas of central concern in the study. Ending: helps team determine where to place emphasis and brings closure to the discussion. Krueger. The Focus Group Kit: Developing Questions for Focus Groups. 1998 Sage ...


Handheld computers in critical care | SpringerLink

Qualitative assessment of the benefits, drawbacks, and suggestions was performed by an independent company, using focus groups. An objective comparison between a paper and electronic ..... Kreuger RA: Developing questions for focus groups: Focus Group Kit 3. In The Focus Group Kit. London: Sage Publications ...


Toolkit for Conducting Focus Groups

Focus Groups. 4. An Overview. 5. Guiding Principles for the Group. 6. Steps in Planning Focus Groups. 7. Tips for Conducting Focus Groups. 8. Role of the Observer. 9. Difficult Situations. 10. Qualities ... Develop a code sheet, listing the participants' names with a code next to each name, assigned by the researcher, which ...


When is it best to use focus group, in-depth interviews or

In-depth interviews and focus groups can be used as part of a mixed methods research strategy (e.g. as a ... These include using visual retrieval aids for recall, asking “why” questions (who/what/when/where/why) ... developing a rapport between interviewer and interviewees is more difficult and takes longer than face -to-.