The research of our computational genomics group at Stanford Genome Technology Center aims at pushing the boundaries of genomics technology from base pairs to bedside. At the center, our group is closely involved in the development of biotechniques from their early stage pilot studies to the demonstration applications. We use computation in experimental design, data analysis, trouble shooting, and improving the performance of the technology.  

The major bottleneck of genomic medicine is to a large extent no longer data generation but the analysis and interpretation of ‘big data’ acquired in patient studies. We develop computational, bioinformatic, and statistical approaches to addressing the challenges in large scale clinical studies of the genomics, proteomics and metabolomics of disease. In particular, we focus on human systems biology of inflammation, which is the most common condition of human disease, by integrative analysis and modeling of the molecular, cellular, organ functional, and clinical information from patients.

Below please find additional information on our research projects. For further inquiries, please contact wzxiao at stanford.edu.

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