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Interdisciplinarity and social power

The paper then considers why interdisciplinarity seems to be in the ascendant and why and how geography has been used ... I should like to begin with the by- now traditional invocation of an episode from Star. Trek: Next Generation. The episode ... encounters an alien ship in deep space. Communication lines are opened, ...


Developing Inequality

the northern states, declaring the republic “strong and ascendant like a new star in the firmament.” But he ... ffecting deep-seated Eurocentric judgments about proper modes of living. Rather than see these .... 9 Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World-System: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the Eu- ropean World ...


The perils and promises of microbial abundance: Novel natures and

might exist on some hot, or cold, or acidic planet far off in space. Jeanette Farrell, Invisible Allies: ... ascendant model of 'nature', one swarming with organismic operations unfolding at scales below everyday human ...... reminded of the science fiction show Star Trek, and the 'prime directive' its spacefarers were to follow, of ...



Crenshaw, John Calmore, and Adrien Wing, I express profound respect and deep appreciation for remarkable inspirations .... racial exploitation and discrimination.9 Out of this growing critique of the ..... 61 See Andre L. Smith, Other People's Property: Hip-Hop's Inherent Clashes with Property Laws and its Ascendance as.



Star Trek 73. Amazing Stories Quarterly 63. Ambrose, David. Alternative Three 295. American Studies 51. Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration 21–2, 23. New Maps of Hell ... circulation 72. Conde Nast 73 hard science fiction 187, 197, 198–9. Spinrad 19. Anatomy Act 457. Anderson, Benedict 84. Anderson, Gerry. Space 1999 297.


The cinematic aquarium: a history of undersea film

For over a century, undersea films have brought the distant world of the deep up ..... Admiral Kirk's time-travel head trip in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. ..... 9 versus while “embodied” in a space of illusion—a difference so great in degree that it is worth asking whether the illusion of being enveloped in underwater space ...


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Jul 14, 2017 ... (Ballrooms, Prefunction Space, Programming Suites and Con ... 9. The staffof ConGregate cannot permit unauthorized vendors to sell anything at the convention. The dealers have paid good money to be here and it's simply not fair to them ...... Live!, Star Trek: The Experience, Avenue Q, Sir Purr for the.


Signature redacted

May 3, 2017 ... Agency is often taken as a given in branching-path stories because they, almost by definition, allow for enhanced user involvement. But this truism hasn't changed as the structure of the worlds that these branching texts exist within have. Transmedia, branching-path texts represent an intersection of both.


The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work⋆

Dec 2, 2015 ... deep, and politically neutral game—a set of puzzles involving communicating parties and notional .... this space often go by the acronym STS, for science and technology studies or science, technology, and .... Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek imagined a future that featured the scientist– humanist–hero as ...


Technology and Its Discontents: On the Verge of the Posthuman

Immediately after 9/11, a Middle East correspondent for The Nation sum- ..... discovery, Euro-American dreams of space, and the posthuman. ..... only remember that the first American space shuttle—The Enterprise—was named after (and perhaps carried the same ideological baggage as) the flagship of . . . Star Trek.”32.


Astrology (Zodiac Personalities)

sex organs. Sagittarius Archer. Philosophy. 9 hips, thighs. Capricorn Sea Goat Social Status. 10 skin, teeth, bones. Aquarius. Water. Bearer. Friends. 11 ankles. Pisces. Fish ... For example, those with Virgo on the Ascendant will find that. Mercury ... (also known as a luminary and a star) represents the self, one's personality ...


Adversaries of Consumption: Consumer Movements, Activism, and

ascendant and apparently unstoppable, conceptualizing con- sumer movements that stand in opposition to it ..... and space, and to attain a sense of connection with people across the globe or with the planet itself. ...... positions (tough Harley riders, smart Star Trek fans, or cre- ative Apple users), each of which partakes in ...



Jul 17, 2010 ... DEEP SOUTH HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION. B1999060815. TRANSHELF 96 ..... YELLOW STAR TRADING 16. B1999061514 ... EXOTIC PALM NURSERY. B1999061667. SPACE PACK. B1999061669. MAKGONATSOHLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. B1999061670. CREST INTERIORS. Page : 9 : 201056 ...


Re-risking in Realtime Bill Maurer Abstract:

[2] And there may be deep continuities between the dreams of financial industry actors ... the “distributed ledger space”, as many investors have come to call this area of .... the science fiction novelist Charles Stross's. (2004) Singularity Sky. On the utopian vision, see, perhaps, the universe of Star. Trek (Saadia 2016). 86 ...


TV: Pretty Little Liars, Casual Fandom, Celebrity Instagramming, and

In his seminal research on Star Trek fans, Henry. Jenkins helped alter the perception of ... they “drill, practice, and master” (Eco) and establish “deep emotional involvement” (Hills, 73) with beloved texts. ..... crack the series' narrative, Confess Little Liars provides a space for fans to share anonymous admissions about the ...



ing forth innumerable solar systems, there was a star "on which clever animals invented knowledge [however] . ... purposes from a vantage point outside of time and space will seem bizarrely Kantian or too creationistic for most ..... anticipating systems biol- ogy and cybernetics. Ironically, considering the ascendance of. 11 ...


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journalistic search engines and tools that dig deep for facts. We need digital sunglasses. — technology .... cyberspace in pretty much the same sequence as they were developed in physical space. First, symbols. Then text ... who actually invented the cellular phone said Star Trek gave him the idea.) And there's the iPad, first ...



Colossus: the Forbin Project (1970), and the television series Star. Trek (1966-69 ). These cinematic control rooms fit the perception that the greatest threat to security is from a nuclear-armed ... secluded spaces 'in the “deep space” of air- conditioned office ... Fig.9 The Wildfire Control Room in The Andromeda Strain ( dir.


Worldmaking Agency–Worldmaking Authority: The Sovereign

communities, the power of tourism to reify certain events, spaces and personalities as being worthy of rich ..... power of ascendant groups who have – over time – not only classified that place or space, but standardized the ..... as a Star Trek settlement (owing to its eponymous 'fit' for the well-known television programme).


Empire Unbound - Imperial Citizenship, Race and Diaspora in the

Jan 1, 2015 ... intellectual space that came to embody home in the past six years. I thank Professors. John L. Jackson, Jr. .... Page 9 .... deep. That quiet evening of the march carried with it some bitter lessons. Before you turned that last corner in your drive home, flames licked the sky in a near distant settle- ment of shacks.