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The interpretation of cultures: selected essays, Geertz, Clifford

Chapter 1 /Thick. Description: Toward an. Interpretive Theory of. Culture. I. In her book, Philosophy in a New Key, Susanne Langer remarks that certain ideas burst upon the intellectual landscape with a tremendous force. They resolve so many fundamental problems at once that they seem also to promise that they will ...


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Jan 1, 2012 ... 1. INTRODUCTION. Imagine you were one of the teenage students in an Arizona classroom last January on the day their books were confiscated by the .... this thesis I make suggestions about how to bridge my Native readings of the texts to expository ... When describing the activities in this thesis, I have a.


Social Change and Modernity

Haferkamp is grateful to Angelika Schade for her fruitful comments and her helpful assistance ... 1. Social Change and Modernity. Those who organized the conference on which this volume is based—including the editors— decided to use the terms "social .... standing for preservation, stability, and a reduction of risks.

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HIST 211 U.S. History to 1865

Page 1. HIST 211. U.S. History to 1865. Instructed by Dr. June Klees. Designed by the Bay College Online Learning Department and Bay College Library. 1st Edition. Page 2. Page 3. UNIT 1 COLONIAL AMERICA. Background to Colonization .


Preparing your Dissertation at a Distance: A Research Guide

2.3 Research and its attributes. 43. 2.4 Types of research. 44. 2.4.1 Pure research. 44. 2.4.2 Secondary research. 45. 2.4.3 Original research. 45. 2.5 Choosing a research book. 45. 2.6 Purpose of research. 46. 2.7 Choosing a topic . 48. 2.8 Other considerations. 51. 2.9 Lessons learnt from working with students in this area.


ProQuest Dissertations

Dec 28, 2006 ... 1*1 Library and. Archives Canada. Published Heritage. Branch. 395 Wellington Street. Ottawa ON K1A0N4. Canada. Bibliotheque et. Archives Canada .... Aboriginal peoples, their Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and their ecosystem ... ideas, and for seeing me through the writing of this thesis.


Research Student Submission Form

Apr 21, 2010 ... Chapter 1: Learning to draw in the first age of mechanical reproduction. 1-29. Chapter 2: Art, industry and cultural politics to 1800: civil engineers and Royal Academicians ..... Figure 69: 'Pentagraph' W.F. Stanley (1866) A descriptive treatise on mathematical drawing instruments London: W.F. Stanley: 101.


Food Composition Data

1. Chapter 1 Food composition data and food composition databases. 5. Chapter 2 Initiation and organization of a food composition programme. 21. Chapter 3 Selection of foods. 33. Chapter 4 Selection of nutrients and other components. 47 . Chapter 5 Sampling. 63. Chapter 6 Choice of analytical methods and their ...


Introduction to Conjoint Analysis for Valuing Ecosystem Amenities

Denver for their many helpful comments. Any remaining errors are the sole responsibility of ...... methods allow conjoint questions to be constructed in a manner that is more realistic and natural to respondents. ... National Park was created in order to preserve its unique natural characteristics, thermal features, landforms and ...


A History of Architectural Conservation

Architectural Treatises in the 16th Century—37. 3.6. Treatment of .... ideas and principles, and their contribution towards an international .... for future generations is recognized. It is our duty to hand them on in the full richness of their authenticity.” (1). The long development which has brought about this consciousness and ...



emergence of the knowledge society in the second half of the 20th century, describing its ... others but, at the same time, these other cultures preserved their individuality, affected ... Source: Francisco Sagasti, Towards endogenous science and technology for another development, Development dialogue 1979:1, pp. 13. S.


myth and ceremony in contemporary north american native fiction

''1. A book which exploits the sacred materials of the Plains Indians under the guise of preserving their culture is Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm. When ..... His formal pattern in the book is experimental. He uses a combination of narrative voices - mythical, legendary, personal, historical, descriptive, cultural. All are ...


Structural Simulations and Conservation Analysis -Historic Building

Feb 25, 2015 ... a School of Surveying and Construction Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, Maurice. ... From both models structural damage and decay simulations will be developed for documentation and conservation analysis. 1. INTRODUCTION ... the existing Geometric Descriptive Language (GDL) is now.


land surveying in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century dublin

staff of the National Library of Ireland, particularly in their manuscript section; the ... List of tables xiii. Introduction. 1. Chapter 1. The profession of land surveying in the eighteenth century. 1.1. Introduction. 21. 1.2. The definition of a surveyor. 22. 1.3 ... Mathematical instrument makers in Dublin 1769, 1779, 1789 and 1799. 97.


The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and

field and in his time." —John Kenneth Galbraith. "David Landes has written a masterly survey of the great successes and failures among the world's historic economies. ... 1. Wealth—Europe—History. 2. Poverty—Europe—History. 3. Regional economic disparities—History. 4. Economic history. I. Title. HC240. Z9W45 1998.

Landes - The Wealth and the Poverty of Nations.pdf

The Coefficient of Friction of the Pointe Shoe and Implications for

utilization of movements performed on the tips of one's toes) became inextricably associated with ballet. ... 1 Kenneth Laws, “The Application of Physical Principles to Dance,” in The Dancer as Athlete, edited by Caroline .... The presence, in Theleur's treatise, of instructions for dancing on pointe demonstrates his interest in ...


Covered Bridges and the Birth of American Engineering

drawings have been completed on thirty-one bridges, and engineering analyses of several truss types ..... uses that would convey a new lease on life. As Robert Vogel, curator emeritus of mechanical and. Figure 1. 2 HAER documented its first covered bridge, Humpback Covered Bridge in Alleghany County, Virginia, ...


An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change

Includes index. 1. Economics. 2. Economic development. 3. Organizational change. I. Winter, Sidney G. II. Title. III. Title: Economic change. HB71.N44. 338.9' 001. 81-13455. AACR2 ... cision making, the most important relate to improved understanding .... of their reactions and suggestions on one occasion or another. We.


climate for collections

ruth Krauß and Julia arzberger (Munich) for their grand support. Jonathan ... within which they have been preserved for a long time has been .... acclimatised. 2007 Smithsonian institution. 21. 45. -. ± 8 table 1. Selection of international standards and specifications since the 1970s for temperature and relative humidity ...



Dec 9, 2003 ... “I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation.” “1 further affirm that I shall never resort to violence and that all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances should be settled by peaceful ...