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Sustainable Energy Annotated Bibliography

Sustainable Energy Annotated Bibliography. Archer, Christina L., and Mark ... sources generated 6.944 quadrillion Btus of energy compared to 6.173 quadrillion Btus from nuclear power. Solar energy production ..... for so-called “ social” utility rates will make energy more accessible to french citizens Existing law allows for 1.


Report to Congress on Competition in Wholesale and Retail Markets

The Task Force prepared an annotated bibliography of the public cost/benefit studies that ..... The POLR rate caps and the sharp increase in fossil fuel costs affecting all retail suppliers across the country ...... 78 For more on FERC proceedings, see the FERC webpage, “Addressing the 2000-2001 Western Energy Crisis,” at.


NA05 Social Media and Trust in Government - Annotated

Oct 13, 2015 ... Annotated Bibliography for Social Media and Trust in. Government ... Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy 8(4), 480-499. ... citizens. The goal is the measurement of e-participation through e-petitioning. The authors studied those who participated in an e-petition regarding polluting a canal.



Inclusive Institutions help shape Inclusive Growth outcomes. 66. Figure 11. When do consultations happen on primary and subordinate regulations? (2014). 75. Figure 12. ..... for broad citizen participation, pluralism and an effective system of ...... different phases of the policy-making process, such as selecting regional.


World Bank participation sourcebook

6 The Human Face of the Urban Environment: Proceedings of the Second Annual World Bank Conference ... 3 Sociology, Anthropology, and Development: An Annotated Bibliography of World Bank ...... will act as ordinary citizens and devise a new electricity tor anid its relationship to the broader energy sector and.


Mapping Smart cities in the EU

Jan 2, 2014 ... expertise, finance and technology capabilities, as is the involvement of citizens and other end-users. Success of Smart Cities vis-à-vis Europe 2020 targets. The sample also yielded a subset of 20 cities for more in-depth research on the inputs and processes occurring across initiatives within a single city.



Feb 26, 2015 ... regulatory partners. 3. Throughout this order, "DER" is used to describe a wide variety of distributed energy resources, including end-use energy efficiency, .... 17 Case 13-E-0030, Proceeding on Motion of the Commission as to the Rates, Charges, ...... Citizens for Local Power suggest that utilities will.


White Paper on Ratemaking and Utility Business Models

Jul 28, 2015 ... (REV) proceeding, the Commission issued an Order Adopting. Regulatory Policy Framework and Implementation Plan in this proceeding (the “Framework Order”). 1. The Framework Order .... opportunities, the ratemaking process, and rate design. The ratemaking analysis is, of course, a significant element ...


The Global Information Technology Report 2015

inform their decision-making processes. We would like to acknowledge .... 1997; this involvement is the result of partnerships with over 10,000 .... citizens. In the absence of corrective mechanisms,. ICTs could indeed contribute to a non- inclusive type of growth, thus exacerbating the problem rather than mitigating it. The first ...


Time-Varying and Dynamic Rate Design

Jul 4, 2012 ... contain an extensive reference list of resources or an annotated bibliography. .... in utility regulation were set and, in the thirty years since, we've seen extraordinary changes in the provision and .... especially when the full effects on behavior of the pricing structures they enable are imperfectly appreciated.


Electricity Regulation In the US: A Guide

5.1. The Revenue Requirement and Rates. 5.2. Resource Acquisition. 5.3. Securities Issuance and Utility Mergers and Acquisitions. 5.4. Affiliated Interests. 5.5. Competitive Activities. 5.6. Service Standards and Quality. 5.7. Utility Regulation and the Environment. 6. Participation in the Regulatory Process .......... ...................36.


Race, Ethnicity, and the Criminal Justice System

System: A Selected Bibliography). SUGGESTED CITATION: Rosich .... in systems of criminal justice. Especially in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, other ethnic and racial groups—in particular Asians and new European immigrants—were also victimized by discriminatory laws and criminal justice processes.



well as increasing the resilience of the network, it is hoped this will help “citizens take ownership of the energy ..... This annotated bibliography on 'competitive, secure, low-carbon energy supply' is one of four annotated ... European Commission is supporting a better integration of energy-SSH into the policy process.


Smuggling of Migrants – A Global Review and Annotated Bibliography

A Global Review and Annotated Bibliography of. Recent Publications ..... 5.1.2 The role of the smuggled migrant in the smuggling process ....................... 40. 5.1.3 Vulnerable ..... defined as movement that takes place outside the regulatory norms of sending, transit and receiving countries”, see International. Migration Law: ...


Preventing Corruption in Public Procurement

Integrity risks occur in every stage of the procurement process, from the needs assessment over the ..... The case has now moved out of the domain of public procurement regulations and into the domain of criminal proceedings. Conclusion. Unable to gather any evidence and with no authority to conduct an in -depth ...


Gerontology and the Law: A Selected Bibliography

Law: A Selected Bibliography" recognizes a new field in the law as deserving .... and by many state laws and rate and fee reductions are also common. ...... PROCEEDINGS. 3d series. Indi- anapolis: Indiana Central College, 1974 at p. 102. Ulfers, D. D., Insuring the senior citizen-a case study [Mutual of Omaha's experience ...


Economic, social, and environmental sustainability in development

especially involvement of public citizens in the. Ž . land development ... levels of an urban system, a process for selecting. Ž urban alternatives that ... Empowerment. Accessibility. Participation. Sharing. Cultural Identity. Institutional Stability. Environmental Sustainability. Eco-System Integrity. Carrying Capacity. Biodiversity ...


High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan

Sep 17, 2015 ... FIGURE 3.2 Flow diagram of the process of registering a water withdrawal through the WWAT and potential SSR process ... STRONGER State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental. Regulations, Inc. TDS. Total Dissolved Solids. TERI. The Energy and Resources ...... Proceedings of the National.


Enhancing Youth Political Participation throughout the Electoral Cycle

Political ParticiPation throughout the. ElEctoral cYclE a good Practice guide. Youth should be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making at ..... across the globe, youth tend to participate in elections less than older citizens. ... the selection process. in total, five of the selected projects were not only focused.


Child maintenance: how would the British public calculate what the

both parents are charged ongoing fees if the CMS collects maintenance payments for them (especially the non-resident parent, who pays a 20 per cent fee). Even parents willing to pay to use the CMS must first participate in a conversation with the government-funded Child Maintenance Options Service, which is intended to ...