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FM 3-98

Jul 1, 2015 ... This publication applies across the range of military operations. While the main focus of this field manual is Cavalry formations within the units listed below, all maneuver formations must be able to conduct reconnaissance and security tasks. ○. Armored brigade combat team (ABCT) Cavalry squadron. ○.


FM 17-95: Cavalry Operations

FM 17-95 is the Army's doctrinal manual for cavalry operations. It is primarily designed to assist cavalry commanders, their staffs, and subordinate troop and company commanders in the conduct of combat operations. It also serves as a guide for corps, division, and brigade commanders, and their staffs. This manual  ...


Cavalry Squadron

May 12, 2016 ... FM 3-20.96, published 12 March 2010, was the previous overarching manual for the Cavalry squadron. To understand ATP 3-20.96, the reader must understand the operational art, the principles of war, the Army as a. Profession, and the links between the operational and tactical levels of war described in ...

ATP 3-20x96 FINAL WEB.pdf


3. CAVALRY FIELD MANUAL unit. It consists of regimental headquarters, a headquarters troop, a service troop, a mechanized reconnaissance squadron, and a horse squadron porte. This unit is organized and equipped especially to perform reconnaissance and security missions for the army corps. Being a combination of.


FM 2-30 1943 Cavalry field manual cavalry mechanized

FM 2-30, Cavalry Field Manual, Cavalry Mechanized. Reconnaissance Squadron , is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. [A. G. 062.11 .... and his section must not be a mystery. The individual must be given a clear, workable understanding of military intelli gence, his relationship to G-2, and how he ...

FM 2-30_1943.pdf

Cooke's Cavalry Tactics

CAVALRY TACTICS: OR,. REGULATIONS. FOR THE instruction, Formations, and Movements. OF. THE CAVALRY. OF THE. ARMY AND VOLUNTEERS OF THE ..... Manual of arms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131. ARTICLE II —. To form twos and fours at the same gait . . . . . . . 131. To break by twos and by file at the ...


FM 17-35 ( Armored Cavalry Platoon, Troop and Squadron ) 1960


1960 US Army Vietnam War Armored Cavalry Platoon, Troop & Squadron 277p.pdf

Reconnaissance Platoon

Apr 5, 2013 ... This manual also applies to the reconnaissance platoons of the combined arms battalion (CAB), Stryker Infantry battalion, and the Infantry battalion of the IBCT, and provides techniques for the employment of the reconnaissance platoons throughout the range of military operations. Scope. This ATP provides ...


Cavalry Drill Regulations, Horse

FM 2-5, Cavalry Field Manual, Cavalry Drill Regu- lations, Horse, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. [A. G. 300.7 (10 Jan 44).] BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR: G. C. MARSHALL,. Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: J. A. ULIO,. Major General,. The Adjutant General. DISTRIBUTION: B and H 2(5); ...

FM 2-5 ( Cavalry Drill Regulations, Horse ).pdf


INITIAL ARMY PLACEMENT consists of these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Select a color and, depending on the number of players, count out the. “armies” you'll need to start the game. If 2 are playing, see instructions on page 11. If 3 are playing, each player counts out 35 Infantry. If 4 are playing, each player counts out 30 Infantry.


TM 9-2005 1942 Ordnance Materiel - General Volume 3 Infantry and

TENTATIVE. TECHNICAL MANUAL. ORDNANCE MATERIEL - GENERAL. Vol. 3 . Infantry- and Cavalry-Accompanying Weapons. Field Artillery. Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Ordnance. Second Edition, December 1942. Supersedes TM 9-2005 dated January 1942. Reproduction Plant. The Ordnance School.


What Do We Mean When We Say 'Fight For Information'?

search of the four cavalry doctrinal manuals – Field Manual (FM) 3-98, Reconnaissance and Security Operations;. Army Technical Publication (ATP) 3- 20.96, Cavalry Squadron; ATP 3-20.97, Cavalry Troop; and ATP 3-20.98,. Reconnaissance Platoon, plus FM 3-55, Information Collection – returns 45 hits for the term fight ...


FM 4-02.17 Preventive Medicine Services

FIELD MANUAL. HEADQUARTERS. NO. 4-02.17. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY . Washington, DC, 28 August 2000. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE SERVICES. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Page ...... Armored Cavalry Regiment. The armored cavalry regiment (ACR) surgeon is responsible for coordinating CHS in the ACR AO. The .



will be appended to Version 2 of this manual. 2. STRUCTURE OF THE ATLANTIAN ARMY AND CHAIN OF COMMAND. A. Structure. The structure of the Atlantian Army is broken down into three geographic areas. (Northern, Central, and Southern), one specialized unit, the Cavalry, and a Logistics and. Support Command.


Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Reconnaissance and

FIELD MANUAL. NO 34-2-1. *FM 34-2-1. HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. Washington, DC, 19 June 1991 ... to armored cavalry regiment ... Throughout history, military leaders have recognized the importance of. R&S. Gaining and maintaining contact with the enemy is essential to win the battle. Our own ...


Survey of US Army Uniforms, Weapons and Accoutrements

The Army regulations of 1821, reaffirmed blue as the national color for Army uniforms. Shoulder wings were added to the coatee, and. West Point Cadet Coatee, Circa 1823 drill. Illustrations from an 1829 manual depicting the uniform prescribed by the regulations of 1821. Infantry Sergeant from a Grenadier Company,.


The Soldier's Blue Book

Jun 23, 2017 ... your moral and ethical identity as Soldiers and Trusted Army. Professionals.” Over the next several weeks, .... o Modifies paragraph 8-1 Nutrition o Adds “ Manual of Applied Performance Skills (MAPS)” as ...... If your MOS is 11B/11C ( Infantryman), 19D (Cavalry Scout),. 19K (Armor Crewman), 12B (Combat ...


U.S. Army Counterinsurgency and Contingency Operations Doctrine

manuals of the day. It is the contention of this book that there was a strong continuity in the manner in which the U.S. Army performed counterinsurgency and overseas constabulary .... Confederate Cavalry, Partisan Rangers, and Guerrillas Attack a ...... U.S. military doctrine until the Army issued its first field manual on the.


Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia (PDF)

Mar 31, 2014 ... Military Uniforms and Accessories Wear Out Dates, dated 8 January 2008;. ALARACT ..... Distinctive items authorized for other than infantry personnel • 21– 32, page 39. Chapter 22 ... in any way that changes the basic design, or the intended concept of fit, as described in Technical Manual (TM). 10–227 ...


Standards in Weapons Training

Nov 22, 2016 ... The Standards in Weapons Training strategies apply to the Active Component ( AC), the Army National Guard (ARNG), and the U.S. .... The Web-based manual contains training ammunition requirements for contingency operations training, deployment ... RC training battalions; and RC infantry units. Also ...

DA Pam 350-38_Web_FINAL.pdf