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2017-2018 General Education Program Courses

AST 2002C Intro to Space Science (3). □ BSC 1005 Biological Science (3). □ BSC 1005L Biological Science Lab (1). □ CHM 1020 Chemistry in Society (3). □ ESC 1000C Intro Earth Science (3). □ EVR 1001C Intro to Environmental Science (3). □ PHY 2020 Conceptual Physics (3). ADDITIONAL COURSE OPTIONS:.


Conceptual versus algorithmic learning in high school chemistry: the

Oct 24, 2008 ... before they have mastered ideas about atomic systems (Taber,. 2002c). But even university chemistry students who have passed the basic quantum chemistry course experienced ... and quantum physics and the misinterpretation of models are ... (A1C1); (2) algorithmic high, conceptual low (A1C0); (3).


Relationship of Individual Student Normalized Learning Gains in

(e) the rather standard introductory physics text by Serway & Faughn (College Physics, 4th edition) was utilized. III. SEARCH FOR "HIDDEN VARIABLES" ... (3) g-ave is the course average normalized gain calculated as the average of the single-student normalized gains gi : ..... illustrated version see Hake (2002c). Hake ...


Physics 11 and 12 (2006) (PDF)

Also available on the Internet. Includes bibliographical references: p. ISBN 0- 7726-5524-3. 1. Physics – Study and teaching (Secondary) – British Columbia. 2. ... the Department of Education for the Yukon Territory as defined in the Education Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c.61. ..... of what students are expected to know and be able.


2002 AP Physics C: Mechanics Scoring Guidelines

3. Implicit statements of concepts normally receive credit. For example, if use of the equation expressing a particular concept is worth one point, and a student's solution contains the application of that equation to the problem but the student does not write the basic equation, the point is still awarded. 4. The scoring guidelines ...


What do we expect from students' physics laboratory experiments?

May 13, 2002 ... We want physics specialized high school and college students to think like physicists, and this involves an understanding of the scientific methods of inquiry and the ability to use these methods in their own investigations. In order to do that , students have to be made aware that no experimental result has ...


Teachers' use of visual representations in the science classroom

Visual representations play a very important role in the communication of science concepts .... Physics. Chris (3). Chemistry. Bob (3). Janet (3). Biology. Margaret (3 ). Ellen (3). Each teacher was interviewed twice, at both the beginning and end of the semester. The ..... Qualitative research & evaluation methods (3rd ed.).


Using Computer Assisted Instruction to Compare the Inventive

Oct 26, 2002 ... Style file version June 20th, 2002. Journal of Science Education and Technology, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 2002 ( C 2002). Using Computer Assisted Instruction to Compare the Inventive Model and the Radical Constructivist. Approach to Teaching Physics. Ali Reza Rezaei1,3 and Larry Katz2,4. This paper ...


High-School Students' Conceptual Difficulties and Attempts at

Sep 9, 2010 ... To cite this version: Georgios Tsaparlis, Georgios Papaphotis. High-School Students' Conceptual Difficulties and At- tempts at Conceptual Change: The Case of Basic Quantum Chemical Concepts. Interna- .... first and second year undergraduate physics students in England prior to starting a quantum.


Facilitating Conceptual Change in Students' Understanding of

Oct 2, 2007 ... 3. Students confront their views by checking and dis- cussing them in groups. 4. Students work to resolve conflicts between their ideas and their ..... research literature on conceptual change in various topics. (Case and Fraser 1999; Chambers and Andre 1997; Chiu et al. 2002; C¸alık et al. 2007; Ebenezer ...


A Hybrid Text Classification Approach for Analysis of Student Essays

A Hybrid Text Classification Approach for Analysis of Student Essays. Carolyn P. Rosé ... Atlas conceptual physics tutoring system (VanLehn et al.,. 2002 .... 3 CarmelTC. Figure 1: This example shows the deep syntactic parse of a sentence. Sentence: The pumpkin moves slower because the man is not exerting a force on it.

A hybrid text classification approach for analysis of student essays.pdf

Fundamental principles of occupational health and safety

Page 3. Page 4. FUNDAMENTAL. PRINCIPLES OF. OCCUPATIONAL. HEALTH AND SAFETY. Second edition. Benjamin O. ALLI. INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE • GENEVA .... of the key concepts which permeate all OSH activities; Part II presents policy perspectives; and Part III deals with the operational aspects of ...


The functioning of context-based physics instruction in higher

Jun 18, 2013 ... However, students' attitudes were positive. Keywords: Academic achievement, context-based instruction, higher education, physics. Introduction. The needs of the ... Abstract concepts in physics courses ... Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 14, Issue 1, Article 4, p.3 (Jun., 2013).


Animation as an Aid to Multimedia Learning

Style file version Nov. 19th, 1999. Educational Psychology Review, Vol. 14, No. 1 , March 2002 (C o 2002). Animation as an Aid to Multimedia Learning. Richard E. Mayer1,3 and Roxana Moreno2. How can animation be used to promote learner understanding of scientific and mathematical explanations? In this review, we ...


VaR-Efficient Portfolios for a Class of Super-and Sub-Exponentially

3 Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics and Department of Earth and Space Science. University of California, Los Angeles, ... factors, the most prominent ones being its conceptual simplicity and relevance in addressing the ubiquitous large risks often .... Malevergne and Sornette 2002c). In section 2, we use the ...


Mathematics and Science Inequalities in the United Kingdom: When

women (UK Resource Centre for Women, 2009). Tables 3, 4, and 5 were produced by the Department for Education and Skills (DFES)1 because of government concern regarding inequities in the participation of girls in mathematics and physics. The tables show the proportion of students who choose these A-level subjects ...


Making Use of Gestures, the Leading Edge in Literacy Development

between gestures and talk teachers, students are more likely to understand new concepts and therefore their readiness for instruction. Teachers can also employ gestures in ways that assist students in developing their scientific literacy. Chapter draft to be included in Wendy Saul (Ed.), Communicating science: Examining.


Research Report 2001-2003

Acquisition of Action-Event. Structures. 48. 5.2. Compatibility of Actions and Events. 49. 5.3. Sequencing Actions and Events. 50. 5.4. Expertise and Action Activation. 51. Research Units. 1. Infant Cognition and Action. 54. 2. Cognitive Psychophysiology of Action. 60. 3. Cognitive Robotics. 66. 4. Sensorimotor Coordination.


Science grade 10 : integrated resource package 2008

3. Physics – Study and teaching (Secondary) – British. Columbia. 4. Earth sciences – Study and teaching (Secondary) –. British Columbia. 5. Tenth grade ( Education) ... the Department of Education for the Yukon Territory as defined in the Education Act, R.S.Y. 2002, c.61. ..... and Benchmarks for K-12 Education, 3rd Edition.


Community detection in networks: A user guide

Nov 3, 2016 ... with similar function in protein-protein interaction net- works, groups of friends in social networks, websites on. 1 There may be connections between three vertices or more. In this case one speaks of hyperedges and the network is a hypergraph. arXiv:1608.00163v2 [physics.soc-ph] 3 Nov 2016 ...