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JETTA is an integrated software tool for gene and exon expression calculation and alternative splicing analyses. It can be applied to the analysis and visualization of both exon-junction array and RNA-Seq data.
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05/18/11: version 1.0.0
— Interfaces for RNA-Seq data was added.
10/07/10: version 0.6.0
— GUI was built, plotting asa output was enriched.
05/13/10: version 0.5.0
— some bugs were fixed, asa output was enriched
— we are almost ready to open





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Microarray Libraries and Annotations


JETTA supports the GG-H arrays (Xu et al, PNAS, 2011) as well as all Affymetrix exon and exon-junction arrays for any species. Here, the libraries for some selected platforms are downloadable. For other Affymetrix platforms, the required library files for JETTA analyses (chip layout file, probe group file, TC meta probeset file and alternative spcliing structure file) will be available in Affymetrix wesite. For other third party arrays or custom arrays, feel free to contact us for supports.


Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 Array


Affymetrix Mouse Exon 1.0 Array


Glue Grant Human Array


Affymetrix HJAY Array




10/06/10: JETTA GUI Tutorial
05/18/11: Alternative splicing detection with human liver and muscle samples on Glue Grant arrays
05/19/11: Alternative splicing detection in RNA-Seq data of human liver and muscle tissue samples




The development and maintenance of JETTA is supported by NIH U54-GM062119 (to R.W.D., W.X. and W.W.), P01-HG000205 (to R.W.D.), and R01-HG004634 (to W.W. and Y.X.)




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Glue Grant Data Interpretation Core



Junhee Seok: jseok at stanford dot edu


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